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We have been installing fabric, vinyl and leather interiors since 1948. We also repair and replace roofs, car mat sets, floor mats, truck seats and car seats. We install faux leather car seat covers, seat warmers and adjustable lumbar supports. Mac Car Upholstery Specialists and Car Seat Upholstery Specialists are experts in Seattle car interior design and leather seating. Why settle for something that doesn’t suit your style when you can reupholster a car seat with better fabrics? Even something as simple as updating accent colors and replacing car seat foam can create a fresh look.

Change the color of leather car interior

This guide will show you how to restore the color of a leather car’s interior. As we can match the leather color exactly, you can use our leather dye kit to restore the entire interior, or a car seat, or even a worn dashboard.
Apply some leather prep by lining up the cotton swabs included in the kit along the center of the abrasive pad and pouring in some leather prep. Fold an abrasive sponge to cover the wet wipes and use it to apply it to the leather. This allows for a controlled release of the preparation and helps the product last longer.
This process will remove the fabricated finish and also some of the color, which you can see in the photo. After rubbing a small area, clean it with a cotton cloth to remove more color from the leather. The leather is properly primed when you start to see color transfer from the leather to the pad or abrasive cloth.
The above process will remove the manufacturer’s finish and any solvent-soluble silicones. However, there are some silicones, such as spray varnishes and waxes, that are not soluble in solvents, so to remove them we must use the alcohol cleaner (included in the leather color kit).

plastic car interior restorer

Many drivers choose vehicles with leather seats for their luxurious appearance. Seat care is important to keep your vehicle’s interior in good condition. This is especially important for drivers who intend to trade in or sell their car at a later date. If the seats are well taken care of, they will not crack or break easily.
Can leather cracks be prevented? Can Leather Tears Be Prevented? Both types of damage are largely preventable. It is much cheaper to maintain the seats than to repair damage to the leather. These tips cover cosmetic maintenance and helpful tips on what to avoid.
1. Avoid the sun. Use a sunshade on the windshield if the vehicle needs to be in the sun. If the side windows and rear windshield are not darkened to minimize the intensity of the sun, use screens or window shields after parking the vehicle on a sunny day. If the car’s leather interior is exposed to direct light for long periods of time, it may crack and the color will fade.
2. Avoid bulky and sharp objects. The easiest way to avoid tears is to be careful what you put on your seats. Do not place tools, animal carriers or sharp objects directly on the seats. This also includes any sharp or pointed objects that you carry in your pockets, such as your keys. If possible, stock bulky items. When placing any other items on the seats, first place a protective padded blanket on the seat.

Car interior restoration products

On average, most American manufacturers agree that any car over 20 years old is a classic. The older the car, the more classic it is; however, your age does not necessarily determine your collectible value. For example, many car collectors prefer cars from the 1970s to the 1930s or 1940s.
Many classic cars lack the luxury features of modern cars, but owners can make modern improvements to any part of the car, from the seats to the engine. It is common to replace old, smooth upholstery with a newer, more comfortable and attractive material. Today, there is a wide selection of classic car upholstery to choose from that varies in color, material and design.
When preparing for a restoration job, most keep most of their budget for the items that stand out (eg engine, paint). But when it comes time to redo the interior, most of the money goes up in smoke. Want to take your newly restored car for a ride using old blankets as seat covers?