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If you want iPhone contacts, or if they were accidentally deleted, hope is not lost! Apple has improved a lot when it comes to data security, so your lost contacts on your iPhone can be safe and secure backed up to your computer or iCloud.
Don’t forget to backup your iPhone regularly so that you can recover your important information in case something happens to your device. It is also advisable to backup your iPhone before updating iOS as previous updates have caused problems for users.

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How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone One of the most frequently asked questions from iPhone users is whether they can recover their deleted contacts. Accidentally deleting phone numbers can be a big nightmare. This can happen when you format your device, lose a backup or click the wrong button. Whatever the reason, recovering lost contacts is a real challenge.
However, all hope was not lost. If you’ve recently deleted phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information from your phone, don’t worry, there are several ways to get them back.

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“I recently updated my iPhone 8 to iOS 12 and to my surprise, all contacts saved on my device were lost. Is it possible to lose contacts on iPhone like this? Can anyone help me understand how to restore contacts on iPhone 8?»
Recently, an iPhone user asked us this question, which made us realize how many others are experiencing the same issue. To be honest, it is quite common to lose contacts on iPhone. The good thing is that we can recover iPhone contacts in different ways. To help you learn how to recover contacts on iPhone, we have listed all kinds of solutions in this guide. Regardless of whether you have a backup of your iPhone contacts or not, these specific solutions will help you to recover your contacts safely.
The only downside is that the technique will restore all contacts archived on your device and overwrite existing contacts on your device. The process will overwrite existing contacts and restore all contacts at once (even the ones you don’t want). If you’re ready to take that risk, follow these steps to find out how to recover deleted contacts on iPhone.

restore contacts on iphone

There are some people who accidentally lost contacts after iOS update failed and some people accidentally deleted contacts and organized iPhone contact list. So if you lost contacts, how can you recover deleted contacts?
Everything will be fine if you save your contacts somewhere like iCloud or Gmail because you can easily restore them to your iPhone. But if you don’t, you will have problems because it is difficult to recover deleted contacts without using a backup.
As we found out, most people have never backed up their iPhone before and never synced their contacts to iCloud. So there is no backup available to recover deleted contacts. If so, are there possible methods that people can try?
In fact, contacts that you have deleted will not be quickly deleted from your phone memory and even then they can be recovered. If you can retrieve them from the internal database and remove the “Deleted” label from your iPhone, they will appear again in your device’s contacts app.