Suede shoe color recovery

How to repair damaged suede shoes

One of our suede shoe customers recently asked us how to clean her faux suede boots. He tried to clean his black suede boots with his father’s shoe polish. His boots are now rusty and gray instead of black after he scrubbed them hard with a brush.
If your synthetic suede has recently faded, the good news is that simple fades can be repaired quickly. The color of suede shoes is only on the surface, and stains happen when you try to clean them incorrectly. This will cause your shoes to fade.


The age-old problem of how to clean suede shoes continues. We can’t help but have a deep tailoring affinity for them, practical as they are. Ask Elvis Presley about them: they are flexible, elegant, and for the most part, extremely laid back. We don’t like it when they are (inevitably) dirty and need cleaning. But how do you clean something that doesn’t even get your hands dirty? The answer is very simple: you just need the right tools that you have at home. Here are four easy steps to clean suede boots, sneakers, heels and sandals easily and effectively: Scroll down for full instructions, including materials and step-by-step instructions for each step. You will need the following items:
A clean nail brush or toothbrush will do if you don’t have a suede brush. Start by brushing the surface of the shoe with light strokes to remove loose particles and sand. Try brushing with the grain (i.e. in the same direction the suede naturally sits). To clean tougher stains like scuff marks, apply more pressure and move the brush quickly back and forth to lift the crushed suede fibers. If the dirt is still wet, wipe off the excess and wait for it to dry before brushing. If you try to clean the stain while it’s still wet, the particles can always penetrate deeper into the suede, making it difficult to remove in the long run. 2. Then try to move the remaining marks with the eraser.

How to repair peeling suede

Calfskin is no more delicate than regular calfskin, contrary to popular belief. It all depends on the consistency of the skin at first. Suede shoes are very easy to maintain if certain guidelines are followed.
Suede becomes lighter with use, as the fur gets flattened in places and loses its support and shine. Therefore, it is necessary to start the refreshing nap with a crepe brush specially designed for this. This vital step cleans your shoes, cleans the suede and allows it to breathe so the spray penetrates deeply. Clean the shoes in both directions of the stairs with the crepe brush; If any areas resist brushing, use a brass brush sparingly and gently until the desired result is achieved.
The velvety glow of calf skin will be restored with this last step of the maintenance routine. Spray the shoe in even motions in a well-ventilated area, holding the bottle about 30 centimeters from the shoe.

How to restore faded suede shoes at home

Suede is a great material that looks sophisticated and elegant. Leather, on the other hand, is extremely fragile and can be easily stained or scarred. Because of this, maintaining the look of your suede shoes can be difficult. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on a great pair of shoes just to keep them in the box, which is why it’s important to learn how to clean suede shoes. With these handy tips and tricks, we’ll help you keep your favorite suede shoes looking like new.
Because it’s such a delicate material, it’s important to take extra precautions to avoid damage to your shoes. If your shoes are genuine suede, clean them by hand and do not put them in the washer or dryer. Before washing your shoes, make sure they don’t have any logo or cleaning instructions.
Sneakers are great for casual and everyday wear, and suede sneakers are especially trendy. Instead, if you go out in your favorite suede shoes, they will get dusty easily. It’s time to clean your suede shoes when they get dirty. Start by removing the laces and putting the last one on to keep your suede shoes in shape. Then remove any loose dirt with a suede eraser before cleaning with a suede brush, suede cleaner and water. Let your shoes dry completely before brushing them to catch up on sleep.