15 Best Alternatives to Aliexpress

Aliexpress is one of the best options when it comes to buying items manufactured in China and at low costs, is an e-commerce giant owned by another wholesale company (Alibaba), has the advantage of having a presence in many parts of the world, so its reach and income are massive..

It works as an intermediary between vendors and their customers, that is, the former can open a kind of online store in which they offer the products that they can carry aliexpress and the latter use the website as a secure payment method until the product is in their hands; although we must emphasize that it is not the only one that is dedicated to it.

In the market there is a wide range of websites that compete with Aliexpress in being the best distributors of Chinese products; If you want to know them, you came to the right place, in this article. We will tell you what your 15 best options are and we will also delve a little into what Aliexpress does. Let’s start!

#1.- Alibaba

It is one of the most important online trading companies at affordable prices.In fact, Aliexpress belongs to this one, which is why it is our first option in this list of 15.

One of its main advantages is that the shipping periods are much faster depending on the seller. and how it travels, whether by air, sea or road. The main difference between both companies is that Alibaba focuses on the wholesale market.so it is much easier to contact sellers without running any risk of fraud.

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#2.- Amazon

It is a world reference for online commerce as it has a presence in practically every country in the worldon this platform you can find a wide range of products ranging from pbeauty products, household products, tools, electronic devices, food, toys, among others, being able to acquire the unit or also in wholesale quantities.

In terms of delivery times and customer service, they are quite efficient; in the first they can reach your home and in the second they are easy to contact.

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#3.- eBay

It is one of the main competencies of Aliexpress for online sales, its wide catalog of products allows you to find anything that can be sold (and is legal), your category of offers is visited by users; checks the quality of the product according to its classification.

Its delivery times are quite acceptable due to its global presence, which makes it worthy of all other reasons for a place on this list of 15.

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#4.- DHGate

Focused on the wholesale trade of products with affordable prices from China, within this online store you can find various sellers of the same product.. Delivery times may vary depending on where they come from, although their policy is no longer than two weeks.

Its product catalog ranges from household items, electronics, fashion, among others and although they do not work with PayPal as payment method; You have other options such as American Express, Visa, Masterd Card among others.

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#5.- Banggood

With a complete and quite interesting shopping catalog, Banggood is one of the least known online stores and not because it is bad, but because it is quite new; this does not prevent them from offering quality products and recognized brands that come from the United States, China and other parts of the world.

Although their delivery times are not the best, within this you can get discounts on some products depending on their place of origin, in this case those from China.

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#6.- Dealextreme

It is in this list of 15 for being another of the best alternatives for Aliexpress, Its product catalog has more than 300,000 thousand options from which you can choose, from health, beauty, cooking, technology, sports, among others.

The best of all is that you can filter the quality of products and find the best sellers using user reviews; You find affordable prices and payment methods are varied including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, among others.

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#7.- Gearbest

Is a online store originating from China with locations in several major cities around the worldis also one of the best Aliexpress alternatives, Within its catalog you can find a wide variety of products with unbeatable prices.

You can filter purchases by manufacturer, place of origin, etc. If you want to save much more, take advantage of its sales season, especially during the Christmas season.

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#8.- Wish

If you are a fan of products that people think are unnecessary like watermelon cutters for example, this is the ideal Aliexpress alternative for you, Wish specializes in fashion items, stationery and household items at very affordable prices, one of its main advantages is that some of its products are selected for fast shipping (-10 days).

You don’t have to worry about payment methodsof these they offer a wide variety including PayPal, The shipping costs should not be a problem either, since they are established from $1.

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#9.- Doba

It is one of the best options to Aliexpress since with it you will be able to contact distributors and wholesalers about the products you want to offer in your online store, the best of all is that they are the ones who contact customersthey make the shipments and you receive the payment through the platform, super simple!

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#10.- Geekbuying

It is an excellent alternative to Aliexpress if what you are looking for is technology and household products, in fact the Xiaomi brand is one of your favorites; you can find their products at excellent prices, with presence in several countries of the world including Spain.

Their products have a one-year guarantee, so in case of a fault you can be attended to and receive a replacement.; As for the payment methods, they are quite comfortable. They accept PayPal and payments from some international banks depending on the country you are in.

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#11.- Salehoo

One of the main advantages of Salehoo is that they filter their suppliers, which guarantees that if you buy in this online store you will not get a different product or you will be scammed.that is why we include it in our list of 15, not only for this but also for its fast shipments and payment methods.

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#12.- TVC-mall

It is part of the group of companies that belongs to the Alibaba group and is one of the best alternatives to Aliexpress since it also has a wide catalog of electronic products, household products, among others.

Your payment methods are very secure, they accept PayPal which facilitates and secures the purchase; you can also pay with Western Union, HSBC, among others; all this without paying shipping.

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#13.- Miniinthebox

The main reason Miniinthebox is on this list is because of its unbeatable prices, in fact. It is considered one of the cheapest online stores in China, where you can also find a wide catalog of products..

Filter your purchases in the different categories available and register on their website to take them to the cart, their payment system is quite efficient because accept PayPal and credit and debit cardsin addition to a delivery system that is sometimes free.

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#14.- Tomtop

Although much of its product catalog is electronic items within the online store, you can find products for home, beauty, fashion, among other categories. It has a presence in some of the most important countries in Europe and the world such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, which is why it is on our list of 15.

Its delivery and shipping system is quite efficient, in fact, in a maximum of two weeks without problems; You can pay with PayPal and if you have any complaints, questions or suggestions, their live chat is available to you.

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#15 Spocket

With a super wide catalog of products from various categories like books, fashion, pet supplies and everything from gadget, It is also one of the best options for dropshipping, not only because of the number of suppliers to choose from, but also because of the security when making the sale.

You can track your deliveries, not only this but you get exclusive options for customers and this way to speed up the sale, for this and more reasons is that Spocket is on our list.

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What is Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is an online store where users can find all kinds of products at a very low cost.; is part of Alibaba group companies and It is based in China, so most of the items it offers are manufactured in this country.

Aliexpress does not sell its own products, that is, it does not work as a brand, rather it is a platform that serves as an intermediary between sellers and users.offering the former all the means to make sales simple and the latter that can find what they need at low prices and without shipping charges.

How to Buy on Aliexpress?

Buying on Aliexpress is quite simple, in fact it is quite similar to the methods used by other famous platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, among others; Being a virtual store, the user cannot see the item to buy in physical.

To make up for it, sellers upload photographs from different angles to the online store and next to them the measurements of the product; the photographs are usually accompanied by the technical description of the same; These aspects have to do with price, size, brand, functions, accessories, guarantees among others.

If the user is satisfied with what the seller offers, he should only select the product and take it to the shopping cart and then pay it using any of the methods that Aliexpress has available for example PayPal.

How to Contact Aliexpress?

Even though Aliexpress is one of the most popular platforms for online shopping, It is well known by all its users the flaws that they present in their claims service and customer service; although this is not the only reason why a client wants to contact the company, it is the most common reason.

Although for many users it is difficult to establish contact, it is not an impossible mission either. it only requires patience and persistence, so in this section we tell you the methods available to contact them.

Step 1.- From the official website

From this you have two options, The first is an email available to all users who have questions about the company’s privacy policies or the use it makes of your personal data and a chat (click chat) available in the customer service menu.

Step 2.- Use social networks

Another option available and the favorite of users is to contact Aliexpress through social networks, within which they also have the option to comment on the services and products they offer.

How to Cancel an Order on Aliexpress?

Canceling an order on Aliexpress is an option that you can access in different ways, everything will depend on the situation of the shipment, so in this section we show you what each of these are.

#1: How to cancel an order that has not been shipped?

#2: How to cancel an order that has already been shipped?

In this case you will have to talk to the seller so that they can reach an agreement and that the shipment is canceledIf the seller does not agree to cancel the shipment, you must wait for it to reach your hands and try to reach an agreement again.

What to Buy on Aliexpress?

In Aliexpress you can find everything, remember that the products are classified according to their categories, then You have available household items such as appliances, furniture, drawers, among others.

Fashion and beauty products such as clothing, footwear, makeup, facial cleansing items, hair treatments, among others; there is also the category of sports, for children, items for the kitchen, your pets and even to spend free time.

You can find everything except real estate like houses or some personal property, Otherwise, everything that we can mobilize, buy and sell, will be available in this online store.

Advantages of Buying on Aliexpress

#1.- Low prices are the main advantage of Aliexpress✔

In addition to the wide variety of options you have to choose from about what you want to take

#2- Secure payment system✔

Paying through Escrow guarantees that if your product is not what you expected, they can return your money, if everything is fine, the payment will be released to the seller.

#3.- Guarantee for sixty days✔

It has to do with the delivery time, if the product does not arrive within 2 months you can claim your money back

#4.- Free shipping✔

Unlike other online stores, Aliexpress does not charge for its shipments, they are totally free to your home, although you can also use private messaging if you wish

Tracking deliveries; This aspect must be highlighted since, despite the fact that its delivery times are long, you have the possibility of knowing where your order is and when you will receive it.

Disadvantages of Buying on Aliexpress

#1.- Delivery times✘

They are the main weakness of this company since they are longer than usual, in fact making a delivery can take almost 2 months.

#2.- Payment system without PayPal✘

Although its payment methods are very secure, not having PayPal somewhat limits its ability to sell since most users prefer to use this method.

#3.- Product descriptions can be misleading✘

Therefore, you should read them carefully before purchasing any of these

Useful tips for when you buy Aliexpress

Due to the very functioning of the platform, customers often run the risk of being scammed by some malicious sellers. To avoid these inconveniences, it is important for users to be clear about some important aspects to make safe purchases, and below we will show you what some of them are:

#1.- Take into account the rating and review of the seller you choose

The fame and reputation of a seller on Aliexpress is determined by how much users like it or not, and the latter play a fundamental role, therefore Before buying any item, take into account what customers say about the seller and their product, as well as the classification they have for it.

#2.- Check the number of completed sales

In Aliexpress you can check the number of sales that a seller makes, choose sellers who have a fairly large number of completed salesthis speaks of deliveries without inconveniences or returns.

#3.- Check the guarantees you have when making the purchase

Another important aspect to check is if the product has guarantees for defects or failures, a reliable seller guarantees the reliability of its product, this aspect also has to do with returns, deliveries within the estimated time, among other aspects.

#4.- Pay through Aliexpress

If one of the conditions of the sale is that the payment be made directly to the seller’s account, this purchase is not reliable.since if you do not use any of the payment methods provided by Aliexpress in case you suffer any scam, your damage will be covered with the protection to online store customer.

#5.- Do not rush the delivery

On many occasions we have the need to acquire a product with such urgency, that we do not take into account any of the previous aspects and we usually make mistakes since when the product arrives it was not at all what we expected, so we recommend you contact the seller and read the instructions carefully.

We have reached the end, we hope that this information will help you choose the best option to make your purchases online, We thank you for reading us to the end and we look forward to seeing you in a future publication. so you can continue enjoying all this content

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