15 Best Alternatives to DivxTotal

Currently there are still people around the world who prefer to download movies, series and others directly to their computer or mobile phone, so there are many websites that offer this for free. Torrent download service and among them is DivxTotal.

One of the most famous web pages is DivxTotal for being one of the largest Spanish-speaking P2P Torrent portalsand also, for offering these other services to all users:

  • You do not need to register or pay
  • Excellent video and audio quality
  • Different formats for downloads (HD, 3D, DVDR, 4K)
  • Large catalog of movies, series, documentaries, as well as a wide variety of movie genres
  • Very good organization of categories, allowing easy use and scrolling
  • It has exclusive content that you would not find on similar pages.

However, it may be that the page at that precise moment is down or unavailable, so in this article we will show you the 15 Best DivxTotal Alternatives so that nothing stops you from downloading that movie or series that you want to enjoy so much.

#1.- 1337X

It is a website that has been operating since 2007, it is quite complete and offers easy downloading of torrent files and they also have a wide catalog of documentaries, series, movies, anime, music, among many others.

One benefit of this page is that it is constantly being updated with the aim of eliminating those files that could represent some type of risk for the safety of its users. The main page has a tab that allows you to search for the title you want to find easily.

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#2.- Cavena

Another alternative for DivxTotal is Cuevana, a page that, since its birth in 2009, has had to change his domain three times due to problems related to copyright infringement of many of its files, which have caused the closure of the page.

However, Cuevana is positioned as one of the favorites because you have the option to watch movies, documentaries and series online; or if you prefer, you can also download files directly or with torrent. Although this page does not offer a wide catalog compared to others, it is still good.

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#3.- DonTorrent

It is a very pleasant website for users to see and very easy to use and understand, where you can find a wide variety of movies, series, documentaries, games, music, among other multimedia files, which you can download quickly and in high definition format.

One of the characteristics of this page is that surprisingly no ads! Which makes the user experience when downloading your files comfortable. It has a tab where you can locate the torrent downloads that you can do, selecting it from among the varied content that it offers.

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#4.- PremieresGo

Despite being a somewhat old page, this website continues to offer good multimedia content, among which torrent movies of all genres stand out and in quite good format. In addition to original movies, you can also find programs, series, music and games; being able to enjoy new files almost daily.

As to the advertising present on this page, users agree that it is relatively annoyingdepending on the day, since it seems to be configured differently on a daily basis.

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#5.- GetPopcornTime

this is a fantastic application compatible with Windows, Mac or Android and IOS devices that once installed, you will be able to search, download and enjoy different torrent content of all kinds and with an excellent format and video quality (including 3D).

Many of the users of this app say that it reminds them a lot of Netflix homepage, but instead, there are many torrent files to choose from. In addition, it has the great advantage that has zero ads which makes it a great alternative to DivxTotal.

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This is a fairly simple and easy to use web page where you can find a modest catalog of movies and series available to download or watch onlinebeing able to go through the different episodes one by one through a simple menu.

One of the outstanding features of this page is that It does not have many advertisements and, in addition, it is possible that it redirects you to other pages. via links (such as DivxTotal or EliteTorrent), in case a movie is not available.

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#7.- Informaniakos

Informaniakos is a page that offers a fairly complete catalog of movies, series, documentaries, music and interesting videos, ordered according to recently added content. Too It has a special torrent search engine so you can easily locate the movie you want to download.

alluding to his namethis website has a lot of information about how to download a specific torrent or what you will find when doing it. One of the disadvantages that Informaniakos has is that they upload new content inconsistently.

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#8.- LimeTorrents

In this page you can find multimedia content both in English (mostly) and in Spanish and of very excellent quality. Among the content offered are movies of all genres, series, computer games and even television shows.

One of the attractions that make it an excellent download page is that its torrent content is frequently under review in order to guarantee the safety of its users You will surely love this website!

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#9.- Best Torrent

This is another alternative to be able to download classic and current movies, series, documentaries, pdf, computer games and other resources. You will be able to find all these categories in an organized way to facilitate the search of your titles.

Also, with Best Torrent you have the possibility to select and download several torrent files at once; however, one of the drawbacks is that sometimes it is not available, but later it is activated again.

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#10.- MKVCage

This alternative to DivxTotal is especially good when it comes to downloading free movies because it’s very easy to do, either via torrent or direct download to your computer. Even if you have doubts on how to download content from this pageyou will find detailed information on how to follow the appropriate procedure step by step.

Another advantage of this website is that frequently put new and recent fileswhich makes it one of the most visited pages by users.

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#11.- RARBG

This alternative is quite good to download different torrents in a simple way, and thanks to this, this page has many followers all over the world, who access its new content daily.

One of the best features of this site is that the quality is extremely good, but for some countries, some torrents are not available, so it is advisable to use a VPN to be able to access them.

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#12.- SubTorrents

As its name indicates, this page specializes in offering users multimedia content in torrent format and in original subtitled version (VOSE), all of excellent quality and without much advertising upset.

If you are a lover of good and/or not so well known alternative movies, this page is the one for you! You can search for your favorite title in the search bar, or if you prefer, you can browse through the different categories or genres available.

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#13.- TorrentFunk

TorrentFunk is a very functional page that offers a range of movies, series, anime, music and other very interesting resources. One of its attractions is that It has a series of words at the top as “labels” that shows you which are the most downloaded movies by users.

One piece of information to facilitate the torrent download from this page is that the button that accesses the torrent file that you want to download is the one that is in the upper part in a centered way, since the others will direct you to different advertisements.

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#14.- Torrents

With Torrents you will have access to movies of various genres, music and other multimedia resources that you can download easily and in a similar way to DivxTotal, having a search engine available for your favorite titles.

One of the disadvantages of this website is that some files violate copyright regulations, so repeatedly they have changed the domain, but keeping the content.

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This is an excellent page that offers torrent downloads in different qualities (720p, 1080p, and 3D). YTS no doubt is up there with DivxTotal for its wide range of downloadable contentfrom movies, videos and series both subtitled and in Spanish.

That this website is in English, is not an impediment to search for that movie that you want to see so much for free. One of the disadvantages is that contains some ads that can be a bit visually annoyingbut nothing serious.

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Does Downloading Content in DivxTotal Have Any Kind of Risk or Disadvantage?

In general, all torrent downloads constitute a risky activity, especially for computers, because when making athe computer may get infected with some unwanted malware and cause system damage.

On the other hand, DivxTotal downloads are possible because they use the data transfer protocol: BitTorrent, which at the same time has files shared many times from user to the network; which means that it is possible that at some point an infected file could be sent inside a legitimate container.

In any case, for you to be calmer and be able to enjoy the multimedia content that DivxTotal offers you without any worries, what you should do is shield your computer with a powerful antivirus that is constantly updated.

Premieres in DivxTotal

DivxTotal offers its users a special category where the latest torrents uploaded to the page appear, as well as the most recent movies of 2021 and the latest episodes and chapters of your favorite series.

In this way, it will be almost impossible for you to miss the movies and series of the moment in good video quality, being able to also select if you want to enjoy it in Spanish, English or subtitled Everything is possible thanks to the extensive options that DivxTotal has!

We hope this article about the 15 Best Alternatives to DivxTotal! Whatever your choice, we wish you enjoy that movie or series to the fullest! Stay with us on this blog, because we have much more to tell you and share with you.

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