15 Best Alternatives to Open English

There is no age limit to learn to speak a language and if it is English much better, since it is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world and considered as the language of business, since many international companies use it to communicate.


Then, whether you have a beginner, basic, intermediate or advanced level of Englishit is necessary that you fully train and correctly master both the oral and written language so that you have a good development in your daily life, and one of the best known options in Latin America are the virtual classes of Open English

However, you not only have Open English to learn English in a on-lineit is for this reason that we propose below 15 Best Alternatives to Open English so that you draw your own conclusions and stay with the one you consider the best:

#1.- ABA English

Our first recommendation as the best alternative to Open English is ABA English, a fairly complete English academy that consists of six official levels so you can upload one by one in just three months, such as reading, writing and grammar.

The didactic material that they offer to teach the classes is excellent, in addition, you can practice the pronunciation part supporting you from various movies and videos; and also participate in group refresher classes. It has an App for Android and iOS phones.

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#2.- Babbel

Another fairly good alternative is Babbel, with which you will be able to learn exactly 14 different languages ​​and be able to speak naturally and fluently. One of the things that we loved about Babbel is that you can focus your attention on learning the vocabulary and keywords needed for your next trip.

The lessons are tailored to your tastes, so you can choose between reading and writing, hearing only pronunciations, listening and speaking, chat style, among others. The lessons usually last 10 to 15 minutes and you will have to pay monthly fees from 7 US dollars to unlock and access all content.

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#3.- Busuu

It is ideal both for people who know absolutely nothing about a particular language, as well as for advanced people who want to perfect their pronunciation and grammar. Busuu is made by dedicated teachers and professionals in any of the 12 languages What do you have to choose from?

With just 10 minutes a day you can practice with the lessons on this platform, which are really very dynamic. Busuu also has an app for iOS and Android operating systems and you will need to pay a monthly fee to access all features and tools.

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#4 Clozemaster

Is a Completely free alternative that offers a proper game dynamic in order to learn the language you most want in an entertaining way. Another feature that makes Clozemaster unique is its 16-bit graphics, which makes it very striking and traditional.

With this alternative to Open English, you will have the opportunity to answer random questions in blank boxes, also using the audio versions that are right next to it. Once your account is created, you can see your progress: accumulated points, level, among others.

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#5.- Coursera

Coursera is a website specialized in providing courses in all areas, both free and paid, you can also obtain a degree in a way on-line. Only you must register and look in the section “Learning a language” and an endless number of courses will appear that are about to start.

Also, you can filter your searches according to the institutions or universities that endorse said course or create alerts about the course you want to take. At the end of the course, which usually lasts from 4 to 10 lessons, depending on the case, you can obtain a certificate of value, yes, sometimes with an additional cost.

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#6.- CUDU

It is a slightly different alternative to the previous ones, since this one is especially focused on the correct pronunciation of words and phrases in the English language, so you can access different catalogs of exercises for you to practice with your voice and as you progress, you will unlock new levels of learning.

CUDU is an application for Android systems that you will simply love and an additional advantage that it has is that you can receive professional help from teachers who perfectly handle the languagebecause it is their mother tongue.

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#7.- Duolingo

At least once we have heard about Duolingo, and that is that this alternative to Open English is well known for several things, one of them is the dynamism with which you learn several languagesincluding English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and many more.

Duolingo is an application for Android systems with which you can complete daily lessons every day, always emphasizing the correct way of pronouncing. The recommended age to start practicing any language with Duolingo is from 7 years old and up. You will have a lot of fun with the pleasant interaction that this App offers you!

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#8.- ELSA

If you have difficulties with the pronunciation of words or phrases in English, without a doubt, with ELSA you will be able to solve this, since this mobile application for both Android and iOS devices will be your personal trainer in this particular matter and in just 27 hours you could speak English fluently.

This software was designed with artificial intelligence, which will recognize your voice and the way you pronounce each word, being able to detect and correct those in which you have deficiencies, until your pronunciation is neutral and perfect.

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HelloTalk has a fairly clear premise, and that is that There is no better way to learn a language than by speaking it.it is for this reason that this tool offers you to teach yourself the language of your preference by having a direct conversation with native speakers of the language you want to learn, while you teach them yours.

Also, this language exchange is great because you have triple benefits: you learn to pronounce phrases and words very well, you investigate new cultures and habits; and you make new friends. Best of all, you can visit each user’s profile to observe their language expertise and other interests, before requesting an interaction with them, IM style!

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#10.- LingoKids

This is an excellent tool for the comprehensive learning of children between 2 and 8 years of age, since the method applied in each content is the play learningthat is, that of learn English while playing and having fun with more than 600 activities.

You can access its free version for 7 days to convince yourself that it is a very good alternative for learning a new language for the little ones at home. LingoKids content includes audiobooks, songs, games, video lessons and much more.

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Another good alternative is this one, which offers you to learn languages ​​by accessing a wide range of content and plans that adapt to your needs. Speaking of needs, Lingvist is designed to determine andn what level of language learning are you at to start from there and continue with your training.

However, one of the disadvantages of this alternative is that only offers 2-4 different languages ​​to learn, including American English, British English, French and Russian. you can enjoy 14 days of free trial and after that time has elapsed, the monthly fee is $4.99.

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#12.- Rosetta Stone (Rosetta Stone)

With Rosetta Stone you will be able to complete your daily lessons in the language you most want to learn, so on your list you can choose between 24 available languages. Best of all, you can alternate your classes between the computer and your mobile phone, as it has an application for iOS and Android systems.

If you run out of internet connection, that won’t be any problem to continue with your pronunciation and vocabulary training, because Rosetta Stone works with cloud technology, which means that the information will always be stored and available to you.

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It is a very interesting proposal where you can constantly practice your pronunciation and grammar when talking to people who have spoken English all their lives Quiet! They will not judge you, on the contrary, they will always be at your disposal to help you achieve your goals.

well be it for instant messaging or video calls you can communicate with the true experts in the language, so go ahead and sign up for Tandem to start mastering English.

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#14.- Udemy

Similar to Coursera, Udemy is a platform where you can find more than 183,000 courses of all specialties, including language learning courses, so what you have to do is search and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Most courses taught by experts and professionals they are not free, but the good news is that the study material for each course is very didactic and dynamic; which can be given through videoconferences or on-line.

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#15.- Wlingua

Whatever level of English you master, Wlingua is presented as one of the best alternatives to Open English because with it you can learn English and additionally know the vocabulary of the Portuguese, Italian and German languages.

However, you will have to pay a monthly fee to be able to unlock and enjoy all the features and more than 600 language lessons intended for all levels, which include quizzes, grammar exercises, mini games and other options.

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What is OpenEnglish?

It’s a school on-line of learning the English language born 14 years ago and that has a great acceptance by the Latin American public, because it has more than a million students who choose between its different plans that it offers to learn and master the language in a very short time.

What is Open English used for?

Open Spanish It is used for you to learn through daily lessons the correct pronunciation, grammar and intonation of words and phrases in English. With this program you will be able to improve your command and fluency of English, adapting to the level you are at, which will ensure your professional and personal success when it comes to starting a conversation and your understanding.

What teaching method does Open English use? It is effective?

The teaching method used by Open English is effective and different from traditional methods because it includes live classes 24 hours a day and taught by native language teachers, which makes them the leader in teaching English throughout Latin America.

In addition, there are several alternatives within the course, such as starting from scratch or taking a placement test to determine from which level of English you will start. On the other hand, you will be able to see your lessons in groups of up to 5 people and request a study plan depending on your needs and goals to be achieved.

How much does Open English cost? Price

We were checking the official Open English website and apparently there is a section that will tell you the prices of your plans, which is basically two: one Standard (which includes virtual classes) and one Premium (with private classes); but nevertheless, in the page they are not explicit with the price.

To be offered information directly from Open English, you must follow these steps

  1. You complete the form and send
  2. An advisor will call you to give you general information
  3. You choose the plan that best suits you, if you decide to accept.

Consulting diverse opinions of Open English users, one of them mentioned that for this year 2021, one of the plans (it does not specify which one) it cost him US$75 per month, which is equivalent in Colombia to 285 thousand Colombian pesos or in Mexico to 1,500 Colombian pesos, approximately.

What is Open English Junior?

This is a special Open English program aimed at children between the ages of 8 to 14 years, which consists of teaching virtual English classes with a pedagogical and playful method, so that in this way the knowledge of the language is much better fixed.

Open English Junior also gives confidence to parents, because by enrolling their children in the course, they will be able to monitor their participation and progress. On the other hand, all the teachers are North American and They will make sure that the children learn everything related to the correct pronunciation and grammar of the language through fun lessons..

Advantages of Using Open English

#1.- Wherever, whenever✔

You can learn English from anywhere in the world, it will only be enough to have a device with an internet connection. Too, you have access to classes 24 hours a day, because classes are enabled every half hour.

#2.- It is interactive✔

Virtual classes and lessons, both for adults and children, are fully interactive, also including educational games, so you are guaranteeing everyone’s language learning.

#3.- Language professionals✔

Everyone Open English teachers are highly qualified to teach English classes and most of them are native speakers.

#4.- You will be able to take the exam Linguaskill

It is an exam that qualifies and evaluates the level of the four linguistic skills of the language, which are: written expression, oral expression, listening comprehension and visual comprehension. This exam is from the University of Cambridge and you can do it when you finish the last level of Open English, totally free.

#5.- They will give you a certificate of value✔

Upon passing each of the lessons taught, Open English will give you a Fluency Certificate, which will be valuable to you.

Disadvantages of Using Open English

#1.- The price is not explicit on its official page✘

As we mentioned before, the prices and rates of their plans are nowhere to be found on their page, but you must fill out a form and wait for an operator to call you and explain the prices and plans.

#2.- Dissatisfied by users✘

A considerable number of Open English users have complained about the service, claiming that Open English does not really offer what it publishes, that is to say, that it is false advertising and that the live classes are only videos on the whiteboard.

#3.- They ask for your credit card information✘

Indeed they ask you to dictate your credit card information and this, up to a point, is risky and also illegal because they incur in the conservation of your data. On the other hand, according to user opinions, they have made charges not authorized by the holders.

#4.- Short time refund request✘

If after contracting with Open English you are dissatisfied with the service, you will only have seven days to request a refund, but it has happened that when making the request they do not respond to the moment, so it has no effect.

#5.-Contract automatically charged by Open Englih✘

The contract has a duration of 1 year and by providing them with your credit card information, it is up to them to make the monthly payment (and in advance) of each monthly payment, that is, if you only see classes for 2 months, you will still pay the other 10 months.

Thank you very much for reading us! We hope we have cleared your doubts with this article about the 15 Best Alternatives to Open English. We invite you to continue with us in this blog made especially for you. Have a great day!

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