15 Best Alternatives to PopCorn Time

Getting the latest series and movie releases for free is quite a challenge, since most streaming platforms are paid subscriptions. especially those that offer exclusive content, For this reason, some lovers of the seventh art and TV have collaborated in the creation of websites where it is easy to access these.

If you are part of the group of people who like to see the latest movie releases or classics without spending too much, you came to the right place; In this article we will talk about the best alternatives on the market when the pioneer, pop corn time It is not an option.

This platform allows its users to play series and movies using Torrentsmaking it easy for users to get content that is not available there, If you want to know about this and its alternatives, we invite you to stay with us. Let’s start!

#1.- Torrent time

This is one of the most efficient alternatives to PopCorn Time as this plugin allows you to access other websites that work with the BitTorrent network like Kickass; enjoy streaming movies and series without the need to be installed on your computer’s desktop.

It is compatible with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers having access to high-quality content in multiple languages ​​and subtitles; includes Anonymous VPN; Acquiring it is very easy, you just have to download the file for free.

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#2.- Rox player

Able to play videos via Torrents works as a media playerunlike other alternatives in which you must choose an option within a catalog of movies and series, here you only play the file, it supports magnet links and best of all you can play them by default.

This option is paid, you can buy it from 25 dollars if you want to pay the monthly payment or $100 if you want full access for a year.

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#3.- Stremio

The web platform also includes a desktop version that is compatible with major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.; plays content through Torrents, but also has available for you a complete catalog with your favorite series, movies and TV shows.

Installing it is very simple since it is free to use, you just have to download the desktop version and organize the content as you prefermaking it the perfect option when PopCorn Time is not available.

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#4.- Zone

With a desktop version compatible with the Windows operating system; Zona is the ideal option for those looking for much more than popular series, movies and TV shows, this platform includes music, games, radio and sports content; is a complete compendium of entertainment.

It is originally in Russian language but you can change it in the settingsto obtain it you just have to download its free version and start enjoying its content.

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#5.- Cavena

It is considered one of the best options for PopCorn Time since you can enjoy your favorite movies and series; as well as the most popular ones for free without the need to download a desktop version; If you prefer to enjoy it later you can download the file of the movie or series.

Enjoy your content in different formats such as mobile devices and even on smart TVs, In terms of quality, you can obtain files in 4K, becoming one of the favorites for users.

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#6.- Movies Plus

You can enjoy all its content online or if you prefer to download itthe platform does not work as desktop software. In Pelis Plus you find the latest series and movies, in fact you can get those that have only been on the big screen for a few days.

All your content comes in high definition; it is easy to use and you can choose whether to enjoy the content in the original language, with subtitles or translated into Spanish and Castilian; just buy your free subscription and go.

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#7.- Gnula

Not only do you have access to movies and series, it also contains a catalog with cartoons and anime for lovers of this content, subscribing to this online platform is free; easy to use access all its options in different languages ​​or choose the option for subtitles.

If you are one of those who prefers to download your movies and watch them later on this platform, you can do so, choose the quality of the file and the speed with which you want to download it, although the latter will be influenced by your internet connection.

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#8.- MovieBoxd

Find a wide catalog of movies online using this web platform, you can use the free subscription or access the option that frees you from advertising; Enjoy its content on any device, be it mobile or your computer, and the platform is constantly updated, including new movies in better quality.

Download in HD format if you preferso far its catalog contains almost 20 thousand free movies and for this reason we consider it one of the best options if you don’t want to use PopCorn Time.

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#9.- Pelisfox

It is one of the lesser known websites to enjoy online content and its level of security is excellent., find a wide catalog of movies and TV series from the Fox network, mainlyyou can find the latest movie releases within it when it is not available on other sites.

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#10.- Streamable

Find the most famous movies and series from streaming services in their extensive catalog that you can access for freedownload the chapters or movies in different file formats and quality, plus it is available in several languages.

Access is quite easy, you just have to create a user account and that’s it, the Its interface design is very intuitive, so it won’t be difficult to identify the download buttons or the menus that give you access to its options.

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One of the main risks when downloading movies or series online is that a virus or malware comes along with the file, however one of the main strengths of this platform is that it is super safe, It is designed to detect if the files are damaged or contaminated and there is no danger when downloading.

As with the other options, you have access to a wide catalog of current or classic movies and series that are not easy to get; but what you can enjoy with the best resolution quality and in different formats for free and safely.

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#12.- Serials

Specialist in hosting the series of the main streaming platforms with Serials you can even find those that have been recently releasedits catalog also includes famous TV productions and best of all, you can enjoy them online or download them to your computer.

Available in several languages, enjoy them in the original audio and choose the quality format for downloadsaccessing this website is very simple, you just have to make the free trial subscription or pay for it to enjoy the content.

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#13.- Popcornflix

This online platform allows you to enjoy the latest series and movie premieres, as well as independent productions and a wide catalog of classics that we all want to see for free, its search filters are quite simple, you can find what you are looking for by title, genre or the name of one of its actors.

Documentaries are also part of its range of options as well as content for childrenIf you prefer, you have the possibility to download them to your computer and enjoy them later.

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#14.- VOODOO

Unlike other platforms, Vudu is one of the most recognized and favorite of users, its subscription is paid; in it you can find everything new in movies and series, in different formats; You can access it through the app for mobile devices.

While you enjoy the content online, it will be ad-free so you won’t have to worry about interruptions.

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#15.- Crunchyroll

Those who are anime lovers have an option available, Crunchyroll saves the most famous titles like Naruto; Attack on Titan; classics and new titles; you can download them enjoy them online or download the mobile app.

The platform has a free version, however if you buy the Premium License you can enjoy HD resolution and zero ads while enjoying the anime.

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What is Pop Corn Time?

Since it was born in 2014, it has been one of the most controversial platforms that the internet has known; in this you can play series and movies that are available on streaming platforms or are not free circulation, however, PopCorn Time does not host them rather It works as a space in which torrents allow you to play them.

This has been the main characteristic by which it has been saved from all the legal problems and complaints to which it has been exposed.; does not host the content, what if it has been pioneer and served so that other types of web platforms that work in the same way come to the fore, playing movies, series and TV shows through Torrents.

Is It Legal To Use PopCorn Time?

Everything will depend from where you are using it; as there are countries where PopCorn time does not represent any risk but there are others where it does, For example, if you are in the United States or the United Kingdom, you need to download a VPN that hides your tracks in order to use the platform, since there are restrictions in these countries.

In other countries like Spain there is no problem, however, We want to warn you that using it if it represents a risk index for your computer or mobile device since this platform has been exposed to various blocks, sanctions and restrictions coming out unscathed, but within it there is risky content.

Viruses and malware are quite dangerous on this platform since, depending on the movie or series you download, it may be contaminated, Not only this; Due to the type of platform, when you download a file, it may ask you to deactivate the antivirus on your computer., further increasing the risk; therefore you must be very careful about the files to download.

How to use PopCorn Time?

Its graphical interface is quite intuitive and is very similar to those of any other streaming platform, using PopCorn Time to watch your movies is simple, plus you its search filters by genres, titles, among others will make it much easier; If you want more detail below we show you a list of how it works.

Step 1: Download and install the app

The first thing you should do is enter the official website of the site https://popcorn-time.tw/ and download the desktop version or the one available for Android on mobile devices and install it on it.

Step 2: Download a VPN

A VPN is basically a tool that encrypt your internet traffic and route your IP address to a secure server that it did not reach your computer, so everything you do online will be protected by it.

You need to be able to install a VPN on your computer before accessing PopCorn Time content; Among the most outstanding options you have:

Step 3: Access the content

Once inside we find a wide catalog of series and movies that we can enjoy, all for free, since the program allows us to reproduce them using Torrents.

Step 4: Select the movie you prefer

One of the options that PopCorn Time allows you is to view the trailers of the series or movies that you want to enjoy, the best thing is that as they are P2P files, which are shared while you download them; the platform streams the file you are downloading so that other users or yourself can enjoy it.

Step 5: Release the content

If you want to run the minimum risk of downloading a virus while using PopCorn Time, we have the solution for you, the site of www.virustotal.com an online antivirus that will free you from all this trouble, however we know that with the latest version of the site everything is much safer.

How to Download PopCornTime?

PopCorn Time is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and Android TV operating systems so downloading it does not represent a major problem, You just have to go to the official website by clicking here and select the operating system in which you want to install, when you click the file it will start downloading automatically.

Then open the file and follow the installation instructions, and follow all the steps in the previous section. If you want to download the Android version, you should know that it is not available on GooglePlay but on the website as an APK.

Before installing it you must activate in your phone’s configuration that it accepts applications of unknown origin, you usually find it in the security section of your phone, although the path to follow will depend on the mobile model.

Do you need a VPN to use PopCorn Time?

Yes; for several reasons, the first is that although PopCorn Time and BitTorrents are not illegal platforms, they are usually in a gray area since it is well known that it is used to download content protected by copyright and this would be piracy; so one VPN would hide the information on your computer and you would avoid penalties although we do not recommend it.

Secondly, it depends on where in the world you are because according to copyright laws, restrictions may or may not exist for the platform; third party to protect your security not only from sanctions but from your internet activity if you do not want third parties to have access to it.

Advantages of Using PopCorn Time

#1.- It is free to use

Its latest update is quite safe, with little risk of viruses or damaged files

#2.- Its design, it has a fairly clean graphical interface and is easy to use

Therefore, it is not difficult to find the movies and series you are looking for

3#.- It is open source, free and is constantly updated✔

For which it is always presenting improvements constantly

#4.- No ads

Compared to other websites, this platform does not have ads that can be bothersome

#5.- High definition

You also find series and movies in HD easy to download

Disadvantages of Using PopCorn Time

The main disadvantage of this platform is the restrictions and sanctions in which it is involved, since free and copyrighted content can be played on it, this has always been its main problem, whether or not it violates these rights is a legal limbo in which it still remains and is a cause for debate among subscription providers.

In this way we have reached the end, we want to thank you for reading us this far, we hope that this information will help you choose the best alternative to watch series and movies in addition to PopCorn Time, remember that you can visit us next time, enjoy all the content that we prepare for you We will wait for you!

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