15 Best Alternatives to Skype Business

The new normal of the world has focused on remote work or from home, although for some this may be a disadvantage, it has become a range of possibilities to work in collaboration with brilliant minds around the world without geographical distances being a limitation, the question is How to overcome the distance communication barrier?

The answer is simple, the Internet; thanks to this network the world is connected, we just need a tool to help us see each other and interact live from different geographical sites; it is at this point where Skype for Business comes into play; This software is designed as a communications solution for businesses.

The best thing about Skype Business is that you can access it from your desktop or any mobile device; work live as if all the participants were in the same room, with first-class sound and image quality; Therefore, if you want to know more about this tool and its alternatives, stay with us and we’ll tell you, let’s start!

#1.- Jitsi

Compatible with Linux, although there are also options for Windows and Mac; This open source software has a super secure encryption system that not only protects the video conferences but also all the communications you generate.

The user limit for a video call does not existRather, it will depend on your connection to the web and the capacity of your computer; best of all is that, you do not need to register to access a conversation but from the browser you can start it.

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#2.- Webex

This software was created for business use; with a variety of plans designed to link with other platforms such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Team; making online work and remote meetings much easier, with the option to record meetings or transcribe them.

Another advantage of Webex is its screen sharing option, in which all meeting participants will be able to see what they are sharing; use the whiteboard for online presentations. Just access its website and choose the plan that best suits you to download it.

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#3.- Tox

One of its strong points is the security it offers its users with regard to data protection; using peer-to-peer (P2P) technology preventing third parties from accessing your conversations; this software works for video conferences, chats and VoIP.

It is compatible with Linux, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS; its software is constantly updated, however, this beta version is still very safe and downloading it is very simple you can do it from the beginning of its official website.

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#4.- Telegram

It is another instant messaging giant that has become popular with students, thanks to its bots and that you can pass large files easily, their option for group voice calls was quite efficient and in June 2021 the platform was updated including the option for video call with the possibility of screen sharing.

Seeks to be the best platform for online classes, family gatherings, and streaming broadcasts; thus, what initially was a capacity of 30 participants per videoconference, became 1000 users safely.

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#5.- Ions

It is easy to use since you do not need to register to make a call or video call, go to its official website and send the participation link to the rest of the people, securing it with a password; your system uses TLS protection preventing third parties from accessing your conversations.

Access from Chrome or Edge browsers and create conversations with up to 24 participants, during these meetings you will be in control; with the power to activate or deactivate the microphones of each one, as they have the right to speak and thus avoid interruptions.

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#6.- Spike

It is one of the most innovative platforms when it comes to communication between teams, first to register you do not need a user, with your email is enoughSecond, its e-mail system works as a chat, which makes communications more practical.

Third; your VoIP system allows you to make calls or video calls, being an alternative to Skype for Business secure thanks to encryption directly from the app, is Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android systems.

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#7.- Zoom

It has become the most used company during 2020 for online meetings, the platform has registered more than 300 million users during the year compared to 10 million who used it in 2019.

Among its strong points is that the calls between two users are unlimited and free; you can have up to 100 participants in a meeting and not everyone needs to have the software to communicate; the organizer of the call only has to send the link to which the rest of the participants will connect.

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#8.- Facebook Messenger

The messaging system of the giant social network has the capacity to make video calls with up to 50 participants, you can access it through the app, the desktop version and even from the browser, with the option to share documents or other files.

The best thing about Facebook Messenger is that it is super practical since most people have an account on the social network, so It is possible to use it for work, family or friends meetings, becoming one of the best options for Skype for Business.

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#9.- Wire

It is a fairly secure alternative for private and business communications, use the free or paid subscription that will help you communicate internally within the company; using end-to-end encryption technology, their servers are hosted in Germany and Ireland.

It is compatible with all major operating systems of computers and mobile devices, It has a web version that you can access without installing the software, you can create sessions with 5 users and send files in the chat or up to 4 if it is a video conference.

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#10.- Jami

Jami is another super secure open source alternative that you can use if you want privacy in your video calls and your data is secured, as use end-to-end encryption, with a next-level image quality thanks to HD technology.

It is compatible with all major operating systems from computers and mobile phones such as Linux, Windows, iOS, macOS, Android and Android TV; free of ads that can hinder your meeting or web browsing, you just have to download it, create your account and that’s it.

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#11.- Talky

No subscriptions, no downloads and no payments, you just need to enter the official website create a chat room and send the link to all the members of the meeting; in total Talky supports 6 people per room, it is not too much, but it is a quick solution if you want a quick and private meeting remotely.

Its data protection policy includes the encryption of your conversation with users as well as the IP address of the rest of the participants., share the screen with users, access live chat, among others; That is why Talky is an excellent alternative to try.

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#12.- Free Conference

It is one of the most recognized software on the market and is used by more than 42 million worldwide; it is compatible with the main free and paid operating systems for computers and mobile phones; access the free version and connect with up to 1000 people in a call that can last 6 hours.

The paid subscription allows you to access the option of video conferences, you can record, share and play them, both audio and video, with a limit up to 25 people per meeting and share the screen with the rest of the participants.

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#13.- Whereby

It is another option on the web that is quite safe to make a videoconference without having to download an application, it is of Norwegian origin; available in web version and the mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS.

Depending on the plan you choose after you sign up, you can make video conferences from 4 to 50 participants and create a personalized room, that is, only for studies, meetings, teaching, working remotely; among others; Best of all, it can be integrated with other platforms like Google Drive and YouTube.

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#14.- Lifesize

Use the concept of rooms (rooms) as in the previous case, In each room, 25 to 30 users can participate, who will be part of a specific meeting, whether for work, studies, exhibitions, among other purposes.; this versatility allows it to be one of the best options to work remotely.

It is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems; enter the website and download the software choosing the plan that suits you best; further can be integrated with tools such as Microsoft Teams among others, with a up to 4k image quality.

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#15.- Google Meet

It’s one of Google’s latest updates for those who need to do remote work or meet across great distances., available in web version or for mobile devices and with it you can create rooms with 250 participants, to access you just have to link your Gmail account and send the link for the participants to join.

Your conversations will be safe since the videoconferences are encrypted in transit and their security systems are constantly updated; you can share the screen with the rest of the participants and activate the automatic subtitles of the conversations.

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What is Skype for Business?

A new experience in communication that solves the difficulties that small, medium and large work groups may have companies to meet; expanding the possibilities of working together with collaborators who are outside your territory; with Skype for Business you can meet in virtual rooms with up to 250 participants.

Skype for Business combines the Skype interface design that is familiar to most users who have made video calls with all the business features of Lync. Previously Microsoft Lync was the business solution for this type of meeting, however the company decided to merge both tools offering the best of each.

What is Skype Business for?

As a communication solution for companies Skype Business has special features that serve to optimize the time spent in each meeting, increase productivity and give quick access to collaborators through voice calls.

Every time a Skype room is created as a user you have access to a shared screen, where all the participants can interact and also use built-in Office tools while the meeting is going on; whereby you can create and co-create live without being in the same geographical location as the other collaborators.

The virtual whiteboard tool will allow you to present and shape ideas as if you were in a meeting; for the benefit of all, video conferences can be recorded and saved for later use. The best of all is that Skype Business has a telephone support service so you can call mobiles without any problem.

By last, Skype Business serves as an instant messaging service, with its chat included in which the participants can chat privately or in a group under an excellent security system of encryption and authentication that protects your conversations from third parties.

How to Download Skype Business?

Step 1: Start Office 365

The first thing you should do is sign in to your Office 365 account and you have click on the “settings” icon at the top of the screen, then select “Office 365”.

Step 2: Start the Software installation

In the “Office 365” section, select the “Software” option, A screen will open in which you must do click on “Skype for Business” then select the language of your preference next to the 32 or 64bit version; ends with a Click on the “Install” button.

You should know that sometimes the program will ask you to install the full Office 365 suite, don’t worry, in fact it will be very useful to you; in this case you just have to click on the “Install” button and that’s it.

Step 3: Sign in to your Skype account to continue

Once the installation is complete, log in to your account and look at the bottom of the screen for “Save as download”; starting the file download setupskypeforbusinessentryretail.exeFind its location on your computer.

Step 4: Run the Installer

Once you find the file, you have left click and select the option “Run as administrator”, once the installation process starts the system will tell you that it is installing Office, however it is only Skype for Business, once installed select the option “to close”.

Step 5: Accept the terms of the License

At the end of the installation process, a window where you will find the license that allows you to use Skype for Business legally, to accept these terms and conditions you just have to do click on the “OK” button.

How to Access and Register in Skype Business?

Once you finish the installation process you must first sign up for your Skype for Business account and then sign in whenever you need to; To do this, you just have to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Register your username and password

Open the Skype for Business app and log in for the first time by registering the same user you use for your Office 365 account and enter your password; if you want this to stay saved to enter automatically; click on the “yes” button when the program presents you with the option, if you do not select Log in.

Step 2: Access whenever you need it

To sign in to your Skype for Business account whenever you need to, just open the application icon and enter your username and click on the login button, this way you can access all functions.

Step 3: Close Skype properly

You must close the session that you have open each time you want to stop using Skype for Business, for this; see the settings icon (gear) inside the screen, click it, select the “Insert” option, then “File”, then “Logout” and ready.

Advantages of Using Skype Business

Among these are:

#1.- Access from any device✔

Either from your computer or Tablet access Skype for Business logging in, all you need is internet connection And that’s it, you’ll be just one call away from entering a video conference, work meeting, and even some training.

#2.- Number of users per videoconference✔

Using Skype Business you can make videoconferences with up to 250 participants (regular Skype supports only 50) which can interact with each other without any limitation, thanks to Software features like private chat, screen sharing, and the ability to turn the microphone on or off.

#3.- Integration with the Office Suite✔

While in a meeting you can use any of the tools in the Office suite to create and co-create live documents or files; for example Power Point if you need to make a presentation, write a document in Word or enter statistics in Excel, all this while the Skype Business room is in use.

#4.- Share content✔

In addition to the previous advantage, share all these files with the rest of the participants through Skype using the chat and making changes live, the meeting moderator (who creates it) has access to all these changes and can view them privately and even pass this control to another participant.

#5.- All the benefits of a call

You can answer, forward, redirect, transfer, put a call on hold; you also get a preview of the user and their name every time they call you; not only this with Skype Business you can also make voice calls to any user anywhere in the world, from any operator, at no additional cost.

Disadvantages of Using Skype Business

Despite being a very complete and efficient platform, it has some disadvantages that affect users.

#1: It is not compatible with open source operating systems✘

Unlike other options, Skype Business is only compatible with Windows, Apple and Android operating systems; free and open source softwares like Linux do not have access to this application.

#2: Paid leave✘

If you are looking for a free solution, this is not the case, Skype belongs to the Microsoft 365 Suite and can be purchased individually or together with the Office suiteto find out what is the cost of this license, start a chat with the sales department on the official Windows website.

In this way we have reached the end, we thank you for accompanying us up to this point and we hope that this information will be super useful to choose the alternative to Skype Business that best suits you; Also remember that you can find content like this or related on our website, so we look forward to seeing you in future publications. Thank you!

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