15 Best Alternatives to the Classic Agenda

In a busy pace of life where there is so much to do and so little time, it is easy for some tasks to get overlooked and that is where all our problems start. lack of organization, planning and unexpected events can turn our lives into total chaos, but what if we had a place to record all these events?

A classic agenda is the ideal option, it is simple, a notebook that marks the current calendar on its pages and in it we can capture the list of tasks and the activities that we must carry out for the day, as well as future events and important notes, which serve as a reminder not to forget a special date.

Classic agendas serve as managers of our time and are very supportive, that is, from students to professionals use these to have order in daily activities; in short, we all need them in whatever area we develop; however we can think if this is our only option.

Although we can say that it is the most recommended, the most effective and efficient; there are other forms of agendas that can be practical for those looking for something different, this article focuses on it, tand we will show all the alternatives that you will have for the classic agenda, so stay with us and let’s start.

#1.- Calclock

This App for mobile devices is a dynamic and practical way to keep your daily agenda, with it you will be able to record in detail each of the activities that you must carry out in the day, week or month using the integrated calendar of the App, You only have to assign a color, the icon corresponding to the activity and the corresponding time.

The App will create a Widgest in your home that will be in the form of a clock and a spinner at the same timeaccording to the hours, this will mark what activity you must carry out each hour, when it is time for each one, an alarm will sound notifying you that it is time; The best thing is that it is available for iOS and Android.

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#2.- Calendar Business Agenda

This application available for Android devices, is ideal for professionals or those who like to lead their lives meticulously and be aware of what they do at all times. It is divided into 6 sections where you can record all your monthly, weekly and daily activities.

You have a section where you can record the goals you want to meet, the special events to remember, as well as include notes; includes Widgest that will help you identify each one and also has extra functions such as a calendar of festivitiesbe able to associate it with Google Calendar or share it with your friends and family to confirm dates.

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#3.- Task Agenda

It is one of the simplest applications and the one that works best, basically it is a list of tasks, you have a calendar in which you can add your entire list of activities identifying it with colors and then take the widgets to the home screen of your mobileyou can also insert the option for reminders with alarms, and schedule future events.

You also have an option that allows you to prioritize the most important tasks, in fact you will have the option to include more than one reminder; is available for Android devices and you have the option to customize its graphic interface to your liking.

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#4.- School Agenda

Specially designed for students, this App available for Android devices and is the ideal option to organize the life of a student, Start by including your class schedule and enter the days you have pending assignments such as projects, exams, exhibitions, among others.

Add in the calendar the list of activities that you will have daily and insert a reminder, also use the list of notes to include the work groups and the assignments that you must complete; One of the advantages of this App is that you can backup the agenda information in Google Drive.

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#5.- Google Tasks

This is the App to organize the Internet Giant; One of its main advantages is that you can synchronize it with all your devices, so you will receive notifications on each one through your Google accountorganize your activities in task lists and these in turn in sub tasks, in addition to highlighting those tasks that are more important than the rest.

Due to its design, it is super useful for work groups, since its members can access the task lists by adding the ones that each member must completein addition to having a super friendly and intuitive graphical interface that will make its usability easier

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#6.- Plan of the week

This application is a paid subscription and works just like a classic agenda, only digitallycompared to other alternatives this is the only one that It is organized by weeks in which you must include what your activities are, identifying them with different colors and adding reminders as alarms.

Its configuration also allows you to organize your activities on a daily basis, showing the range of only one or two days.. Its graphical interface is super interesting since it has the appearance of a paper agenda, in addition to selecting the day you want the week to start, the colors to use; among others.

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#7.- Any.do

It is a task list manager that works in a simpler way than the rest of the alternatives and you can add the number of pending tasks you have, no matter what area of ​​your daily life it belongs to, you can group them into different sections.

Create reminders using voice for to-do lists, not only this, the integrated calendar can be synchronized with Google Calendar, Outlook calendar and even Facebook events, It is ideal for daily household chores, shopping, the schedules of the little ones in the house, everything within reach of a click.

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#8.- List of activities

With a different design but with the same function, this alternative is one of the simplest, It consists of a calendar where you can record each of your activities and then assign them an alarm which will serve as a reminder that it is time to move on to the next activity.

Use the wigets to identify each of the activities and divide them into different categories, for example: all the activities you must do to do the weekly household shopping, remember that you can synchronize the app with Google TasK and cross tasks; In addition to being able to use the application with voice command.

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#9.- Task List

If what you were looking for was innovation, this is the right option for you, Task List is a App that not only works so you can add your pending tasks during the day, plan future meetings, create reminders and optimize your time management; The best thing about this App is that you won’t have to enter it using text.

Its voice recognition system can be configured and you give the App instructions about the information it should save, this function makes it super practical because it makes it faster and more efficient; It is available for Android operating system.

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#10.- Calendar Tasks Organizer

This alternative is one of the most complete, It has a structure similar to Calendar Business Agenda, you can organize your activities on a monthly, weekly or daily basis; Apart from this, it contains a section where you can add your personal goals and add the tasks you need to accomplish to reach them.

To make it more specific you can divide the big tasks into several subtasks; includes the option to activate the reminders of each event that you included in the calendar; to make this App better you can include files to each task or event, be it a document, image, video or audio and you can sync with Google maps to have the specific addresses.

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#11.- TimeTree

One of its main advantages is that it was not designed to be used individually, therefore It is ideal for work teams, study groups, family plans and couples; since you think calendars shared with the rest of the members where the events and tasks that will be carried out during the month are enteredin a week and while the day runs.

Another feature that stands out is to include a chat within the event, you can make shared notes, in which all the members of the group contribute, this is great in study or work groups to reach an agreement and use all the functions of the App.

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#12.- Calendar + Schedule Planner application

If we are looking for something in an agenda to plan, it is that it can be ordered and not get lost among the events that we schedule; this is one of the strengths of the App, its graphic interface design in any of the modalities that you present it allows you to see the planning of your monthly, weekly and daily events.

It also has the advantage that you can synchronize it with Google schedule and you can also share the events with your friends and family; its reminder system can be activated so that it sounds at a specific time and the repetitions that you think are necessarya set that will have your time management in order.

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#13.- Holiday Calendar Free

This alternative to the classic agenda is a bit different, since instead of planning your work or study activities as you would on paper, it is on a App that has the holidays and important days of more than 20 countries around the world, so you can plan your vacations and getaways.

One of its main advantages is that it does not include ads and is completely free. It also includes different widgets that you can place on the home screen and that will serve as a reminder and for this reason we include it in our list.

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#14.- Todoist

It is a very practical application that will allow you to keep your list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks without missing a thing; One of its main advantages is the design of its graphical interface that allows it to be handled quite intuitively, with a widget, color differences in icons, among others.

It is also characterized by being a multiplatform software, that is, it is available for mobile devices on Android and iOS, and also has a desktop version that works with Windows, in addition to having its web version, no download required; that you can synchronize with your email.

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#15.- Asanas

One of the main advantages of this platform is that you can use it alone or in a group, since it is not only an alternative to the agenda that helps you control your time management, It is a whole system with specific sections in which you can gather all the information of the project to be carried out, the work schedule, the tasks, the brief, among others.

Asana is available for Android and iOS systemsenter the list of tasks that you must complete and includes the entire project process, while all the participants or you use it to dump the required information and perform the tasks on time.

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In this way we have reached the end, Keep in mind that if yours is not the paper to carry a classic agenda, you have found multiple options to take into account; We want to thank you for reading us to the end and remember that we will continue to publish content of interest; That is why we are waiting for you on a next occasion.

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