Easy Alebrijes: How to Make an Alebrije?

For a long time, Mexican culture has contributed different things to cultures of other civilizations. The Mexican culture has hundreds of beliefs, which are based on the thoughts of their ancestors and all the precedents that they themselves revealed.

mexican culture It has a number of impressive beliefs, such as the belief of doing rituals to those who are no longer present, this day is known as the day of the dead, where a celebration is held so that loved ones who are no longer there are not forgotten alive.

A belief about the day of the dead is that once people pass to the other world, they must find their way to peace or to be able to ascend, each person is assigned an alebrije but, what is an alebrije?

An alebrije is a fantasy creature or mythical which is responsible for guiding the souls of people who have passed to the astral plane of the dead. They are in charge of guiding them at all times and being with them throughout the process to make it easier to understand.

Alebrije can range from a dog to a 2-headed australopithecusIt is also possible to create your own, since the Mexican culture believes that by having your alebrije already chosen, you will have a better way to understand everything and it will be easier to enter eternal peace.

Alebrijes Easy to Make

One of the things that many Mexicans do throughout their lives is the celebration of Day of the Dead in which masks are used and abundant food is made, but the very famous alebrije are also made, which, as already mentioned, are the spiritual guides.

But within all this celebration, there are different things that must be done as light candles on family photos and place offerings on their graves. One of the best ways to celebrate is with an alebrije which can be made or bought.

But, How to make an easy alebrije? Well, it’s very simple, if you only take into account a few things, such as the design you want and the color combinations, the size of that alebrije is also important. To do so, follow these steps:

Materials to use;

  • ➣Copper wire with a diameter of 1 millimeter.
  • ➣Flat pliers.
  • ➣Newspaper or toilet paper.
  • ➣Glue.
  • ➣Some scissors.
  • ➣A pencil.
  • ➣A brush for the paste.
  • ➣Eraser.

Step 1: Make the base of the Alebrije

Base: The alebrije that is going to be made will be the quetzal (a kind of bird) we will make a base with the 5 sticks, so that it can pose. Put white glue on the tip of each stick and join them to make a letter “A”.

Step 2: Assemble the Head Structure

Head: Take the piece of wire, fold it in half and then close it until you get the shape of Ferb’s nose, from Phineas and Ferb.

Step 3: Shape the body structure

The body: The first thing is between crossing the wires until we have them as a more closed chain of DNA and we mold until we get the shape of a swan neck. The second thing to keep in mind is that measurements may vary.

Step 4: Wire the Legs

The paws: What you will need to do is take more wire and mold it into a popsicle shape and attach it to the body.

Step 5: Give the tail structure

The tail: Two wires are taken and placed at the back leaving a distance of approximately 7cm from each other. Tail Feathers: You shape the tail like a tree leaf.

Step 6: Structure of the wings in the middle of the body

The wings: 2 more pieces are taken and placed in the middle of the alebrije body.

Step 7: Cut the Alebrije Feathers and Wings Out of Cardboard

The cardboard wings and feathers: The first thing is to cut out the figures of feathers and wings in cardboard and then glue them on the part of the wire where the feathers and wings are.

Step 8: Cover the body frame with newspaper

Give volume: We covered the structure with newspaper, glue and tape. Then one more layer of newspaper with paste is applied (everything is covered with newspaper).

Step 9: Make the Alebrije Crests

The ridges: The next thing is to draw the ridges on cardboard, cut them out, apply the newspaper, then the newspaper with paste and stick it on top of the head with glue.

Step 10: Cover with Plaster and Decorate

Plaster and gesso: Apply all over the structure, wait for it to dry and paint… Paint in bright colors, with wavy shapes and dots, the pointillism technique looks quite good in the Alebrijesyou can also use black color to make the outlines.

How to Make a Balloon Alebrije?

Balloons have long been a figure of celebration or happiness. The first balloon was created by Michael Faraday, but they had to be withdrawn as the used hydrogen to inflate them and it was very volatile. Then JC Ingram created a balloon that only needed air.

The balloon has different uses, such as holding the Asians to inflate balloons and launch them into the sky to make wishes or after the culmination of a wedding. The balloons are also used to make different things such as masks, parties, alebrijes, etc.

The balloons can be used to make easy alebrijes, in a very peculiar way since everything implies at the end of the balloon popping process, but how to make a balloon alebrije? Well, it’s very simple, if you have the following materials and follow these steps:

Materials to use;

  • ➢Balloon.
  • ➢Painting.
  • ➢Newspaper.
  • ➢Glue.
  • ➢Glue.
  • ➢Cardboard.

Step 1: Blow up the balloon

You can use an air pump or blowthe size you give it will determine how big your Alebrije will be, if We recommend that it be at least the size of your head, to tie, grab the tip of the balloon and tie a knot so that the air does not escape.

Step 2: Cover the entire balloon with newspaper

Cut newspaper into small squares; make a mixture of white glue and water (paste), then wet the paper with the mixture covering the entire surface except the tip; apply a minimum of three layers of paper; wait for it to dry very well and cut the tip of the balloon to deflate it.

Step 3: Shape it into a puffer fish

Trace and cut the tail, the two side fins on cardboard; then make with more cardboard small cones that will serve as the barbs of the puffer fish; in this stuff too you can cut out the eyes and mouth of the fish.

Step 4: Paint the Blowfish Alebrije

You can use the colors you prefer, first paint the body of the fish also drawing the shape of the scales; then paint the fins, tail and spikes, with colors that match those used on the body; ends with the eyes and mouth.

Step 5: Glue the pieces to the body

Start with the tail in the backthen paste the fins on the sides and finally, covers the whole body with spikes around; if you cut out the eyes and mouth include them as well.

How to Make an Alebrije of a Turtle?

One of the most magnificent creatures and worthy of appreciation, Turtles are a kind of animal that can last for many years just by moving slowly and eating algae. This animal has the ability to be semi-aquatic, which means that it can breathe in and out of the water.

Turtles have a number of species, which can be found very easily by doing an internet search. They have one of strongest shells in the animal kingdom, which allows them to take refuge and have protection from the animals that surround him or her.

As alebrijes they mean the patience, calm and securityalready that they themselves provide all that. Having a turtle as an alebrije is a good thing, but to do it you just need to have some materials and follow these steps:

Materials to use;

  • ➣Globe.
  • ➣Painting.
  • ➣Newspaper.
  • ➣Glue.
  • ➣Bookmarks.
  • ➣Cardboard.

Step 1: Inflate and cover the balloon with newspaper

The balloon is inflated. The balloon is then covered with newspaper filled with glue.

Step 2: Last layer of newspaper and white glue

third is wait for the glue to dry and apply another layer of glue on the already dry.

Step 3: Deflate the balloon

Being the second layer of glue dry enough, the balloon will burst.

Step 4: Divide the ball of newspaper into two pieces

Later the ball of newspaper is chopped in halfone of the sides is taken as the top of the shell and the bottom is sealed with cardboard.

Step 5: Paint the body and make room for the other parts

Subsequently I know how to paint the newspaper with green paint, make some stripes, open the 4 holes for the legs and one for the head.

Step 6: Make the legs and the head out of cardboard, done!

The legs and head are made with cardboard, and after painting they are glued to the shell. Ready your turtle alebrije!

How to Make a Dragon Alebrije?

the owner of the world, the most fearsome and indomitable beastthe creator of havoc and tragedies, these mythological creatures have many names, which are one of the fundamental factors in films set in medieval times.

One of the most imposing mythological creatures, throughout life they have been dragons. In Mexican culture they can also be represented as alebrije and you can make them in a simple way. Just follow the steps below:

Materials to use;

  • ➢Paper or newspaper.
  • ➢Cardboard.
  • ➢1 meter long wire.
  • ➢Glue.
  • ➢Scissors.
  • ➢Pencil.
  • ➢Paste brush.

Step 1: Assemble the Dragon Structure

Take the wire and mold it to shape the body of the dragonmake a single piece from the head to the tail, then add the legs and finally the head.

Step 2: Cover with paper and cardboard to give volume

Add some paper balls inside the structure to give it stability, then cover with paper and tape; make the crest out of cardboard and attach it to the body; also places cardboard on the legs for greater rigidity.

Step 3: Cover with newspaper and paste

Make a mixture of white glue with water, cut the newspaper into small pieces and cover the entire body of the Alebrije with these, applying a minimum of three layers, so that it is strong; then wait for it to dry very well.

Step 4: Paint the dragon and it will be finished

Use bright colored paint on the body and legs you can draw the scales, paint them in different shades to distinguish them from each other, on the head add the eyes and mouth; finally give color to the crest with fun shapes using lines and dots.

How to Make a Dog Alebrije?

descendants of wolves and a great friend to man since the Neanderthal years, the dog has been more than a companion but a friend and much more faithful than any other person that surrounds your circle of closest friends.

Used by the ancient Mongols, for war and make his enemies tremble and currently used for different services such as narcotics detection, explosives detection, criminal apprehension, disease detection, etc.

Certainly one of the best friends that can be had, that is why it is a fundamental alebrije for Mexicans, since even for people who are in this plane they serve as non-spiritual guides but they do help them to walk and be able to transport themselves comfortably.

everyone would love to have an alebrije that is a puppy but how to make a dog alebrije? Well you just have to have the following materials and complete the following steps:

Materials to use;

  • ➣Paper or newspaper.
  • ➣Cardboard.
  • ➣1 meter long wire.
  • ➣Glue.
  • ➣Scissors.
  • ➣Pencil.
  • ➣Brush for paste.

Step 1: Assemble the body frame with wire

The first thing to do is place the wire straight and place 4 pieces, two at the front end and two at the back end each one on one side means (at the front end 1 on the left and another on the right and the same on the back).

Step 2: Give volume to the body with cardboard

Cover the structure with cardboard to give volume to the body and legs, In cardboard you will also make the head, ears and tail of the dog Alebrije.

Step 3: Cover it with newspaper and paste

To give hardness to this whole structure, cover it with a mixture of glue, water and newspaper, giving it a minimum of three layers, then you must wait for it to dry very well.

Step 4: Color the Alebrije

Use bright colored paint, for example; paint the legs a different shade each, also add details like lines, dots and other fun shapes characteristics of the Alebrijes.

We have already reached the end of this article, I am sure that it was very useful to you and you already know how to make an alebrije of any type. Do not forget to follow us to receive more information and content like this, and suggestions that will help you when making a craft.

I also use to invite you to leave me your comment about how you liked the article, and if it has been useful to you…!

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