How do I know how much I owe for license plates? Ownership debts: what to do?

Most of the payments that must be made to have a vehicle are of vital importance so that it can be circulated safely through the city without any type of problem, which is why it is necessary pay holding debts.

It is important to carry out this procedure, since otherwise it will accumulate over the months, and once the expiration date has passed, in many countries they usually implement as a measure that add up the debt until the payment date.

In some cases, this type of debt does not are paid regularly, so it will accumulate over the years, people usually become aware of them when they need to change the plate and precisely because of said accumulated debt, this activity cannot be carried out.

How to Know the Debt of Possession of my Plate?

To determine the amount owed pay for vehicle ownership, the first thing to do is determine the area where the person is located, since many times the prices can vary according to the state where the person is.

Once this aspect is clear, one of the simplest ways to make this payment It is through the payment portal, it only requires that you search for the page with the city in which the car is located, either in Mexico City or in any other place, since this allows you to have accurate information.

It is important to note that the holding value that must be paid will go according to the value of the car on the invoice, you must also take into consideration that the state often seeks to subsidize this type of expense, which allows it to not be so expensive to make the payment.

In case the person does not know In which city is the vehicle located? There is a way to have the information in a simple way.

In order to have this information you need to follow these steps 👈

Step #1.- Go to the Autofact.Com website✔

You can go directly to the section “Check plates” of this website by clicking on the following link ⇨⇦.

Step 2.- Write the license plate number of the vehicle✔

Once inside the page, enter the license plate number of the vehicle and click “search for”.

Step #3.- Visualize the information✔

Finally, you will be able to see all the information corresponding to the endorsement, holdings, infractions or any other data of interest.

How do I pay the license plate debt?

It is important to bear in mind that in order to make a payment, the existing debt must be known, this allows people to consult through the web what is the amount they owe, so that it can be paid as quickly as possible to avoid any type of inconvenience that may arise in the future.

To access this type of information, you can enter license plate number to the taxpayer services portal, since that is where all the information on this point falls. Once it has been verified that you have a debt, it is important to be clear about the steps that must be followed.

When you have all this information you can get down to work.

You need to follow these steps 👈

Step #1.- Provide the vehicle license plate number.

Step #2.- Confirm that the data is correct.

Step #3.- Make the payment by credit card, debit card or checks.

It is important to make the payments in the fastest way possible, since this allows different procedures to be carried out with the car without any problem.

What happens if I don’t pay the debt?

When payment is not made There may be some limitations such as:

  • Verification of the vehicle cannot be carried out, since in order to do so one of the requirements is that the person is solvent
  • Plate changes cannot be made when there is a debt
  • In the event that the car is taken to corralones, it cannot be removed since there is no vehicle ownership
  • The delay of the payment generates surcharges with the passing of the months which increases its cost

➡The non-payment of vehicle possession has a series of consequences, from monthly surcharges, to the impossibility of vehicle verification or changing the plates of your car⬅

How and where do I obtain the Proof of Non-Indebted Ownership?

It is important to be clear that the proof of non-debt of possession It is a document in which it is certified that the person carrying the vehicle makes use of it and is solvent in terms of the taxes that have to be paid for having a car.

When this information is generated, the completion of the payments from previous years, for which there is a kind of history which certifies that the person not only paid the current year but that he is really solvent with the car.

In order to obtain this proof, the first thing the person must do is pay the tax, whether it is only the amount for the current year or you have an outstanding debt, you must make the payment in full.

Once this has been done, you can enter using the online platform from the secretary of finance, here I leave you a domain address that could also help you obtain proof of ownership ⇨⇦, since there you can look for the option to obtain the receipt in the event that there is no debt of this tax.

In the event that the person who is trying to obtain this document but cannot because of the Web way, you can go directly to the secretary in charge of registering the payment of taxes, so the person can go there to request such proof.

It is important to keep in mind that taxes must be paid on time, since if they are made within the established deadlines the state grants certain discounts and payment facilities that are of great help.

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