How do I know if I have a fine? All you need to know

In the event that you have committed a traffic violation, you usually receive a notification directly to your address, In the event that you have not received or want to know if you have a fine, we will show you everything you need to know if you have a fine.

In the event that the Directorate General of Transport (DGT) has not been able to leave the notification of the fine, either due to absence or change of address, the fine will be published on a TESTRA electronic publisher board, also known as the Single Edictal Board of the BOE (TEU), which you can check to see if you have an active fine.

The good thing is that you can check this board as many times as you want, to verify and be up to date with the fines that may come to you in the event of violating traffic regulations. To consult it, you have to look for the board at the Electronic Headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic.

In this case, it is not It is necessary to have a digital certificate or electronic IDyou just have to do an advanced search by typing your personal data.

The steps to follow are the following to consult TESTRA:

Step #1.- Go to the official website of the DGT✔

you can enter directly by copying the following link into your browser ⇨

Step #2.- Select the option “Access to Electronic Headquarters”✔

You can easily find this option in the top right of the screen.

Step #3.- Select the option “Procedures and Fines”✔

After pressing the “Procedures and Fines” button, several sections will immediately appear and with it different sections, Click on the first option “Any Fines?” and then click on “Consult the Edictal Board of Traffic Sanctions TESTRA”.

Step #4.- Click on “Access to TESTRA without Digital Certificate”✔

In case you already have ityou can select the option to use it.

Step #5.- Click on “Advanced Search”✔

Once entered in “Advanced Search”, you must enter the corresponding data according to your search criteria, for example, the license plate of the vehicle you wish to consult and then click the magnifying glass icon.

Step #6.- View the result of your search✔

After pressing the magnifying glass icon, the corresponding results.

How do I know if I have Traffic Tickets?

other of The best ways to know if you have fines is through the Electronic Road Address (DEV) which is an electronic notification service. Within this system you can consult your possible fines assigned to the DGT for free, however, to be able to access this service you must have a digital certificate or, failing that, an electronic DNI.

The steps you must follow are the following:

Step #1.- Register on the official website of the Road Electronic Address👈

You can enter with the following link to the DEV page and easily register with your digital certificate or electronic ID.

If you are already registered, you simply have to enter the DEV application using your digital certification or DNI electronic.

In the case of being legal entities or companies, it is it is necessary to register within the DEV and make the registration of each vehicle that they want to register within the web.

Step #2.- Check your email👈

You can directly receive the notifications of when you receive a fine for an infraction committed by email, so check your inbox, and even your SPAM folder, since the system can often classify these notifications as fraudulent.

You may also be notified via SMS to the telephone number that you previously registeredletting you know that there is information you need to read.

How to know if I have Fines with my DNI?

The best way to check if I have fines with my ID is using the TESTRA boardsince it is a free search engine that allows you to consult the fines by simply entering basic data such as registration and DNI.

This is the best way and you can consult just by entering the DGT and look for the TESTRA Board following the steps mentioned above in the title How do I know if I have a fine? All you need to know.

Too, you can use online fine search engines, which review all these boards and official documents where they publish the fines. All of them only request ID or, failing that, the registration of the vehicle.

Application to Know if I Have Fines (App)

best app to know if you have fines is through the DGT app, for this you just have to download the app through the Play Store or the Apple store. In addition, you must have your Electronic DNI, digital certification, PIN and electronic Cl@ve installed on your mobile. After that, you only have to activate the functionalities. The steps to follow are those:

Step #1.- Open the DGT App✔

After opening it, you must enter it cwith the data you have installed on your mobile.

Step #2.- Select the section “See my card”✔

In this section you can find information concerning the infractions you have, as well as the ones that have already eliminated you and even the dates on which the infractions were made.

Step #3.- Select the “My Vehicles” section✔

Here you will find all the information important about your vehicles (in case you have more than one associated with your identity), which will appear ordered according to the license plate number.

You will then be able to consult everything about their status and even be able to know when will you have to introduce yourself personally at ITV.

Step #4.- Select the “Notices and Alerts” section✔

Finally, in this section you will find detailed information about all the fines and infractions that you have: if they are paid or not and the term you have to make the respective payment.

Definitely, the DGT app is a great way to get information of the fines and the status of your vehicle within this portal from the comfort of your mobile.

Free Ticket Finder

There are websites that they work as ticket finders for freealthough you should know that not all the fines are notified within these search engines on the spot, but are published within the official bulletins, therefore, the period of appearance in this app is in the long run.

Next, we will introduce you 3 options or apps that work as a search engine for fines free so you can consult yourself internally. They are the following:

#1.- Your fines

Is about a free app that reports in near real time to its users about fines, sanctions and even any changes that occur in their driving license.

Even to avoid surprises and to be able to keep up to date, this app sends you a notification to your mobile about the official bulletins that are being published, in order to give you time to react and be able to resort in time. This app is available in Google Play and in the App Store.

#2.- Fines

Is another excellent option belonging to Autoplus to consult if you have a fine simply using a search engine.

In this case, you have to enter the identity document, be it, DNI, NIF, Passport, among others… or failing that, the vehicle’s license plate. By selecting “Search” you will be able to know full details about the fine or sanction, such as the amount, date, withdrawal of points, among others. This search app is also available on Google Play and the App Store.

#3.- Penalties

Is another one very good search engine to know if you have published fines or pending within the official bulletins, this app belongs to Dvuelta which is a company in the field of resources.

This application offers very detailed information, since it specifies the place of the fine, if you can appeal or not, if the term has expired, date, among others. Is app is still available on Google Play or from the App Store.

Options are available when you want to know if you have a pending fine, so we invite you to try any of the options presented. For this and other information, I invite you to continue enjoying the content that we will be publishing on our blog.

I hope the information has been useful to you. I invite you to continue visiting our website so you can learn more about this topic and others. If you have any questions or doubts about this topiclet us know in the comments, we will gladly answer you.

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