How do I know if my departure from the United States has been registered?

Knowing the legal procedures of any country is important, because They allow to avoid sanctions and general problems with the Law. On this occasion, the question is: Did you recently leave the United States? If the answer is yes, we will show you how to know if I have been recorded leaving the United States.

Update soon so that obtain information about your departure from the United States, And for you to do so, we are going to make your job easier, since in this article we will give you extensive content on the subject.

How do I know if my departure from the United States has been registered?

It is important that every individual who enters the United States is duly informed about their immigration status, so that you can carry out your immigration procedures in a timely manner or in case you need to make an appeal before the immigration court it is not denied.

Being one of the most necessary documents that every visitor who arrives in the United States knows the migratory record, since it is the one in charge of registering the income and expenses of people in this country, it also keeps information about the time that was authorized for the permanence and the way in which the territory was entered.

It is to emphasize that The immigration record only stores information on visitors who have legal entry to the United States, therefore, if you entered illegally, have not applied for a visa or have not entered the territory, then it can be said that you have no immigration record.

If you are a foreign national in the United States and need know your immigration record, You can do it simply because the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) guarantees this right to all individuals who require it.

Keep in mind that regardless of your immigration status, you can have access to your immigration record at any of the federal agencies. For more information on the steps you can take to review your immigration record, Be aware that they will be presented below:

Before starting the procedures To obtain the immigration record, you should know that there are several methods and organizations that you can attend to make the request, since all this depends on the type of record that is being required.

#1.- Know the Immigration Record Through the USCIS✔

USCIS allows individuals to review their immigration record through its website, as long as it is linked to some of the other processes that this organization carries out, among which the following stand out:

  • Family petitions of foreigners.
  • asylum in the country.
  • Green Card for relatives.
  • Work permit.
  • DACA.
  • Change or extension of visas.
  • Advance Parole.
  • Neutralization.

Also, you can request check your immigration record using the postal mail, where you only have to send your request in the traditional language of the country (English) to US Citizenship and Immigration Services, National Records Center, FOIA/PA Office. PO Box 648010, Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-8010.

And finally, You can also do this by contacting the USCIS at 1-800-375-5283, 1-816-350-5787 or by email:

#2.- Know the Immigration Record Through the CBP✔

In the second option, it is suggested that request your immigration record on the website of the Border Control Patrol (CBP) in case you have previously had any problems with them, either at the airport or at the border.

#3.- Know the Immigration Record Through a Court Session✔

The Department of Justice provides immigration records, when there are procedures related to deportation cases or appointments of immigrants before judges of this category.

Also, it can be done by Service Center Executive Office for Immigration Review, 5107 Leesburg Pike, Suite 1903. VA 22041 and can also be requested by emailing

#4.- Know the Immigration Record Through ICE✔

In the event that you have previously been detained by the authorities of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service, It is recommended that you make your request for the immigration record through the following:

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Freedom of Information Act Office. 500 12th Street SW, Stop 5009. Washington, DC 20536-5009.

Keep in mind that the federal agency will send you a notification indicating that your request has been received, for which It can take at least 20 days and maximum about 6 months.

As I can see, there are several ways in which you can request your immigration record, but you have to take into account, in what circumstances you are so that you can make your request by the corresponding authorities.

Steps to Record Your Departure if I-94 Was Not Surrendered When Leaving the United States

There are cases in which travelers for certain reasons return to their country of origin with the I-94 form that was given to him once he entered, which indicates to the US authorities that this person has not yet left the country and if this situation is not resolved soon, he may have certain problems with the authorities of that country in case he wants to return.

But you properly recorded your departure from US territory, I recommend that you carry out the following steps:

Step #1.- If the Trip was Made by Air or Sea✔

If you used an airline, cruise ship, or other commercial sea carrier to leave this country, through the company you used can verify your departure from the United States.

In this situation you do not have to do anything else, but it is recommended that you keep your boarding pass in case you return later.

Step #2.- If the Trip was Made by Land, by Ship or Private Plane✔

Contrary to the previous situation, in this case you if you have to fix the record of your departure. If you do not prove that you left the United States territory in the estimated time, on an upcoming trip to this country, the Customs and Border Protection Office may think that you did not leave the United States in due time and it is certain that you will have problems.

If so, you can run the risk of having your visa canceled or simply not being able to enter the country. So, so that this situation does not occur, it is suggested that you write a letter stating what happened (mandatory in English), including your I-94 form if you have it and any document that confirms your departure within the prescribed time.

Among these documents you can send any of the following:

  • Original boarding passes.
  • Photocopies of the pages of your passport where the stamps are verified, including the one that most interests you in this case the entry stamp to any country once you have left the United States.
  • Photocopy of the biographical page of your passport, that is, in which your photo appears.
  • payment receipts where it is indicated that you have been working in the country you entered once you left the US territory.
  • Any bank register you have from the country you entered after leaving the United States.
  • If you have studied in that other country after leaving the United States, you can attach your school record.

Once you have your documents at hand, you will send them to the addresses shown below:

#1.- United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Coleman Data Solutions
  • Box 7965
  • Akron, OH 4430
  • Attn: NIDPS (I-94)
  • USES
#2.- FedEx or UPS
  • Coleman Data Solutions
  • 3043 Sanitarium Road, Suite
  • Akron, OH 44312
  • Attn: NIDPS (I-94)

It is recommended that The more evidence you have, preferably originals or alternatively copies, the CBP will accept your case, so You should not only send the letter stating what happened, but you must also include documents that confirm it and that are legible.

Likewise, it is recommended that keep a copy of all documents that you send and return to the United States take them, so that in case of any unforeseen event you will have a way to prove that you carried out the procedures legally.

Obtain the Entry and Exit Form to the United States I-94

For every visitor to the United States, the I-94 form is very important, Since this document is in charge of storing information about entering and leaving the United States legally, it also includes the time in which you can stay in the country and the way in which you entered.

Besides, it is It is necessary for every traveler to have this form because it will be attached to the passport, being presented once you leave the country to confirm departure.

Because this form is so necessary for all visitors to the United States, in this section we are going to guide you on what to do to make the relevant request for form I-94, and so you are calm and it is not complicated to request it.

You have to keep in mind that if you are going to enter the United States by land you can make your application using the I-94 form website, remember that when you enter the United States territory you will have a provisional form that is the one you will obtain virtually, but once in the country you must formalize the document so that it is valid.

If you enter by air or sea you can still use this methodology, however, It will be a procedure that you will carry out either at the port through which you arrive or at the airport.

The procedures that you must follow to make the request of form I.94 are the following:

Step #1.- Enter the I94✔ website

You can enter the website directly at the following link ⇨

Step #2.- Press the option Apply for New I-94✔

When this option is displayed, select “Apply now” and then click the button “I acknowledge and agree”, where you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions.

Step #3.- Select the way you will enter the United States✔

You will get several options for entering the United States and you select the way you will use, keep in mind that you can only do it if you enter the country by land, if you choose another option, you will be told that this process can only be carried out once you enter.

Step #4.- Enter your personal data✔

All those personal data that they request, you must enter them in their entirety.

Step #5.- Make the payment✔

The cost of this is USD$6, Said payment can be made through PayPal or using a debit or credit card. Subsequently, you must obtain proof of the procedure performed and continue with the instructions that will be indicated to you.

Note: In the event that you complete this process and do not enter US territory within the time stipulated in the form, then you will lose everything you have done including money, so it is recommended that you be totally sure of the date of travel.

What to do if you did not register your departure from the United States?

In the event that you have not properly made the record indicating that you have departed the United States in the time ordered, then You must show as soon as possible that it went as indicated on the corresponding date.

To do this, you You have the possibility to send the following documents to the appropriate authorities in the United States:

  • A statement of reasons letter written in english.
  • Some document indicating that you left within the stipulated time In the law.
  • payment record from the country you entered.
  • student registration of the country you entered.
  • bank record that shows your transactions in the country you entered once you have left the United States.
  • When you have all these requirements send them to CBP.

If you left the United States and did not do the proper procedure to leave everything registered, then it is recommended that you do what was stated above so that in the future you will not have problems with the US authorities.

We hope that this article will be of benefit to all those interested in How do I know if my departure from the United States has been recorded? In addition, if you like to leave your opinion, you can do so at the end of the reading.

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