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As we move forward in university and professional life, it is necessary to learn how to write an essay, since this will be the personal and bibliographic opinion that you will have on a specific topic, here we will show you the steps and recommendations to have when preparing an essay.

How to do an essay?

First you must know what is an essay? an essay is a piece of prose, generally short, 3 to 4 pages maximum including the cover, where you express the opinion you have about a topic, or failing that, a short summary of it.

The essay is not defined by the topic to be treated, but on the contrary the character of the writing, for this reason the writer is the one who has the greatest relevance in it

Step #1.- Select and carefully read the book you want to use in the essay✔

Select and fully read the book of which the essay should be made, remembering that the essay will not be a summary of the book, but on the contrary, the opinion you have about the book.

Step #2.- Take notes of your reading✔

Take notes while reading this is important to remember the most relevant facts or aspects of the book, it also works as a chronological guide of the reading time.

Step #3.- Read the book again if necessary✔

Must be have fully understood the book, Otherwise, the test cannot be done correctly.

Step #4.- Choose a topic from the book to develop it in the essay✔

The book may have multiple themes, but you should focus on only one, since it will be impossible to analyze all the topics covered in the book, for example, if it is a novel, you can talk about the romance of the main characters, or the life of one of them.

Step #5.- Before writing, brainstorm✔

Is very good to brainstorm, that is, once you choose the main topic, you should write around 12 to 15 sentences or ideas on which you will focus to prepare the essay in general.

Step #6.- Keep in mind the parts of an essay✔

Choose a structure, as we all know, the essay only has three parts, the introduction, development or outcome and conclusions, but you can personally choose to add an additional to that base structure.

Step #7.- Justify the arguments that you introduce in the essay✔

raise the arguments once you express the introduction, this in order to make the analysis much more exhaustive, you can use quotes from the book in a textual way if you like.

Step #8.- Write the conclusions and recommendations of the essay✔

When drawing the conclusion, you can conclude in several ways, making a brief summary of the most outstanding points of the essay, giving some personal or additional opinion to the opinion, you can give suggestions.

Step #9.- Keep in mind the criteria to carry out an essay✔

The essay is judged on three main criteria: 1.Relevant and well-documented content.2. An appropriate and well-organized argument.3. The correct and idiomatic use of language.

The main structure of the essay should be as follows;

#1.- Cover:

Identification of the writer, name of the writing and other formal aspects (if it is for an educational institution)

#2.- Introduction:

The purpose of the writer, an approach to the subject and an idea of ​​the organization of the essay must be captured; It should not be longer than two paragraphs, in the first one a general idea of ​​the essay should be indicated, and in the second one can respond to answers that are strategically proposed to attract the reader’s attention.

#3.- Development or body:

Here the initial aspects that were made known in the introduction must be fully specified and unlinked, each aspect that has been mentioned should occupy an essay paragraph. There are argumentation strategies that serve to fully draw the reader’s attention:

  • The analysis: It is based on the description of parts or components of an entity, in this case the book, where the characters, context, environment, etc. are specified.
  • Comparison and Contrast: There are similarities or differences between one and another part of the book
  • Definition: Clarification of a term, usually used when the book is informative
  • The cause and effect: Examines an object or phenomenon and looks for origins and consequences
#4.- Conclusion:

It is the last paragraph of the essay and should fully capture the ideas that have been raised during the essay.

How to make an essay of a movie?

The essay is a widely used literary genre, encourages the writer’s own critical thinking, the essay generally has the same structure, that does not change, but the aspects that must be taken into account for each type of essay may vary.

#1.- Complete analysis of the argument:

You must be very clear about the film, the scenes, if it is necessary to see it more than twice you must do it, to carry out an analysis of a film it is you need to keep in mind small details Of the same. You must know the entire outcome of the film from its beginning to its end.

#2.- Description of the characters:

Once the film has been analyzed in a general way, you should pay attention to the details of the main characters and those secondary who are really important in the story.

Within the description of the characters it is important to refer to the personality and character, and the role that the character has in the film.

#3.- Description of the main conflict:

It summarizes the central argument of the film, it is a way to interpret the messages that the film tries to convey to the user, they must be interpreted and understood.

#4.- Secondary facts:

For the reader it can be very attractive get extras on secondary scenesThis is left to the discretion of the writer.

#5.- Final reflection:

It is part of the conclusion, here the writer try to fully encompass the ideas and gives a final reflection of the film in general.

The movies usually have a synopsis that brings a small summary of the initial plot, it is recommended that the essay be similar to this one, since it can be considered plagiarism.

rehearsal of a movie should be written in a neutral way, just as the literary essay is written, avoiding in any way writing in the first person.

How to do a Philosophical Essay?

The philosophical essay is an essay dealing with a philosophical topic, such as love, life, death, time, feelings, etc; the essay should offer the reader an argument, not just be based on the report of your opinions.

Step #1.- Question, thesis or hypothesis about an issue that must be resolved

A philosophical essay is a document that arises from a thesis or a hypothesis on a subject, For this reason, this hypothesis must be raised at the beginning of the same, so that the argumentation in the content or core of the essay can have a logical validity of writing.

Step #2.- Look for the correct phrases that give credibility to your argument

being defense of a thesis or hypothesis may have the following phrases: “I understand that the following considerations… offer a convincing argument for”, “Descartes says that Q; however, the following thought-experiment shows that Q is not true.”

Step #3.- Offer clear arguments

Must be modest and defend a small idea, must be defended clearly and simply, but offer good arguments for its defense, based on previous research.

Step #4.- Offer critical and original thinking

These tests are characterized by be original and critical thinkingwith the aim of expressing what is understood due to said theory or material studied and can offer a critical opinion on it.

Step #5.- Do a deep research on the topic of the essay

Ideal for writing a philosophical essay is to seek enough information before sitting down to write the draft, for this you must write notes as the readings progress to have a clear idea of ​​what you will work on in the writing.

Step #6.- Write the first draft

Philosophical writers are characterized by have careful and extensive thoughtful thinkingTherefore, the first draft should be abandoned two or three days after being finished, this to refresh ideas and finish specifying concise ideas.

Step #7.- Take advantage of the time you have to write the essay

Do not wait until the last to write the philosophical essay, It will be useless to write about the thesis without clear knowledge, the philosophical idea does not materialize and it will be a complete disaster.

Step #8.- Rewrite and correct as many times as you consider necessary

Must be keep writing and rewriting about ideas that are already reflected in the draft, it is important to take care of the phrases and sentences, make sure they say exactly what you want them to say.

Step #9.- Write your essay in the first person

Take care of minor details, such as grammar, this type of essay is allowed to speak in the first person, since it is the defense of a thesis or hypothesis with bases and arguments that you have studied previously.

To evaluate a philosophical essay, three considerations are taken into account;

#1: How well you have understood the topic and the issues you are writing about.
#2: How good your arguments are.
#3: How well organized and clear your work is.

Finally, it is important that the main topic to be discussed in the philosophical essay is of interest to you, It is useless to write about something that does not attract your attention, you will not defend the thesis or hypothesis with the same impetus, as if it were a topic of your greatest liking, remember that philosophical essays are to defend, and give opinions.

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