How to find the diameter of a circle?

The diameter of a circle is a value that can be known using other dimensions or measures as is the radius, the area and the circumference, that is why, if you do not know how to find the diameter of a circle, we will show you how to do it, applying mathematical formulas.

How to Calculate the Diameter of a Circle?

The Calculating the diameter of a circle is a simple procedure, you need to solve a linear mathematical formula using the mathematical dimension provided by the problem. We will see how to solve it step by step.

Step #1.- Calculate the diameter of the circle using the area✔

In case that want to calculate the diameter of a circle with the areayou have to perform the following steps:

#1.1: Formula Approach:

The first step It consists of setting up the formula and substituting values. In this case, the formula is: 2 x square root of the area divided by π (3.1416). So, in the area we are going to place the value that the problem gives us.

#1.2: Operationalization:

To perform the correct calculation, first you have to divide the area by pi, Then you are going to calculate the square root of the result obtained.

#1.3: Go from Radius to Diameter:

The The result of this operation will be the radius of the circle, so what we do is multiply by two to get the diameter.

Step #2.- Calculate the diameter of a circle with the circumference✔

If he problem shows you the value of the circumference, The procedure is simple, what you must do is the following:

#2.1: Formula Approach:

The formula in this case is as follows:

Radius diameter = Circumference / π (3.1416).

#2.2: Substitution of Values:

Then what you do is put the value of the circumference within the division.

#2.3: Operationalization:

Solve simple, linear division. For example, if the circumference is equal to 100, dividing it by 3.1416, the result is 31.83


Step #3.- Calculate the diameter of a circle from the radius✔

In the event that they give you the radio, the procedure is simpler, you simply have to multiply the radius value by 2 and it will give you the value of the diameter.

Step #4.- Calculate the diameter of a circle from your drawing✔

It can introduce the problem that you have to know the diameter of the drawing of a circle, in this case, they don’t offer you values ​​or anything. In order to perform the calculation you will need a compass, a ruler and a pencil. The procedures to follow are the following:

#4.1: Draw a straight line:

The first is to draw a straight line that touches two points of the circle, that is, it must traverse the circle. The points on this line will be named A and B.

#4.2: Divide the circle into two parts:

proceed to locate yourself on the first point or point A using the metal point of the compassthen open the compass to the middle of the circle (that is, the midpoint that divides the circle into two equal halves).

#4.3: Draw two circles:

Using that compass measure, you are going to position the metal tip at point A and you are going to draw a circle on the left side (out of the circle) and then you’re going to draw another one from point B to the right.

#4.4: Draw the diameter:

By making the two new circles you can see that both converge at two points both inside and outside the circle. So, you should take your ruler and draw a line that connects these two new points on the circles and you will see that it cuts the initial circle in two points again.

#4.5: Measure your diameter:

Is new line created is the diameter, so if you want to know its measurement you simply have to use the ruler and measure the line, the value will be provided in centimeters. In the event that you need the value in another unit of measure, you have to convert from cm to the desired unit.

These are the 4 ways that exist to know the diameter of your circle, so you can now solve your geometry problems. If you want to know this and other contents, We invite you to follow the publications that we will be making on our blog.

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