How to know how many Fridges my Air Conditioner has? Calculate frigories

Frigories are the unit used to determine the cooling capacity of a room, for means of expelling heat to lower the temperature. Which is an important piece of information to know the cooling capacity of the air conditioner, which is what really matters when buying. If you don’t know, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how many frigories my air conditioner has.

How to know how many Fridges my Air Conditioner has?

Frigories are a unit of heat and are specified in the product description at the time of purchase., this data is important to determine the units of frigories necessary to cool a room.

In the market the aires have frigories between 2000 and 6000 normally, to initially know what the number of frigories is, you have to check the product label, the corresponding power of the air conditioning is reflected there.

Too, you can see in the product information offered by the seller, since this important detail is specified there.

How to Calculate the Capacity of an Air Conditioner for a Room? Calculate the number of BTUs for a room

BTUs are the capacity of an air conditioner to remove hot air from a room, that is, at the greater the amount of BTU, the greater the force to perform said function.It should be noted that this is also a conditioning factor in dimensions, weight and price.

#1.- Size of the room (width, length and height).

#2.- Number of people who will occupy the room.

#3.- What materials make up the structure of the room.

#4.- Time of the year.

#5.- Location of the room.

#6.- Season of the year.

#7.- Number of windows.

#8.- Quantity of electronic devices.

Taking all these factors into account, one can proceed to perform a calculation to determine the number of BTUs that are required in a room of a certain size, a multiplication must be made by the size of the room:

Width of the room «X» length of the room «X» height of the room

Example: 4m X 4m X 3m = 48m

Once that result is obtained, a division by 2 must be made to obtain the amount of BTUs that are required:

48m/2= 24m

This result is used as a guide to choose the air conditioner that suits the size of the room. It should be remembered that there are other important factors to consider when determining the number of BTUs for a room.

For further determine the amount of BTU, it is by multiplying the result obtained in meters by 600 if the air conditioner will be in a room of a house or condominium or by 800 if it will be in an establishment or business.

How many Frigories is a Kw?

The frigoria is a force to quantify energy assimilation, but it is not a recognized measurement that is used on a regular basis, which is why it is usually compared with the Watt measurement unit where 1 kW is equal to 860 frigories and 1 frigory is equal to 1,163W.

How to go from Kw to Frigorías?

The kW can be converted to frigories by multiplying the watts (kw) that the air conditioner has by 0.86, which will return the number of frigories per hour. For example, if you have an air conditioner whose Kw is 5,200, that is equivalent to 4,472 frigories per hour.

What does Kw mean in an Air Conditioner?

The Kilowatt (Kw) in an air conditioner represents the power of electricity required to perform its task in one hour. The kilowatt is a subunit of the watt, which represents 1000 Watts.

How many Watts does an Air Conditioner consume?

The Watts for being a power unit that for each one consumed releases 3Kw of heat which is determined by the productivity formula, which is why the force must be divided by three to establish the energy expenditure. Example if 9Kw of energy is needed, 4Kw of power is consumed.

How do you go from Watts to Fridges?

To convert Watts to frigories, you must apply a mathematical operation where the Watts that the air conditioner has they must be multiplied by 0.86 since 1 Watt is equal to 0.86 frigories, an example of this would be 6200Watts would be equivalent to 5.332 frigories.

How many square meters does a 12,000 BTU air conditioner cool?

BTU is a measure or British Terminal Unit that measures the amount of heat that manages to get an air conditioner, where depending on the amount of BTU they cool a room or environment of certain square meters, an example of this is that to cool a room of 16 square meters you need at least a 12000BTU air conditioner.

How to Know the Capacity of an Air Conditioning Compressor?

The capacity of an air conditioning compressor, you can simply go to the data plate on the air and write down all the compressor data, then go online.

You place the serial number in the search engine, then they will appear results from air conditioner or compressor model vendors. You select one that offers the technical details and it will tell you the capacity of an air conditioning compressor.

How to Calculate the Power of an Air Conditioner for a Room?

The width of a room It is not only the determining factor to choose an air conditioner, because there are other factors that must be considered, such as whether the room is made of glass, among others, the amount of sun it receives daily or the artifacts or devices that the room contains.

That is to say that the amount of heat generated by the room is the real determining factor to know the capacity that the air conditioning must have (calories by infiltration, solar radiation through the windows, transmission by glass or others, the devices or elements that emit heat to people)

There is a way to power determine the capacity required in a room that does not have a traditional structure without much heat demand. Where you must have the data of the meters that the room has both in width and length and height (all these data are multiplied) by 50 and that results in the frigories that a room requires per hour.

bliss formula allows to obtain an approximation to the amount of frigories, taking into account the extrinsic repercussions, but if one wants to be more specific and consider the intrinsic factors, these factors can be added (electrical devices by 0.86 and people by 150).

(Width X Length X Height X 50) + (Number of people X 150) + (Watt X 0.86) = Resulting in the number of frigories that room requires per hour.

I know estimates that 1 person is equivalent to 150 fridges, but with electronic devices It is a little more complex because the amount of energy needed to work (KW) must be reviewed, and the values ​​obtained must be multiplied by 0.86 and thus determine the frigories required.

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