How to Know How Much Unemployment I Have Accumulated?

When speaking of unemployment, reference is made to the moment in which a person is within the figure of unemploymentTherefore, the Government provides economic benefits that allow dealing with the situation and needs that the person has, however, this is a benefit that accumulates as it is requested.

In this opportunity, we will show you how to know how much unemployment I have accumulated, without the need to go to the INEM.

How to Know How Much Unemployment I Have Accumulated Online?

This procedure you can do it directly on the official SEPE website o State Public Employment Service, which is in charge of everything related to employment, unemployment and benefits. In order to know how much unemployment you have accumulated online, you have to follow these steps:

Step #1.- Go to the official SEPE website✔

You can do it directly by entering the following link ⇨ or if you prefer, you can place the keyword in your search engine “SEPE website”.

Step #2.- Go to the section “What is SEPE, People and Companies”✔

Once inside the main page of SEPE, you must locate the section “What is SEPE, People and Companies”, immediately, click the “People” button and wait for a new screen to load.

Step #3.- Select the option “Request an appointment for the benefits office”✔

Although your main intention is not to request an appointment, the option “Request an appointment for the benefits office” will allow you to see how much unemployment you have accumulated, for which you must do Click on the option “Appointment”.

Step #4.- Select the “People” option✔

Once the new screen opens, you must immediately click on the option “Persons”, which is located on the left and waits for a new screen to open.

Step #5.- Select the option “Check the data and receipt of your benefit”✔

This option is located on the right side of the screen. Once this option is pressed, a new screen will open, where you must locate the button “Benefit queries”.

Step #6.- Confirm your request✔

In this step, you must select any confirmation mechanism, either through the digital certificate information or also, through mobile phone PIN.

Step #7.- View the report corresponding to your benefits and accumulated unemployment✔

Finally, you will see a detailed report of your benefits, dates and accumulated unemployment so far.

unemployment calculator

There are 3 ways to calculate unemployment, It is better to do it directly in the SEPE unemployment calculator, using an online unemployment calculator or do it manually. Next, we will show you the three available options:

#1.- Calculate manual stoppage👈

To calculate unemployment manually you need the regulatory bases of the previous 6 months to job loss. You should know that during the first 6 months, you will receive 70% of that average regulatory base (this average includes contributions for work-related accidents and professional illnesses, but excludes overtime). After 6 months, the monthly payment is reduced from 70% to 50% of the total regulatory base.

You should know that the minimum benefit is 497 euros per month and it goes up if the person who is unemployed has children. With regard to the maximum benefit, it corresponds to 1,087.20 euros per month, although it can also rise to 1,200 euros if you have one child and up to 1,400 if you have two or more children.

#2.- SEPE unemployment calculator. How to use it?👈

The SEPE unemployment calculator is an excellent tool made available by this State Service so that its users can know exactly the unemployment benefit that corresponds to them and that should reach their current account.

The only thing you have to do is provide the data requested in labor matters and immediately the system will offer the corresponding results, in addition, it shows you the amounts that you have to pay the INEM due to unemployment benefits.

There are two ways to calculate by SEPE, which we will show you below:

#2.1.- Calculation of the Unemployment Benefit✔

This is going to depend directly on the payroll you received as well as, by the conditions in which you have registered within the Social Security. One of the data requested is the Regulatory Base, which is nothing more than adding the contribution base of the last 180 days in which you have contributed, then dividing it by 180 and finally multiplying it by 30.

Fill in the requested data and click on calculate.

#2.2.- Calculation of Subsidy for Unemployment✔

In this case the calculator will ask you:

  • Expiration date of the contributory benefit.
  • Time in which you received unemployment
  • Current Income

It will do the calculation for you and even show you if you have the right to collect the subsidy or not and explains the reasons.

#3.- Online Unemployment Calculator👈

Besides the calculator that is enabled in the SEPE portal, there are also online unemployment calculators that carry out all the calculations and allow you to know how much unemployment you are entitled to according to the employment information you provide.

To be successful with this calculator model you will need to:

  • Contribution Base of the last 6 months (Average)
  • Time worked in the last 6 years
  • Number of children

Then, what you do is enter the data in the enabled fields of the unemployment calculator, select calculate and it will automatically show you how much unemployment you have accumulated. One of the most reliable web in carrying out this calculation is Numdea, for this you have to enter the following link:

What to do to request what I have accumulated from Unemployment?

For carry out the application procedure for accumulated unemployment, you have to gather all the requested documentation and carry out the procedure in person at any of the offices authorized for this procedure.

Required documentation;

The requirements or documents requested to be able to request or collect what you have accumulated unemployment, are the following:

  • the model or official application for accumulated unemployment
  • Identity document of the entire family group, that is, of the person who carries out the procedure and of those who live with the applicant or are in their custody.
  • Document showing account number of the requesting person, it can be a document or bank record.
  • Family history.
  • Certificate issued by the company or employer that confirms the current and legal situation of the person requesting in labor matters.
  • Proof of income

You should know that to carry out this accumulated unemployment application process, you have to operate it in the next 15 business days after the first day that unemployment is made official, otherwise you cannot access this service. The request can be processed by the following means:

  • Using the SEPE electronic service (Public Service of State Employment)
  • Within a benefits office, requesting an appointment through the SEPE website.
  • Directly in a public registry office
  • Through administrative mail.

Once you have submitted all the documentation for the accumulated unemployment application, the payment is going to be made every 30 days in general, in the middle of the month corresponding to the accrual. The payment will be made directly to the bank account that you have provided in the documentation presented at the time of payment. request.

Can Unemployment Be Avoided?

The The only way to avoid unemployment is to never be unemployed., because as we see this service is activated at the moment in which the person enters within this figure in labor matters. However, it is not mandatory to collect the unemployment benefit at the time of being unemployed, since the collection is something purely voluntary.

You should also know that the accumulated unemployment is not lost, on the contrary, is saved in case the person needs to remove it in the future. So it is a wild card that you can keep in case your employment situation fails over the years.

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