How to Know if a Betta Fish is Male or Female?

From the Betta Splendens family, they are called Siamese fighters which, thanks to their variety, striking colors and its beautiful tail which is a captivating trait makes them a charm. It is a very intelligent species that can learn tricks if they are stimulated correctly and if they are in large places where they can swim freely.

It should be noted a peculiar characteristic of this fish is the ability they have their gills breathe oxygen directly from the air atmospheric and that is why from time to time they rise to the surface and that also serves as an indicator if the tank has an appropriate level of oxygen by the frequency with which they rise to the surface.

How to Know What is the Gender of my Betta Fish?

There are specific and marked characteristics that allow identifying the gender of a betta fish such as size, color and fins which are reflected or accentuated at the time of sexual maturity or adulthood, this occurs in any type of betta fish.

The male turns out to be larger than the female, that includes the size of his fins and its color is usually much more striking which can range from blue, purple to red and green and as for females they have more opaque colors.

They also have a membrane also known as a beard that they have under the gills of a dark color which is more evident in males especially when they must defend their territory against another male of the same species and that in females it is much smaller and not very evident.

There is also a specific place in females called ovipositor tube in which the eggs are located, which is located between the head and the ventral fin in the form of a clear spot and that the males lack it, it should be noted that it can often be difficult to visualize.

On the other hand, gender can also be determined by behavior, in females it turns out to be more docile or calm (although they can get to fight with other females of the same species) while in the male it is more dominant and aggressive with other males and even with females that have not been presented to him.

How to put together a male and a female Betta?

To be able to annex a female in a fish tank with a male, you must do a process of presentation and thus prevent the male from attacking the femalewhere one way to do it is to place a transparent sheet between the fish tank that allows the fish to be observed, but without having contact and in this way the male knows the female and does not see her as a threat.

On the other hand, the mating ritual of the Betta Fish begins with a courtship by the male to get the female’s attentionthe male spreads his fins coquettishly, then darkens his skin and presents straight vertical lines to make himself noticeable to the female.

End of courtship male wraps his fins around the female and once the female lays the eggs she moves away since the male after mating can become aggressive in addition to the fact that he is the one who must take care of the eggs that are deposited in a bubble nest.

It should be noted that betta fish can coexist with other species, but they are very territorial between the same species That is why several females live together, but there should only be one male betta fish in the tank to avoid fights since they are usually very aggressive with each other.

When choosing the fish to live with the male You should avoid placing very colorful fish that can be confused with another of the same species and fights occur.

How to Know What Type of Betta is my Fish?

Within the betta fish family there are various types that are classified according to the size of their tail, colors and morphology, in which they can be mentioned;

#1.- According to its morphology:

  • crowntail betta fish: Its tail has a shape similar to a crown where the male’s tail is larger and more striking than the female’s tail.
  • veiltail betta fish: Its tail does not have symmetry, but it does have a smooth and delicate texture.
  • Dumbo Betta Fish: Its name is given by the elephant in the children’s film, but in the case of the fish it is due to its enormous fins.

#2.- Regarding the shape of the tail are:

  • half moon tail betta fish: It has a round tail.
  • Double tail betta fish: Due to the morphology of its tail bones, they give it the appearance of a double tail, although it is only one.
  • The Swordtail Betta or Spadetail: They are quite a difficult type to obtain and their name is due to the pointed end of their tail.
  • The Betta Plakat: It is also known as the short-finned Betta which has a stronger and more robust build.
  • Pink Betta Fish: It is a variety of Half Moon that has a tail similar to the petals of a rose.
  • Betta Delta and Betta Fish Super Delta: They are very similar to the Half Moon Betta but their tail fin is not as large.
  • big ear: It is characterized by having the pectoral fins longer than usual.

#3.- Regarding the types of Betta due to their coloration, there are:

  • The Betta Butterflies: It has a thick white stripe around the edge of the fins.
  • Betta Marble: It has spots of different colors.

Names for Betta Fish

When choosing a name for a betta fish there are endless possibilities where you can dominate the imagination to think of a name, that well, can be allusive to its color or shape of the tail. The name can be a color, a shape, an object or even the name of a person, city or country.

Such as: Angel, Pretty, Fire, Happy, Star, Fighter, Blue, Pink, Nemo, Moon, Colorful, Clown, Rainbow, Smiley, Fins, Moscow, Goku, Margaret, King, Boss, Snow, Coco, Zeus, Alaska, Cotton, Channel, Butterfly, Giro, Dumbo, Pearl, Miranda, Piglet, Minnie, Tweety, Tom, Barbie, Diva, Lucero, Nutella, Chocolate, Spots, Doris, Coral, Hedgehog.

How to know if my Betta Fish is Happy?

The behavior that the betta fish possesses is an indicator that will show if it is comfortable in its environment or if, on the contrary, it is sick or discouraged, which can be manifested in itself. eat or not, your way of swimming if it is active, it is only on the bottom or surface of the fish tank, if it expands its wings and its colors are striking and its body is clean.

In the same way, the care and maintenance that they require to be able to live well are a wide place to swim, clean water, temperature greater than 21 degrees but not exceeding 30 degrees (It is recommended to use a heater) and chemicals should not be used to clean the fish tank or aquarium (avoid the use of tap water due to its chlorine content and other impurities that harm the life of the fish)

Also use a water pump that does not generate noise, do not locate the fish tank near places that produce noise (television, sound equipment), do not make too much noise near them and do not place them in places where sunlight is directly on the fish tank (temperature rises) since noise or light tend to scare and stress them.

Also, feeding them the right kind of food only 2 or 3 times a day to avoid health problemsthis species is omnivorous, but they consume food as if they were carnivorous since they require protein of animal origin, which is why they can consume scales, crustaceans, insects (that are clean) and even vegetables but that they are cooked.

Likewise, place various components that serve to motivate them to explore in the fish tank (they can be changed from time to time or buy new ones), that contain places where they can hide whenever they wanttaking into account that the material is natural or that it is designed for a fish tank and that it does not turn out to be toxic and makes the fish sick, that it does not have water currents and that they are of a suitable size that allows them to swim freely.

Now, the relationship of the Betta Fish with its owner is very important since he likes to interact with his owneryou can talk to them, touch the fish tank or the water, this species is playful and curious that even if the person walks around the room it will be aware, but care must be taken that they do not try to jump out of the fish tank or aquarium.

In short, the care and attention given offer to a pet will determine the quality of lifeIt should be kept in mind that it is a responsibility to take care of any animal, even a fish, even more so Betta fish. To preserve their striking beauty, they also need attention to stay active and happy, showing their color and character.

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