How to know if a Trademark is Registered? Find out

Many times when we are starting a business we need know if a trademark has already been registered so as not to repeat it, but in reality you should not stress too much about this since the process is not complicated at all.

So, once the query is made as to whether the name you’ve been thinking of has already been registered you can make the decision to use it or not depending on the findings.

Remember that the name of your venture must clearly define your business and what you want to achieve with it. For more information, it is advisable to continue reading this section focused on How to know if a trademark is registered?

How to know if a Trademark is Registered?

It is important that if we do not want to have problems with a trademark that has already been registered previously Let’s spend a reasonable time to find out if the name we want to put on our business is not being used, and if not, to be able to name it with total peace of mind and security that no unforeseen event will arise.

It is very common that on many occasions we want to go a little further, in the sense in which we want find out if the name we want to use in our business is not registered worldwide, This is very common when we want to be totally original and not use a brand that has already been named.

For this reason, we are going to provide you with the information regarding how to know if a trademark is registered worldwide:

Step #1.- Go to the official website of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM)✔

Once inside this page, you will be able to see on the main screen the option “Database” and then enter “Trademarks and Trade Names”

Step #2.- Select the “Trademark Locator” option✔

Afterwards, you must Click on “Trademark Locator”which is accompanied by a striking image of a butterfly.

Step #3.- Select the option “Search by Denomination”✔

This option is found next to other options. You can also choose between searching for information about the national and international brands.

It’s that simple that before formalizing the registration of the trademark of your future business, you can find out very easily if it is a trademark that is already occupied by another company or if it is very similar.

The recommendation is that don’t stay with the doubt and learn how to know if a trademark is registered worldwide.

How to Know if a Brand is Registered on Amazon?

Know what are the registered trademarks on Amazon It can become quite a dilemma because it is not a question that is usually asked and this means that little information is found about it, for this reason we will take this opportunity to talk about this unusual topic.

Those interested in knowing which brands have already been registered on Amazon so as not to repeat them should consider the option of view a reduced list of such brands based on the department and to get it you just have to perform the following steps:

Step #1.- Go to the Amazon website

You can access the Amazon website by clicking the following link ⇨

Step #2.- Type in the search bar the name of your possible brand

After writing the name of your possible brand, click on “Accept”.

Step #3.- Check if there are products with that name

If the search shows that there are products with that nameit means that it is registered.

Step #4.- Confirm the registration of that brand

You can confirm an enrollment with the name you provided to the review the list of brands in that department, which are on the left side of the page. Remembering that if you find that pseudonym you will have to choose another.

Note that Amazon has more than 130,000 registered trademarks and has not developed a way to know that extensive list, which makes it difficult to acquire this information, but, with this advice, it will be possible for you to recognize some of them.

How to Know if a Trademark is Registered in Spain?

To start a business it is important to know if the name we want does not belong to another company, That is why knowing this aspect is essential for an entrepreneur and thus later not having any problem related to the name.

Keep in mind that one of the main steps to formalize a business is the registration of a brand, for this, as indicated you must be aware that it is an original brand and that it is not occupied, but it is not a complicated procedure at all and then you will be able to realize that:

Step #1.- Define if your business will be carried out in Spain or in the world✔

To start, you must define if your business will be dispersed in the world or will only focus on having a headquarters in Spain, if it is the latter case, it is only necessary that you register in this country.

Step #2.- Go to the SPTO website✔

As it is a brand that will only be based in Spain, you will to enter the website of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO).

Step #3.- Choose the option “Brands and names”✔

Once you have entered will go to Trademarks and Trade Names and then to the search engine. From this point you will be able to access the names of the registered trademarks.

You should know that, these names are shown by similarity, that is, similar or equal brand names appear to us.

As you will be able to appreciate this way of checking if a trademark is registered It is totally free and online. so you do not require anything other than an electronic device.

It’s that simple that you can know if the brand we want to give our business is already registered, In any case, if you consider that you cannot do it, it is advisable to leave it in the hands of a professional, especially when it comes to a brand that can cause some confusion, so a set of documents will be needed to avoid problems.

How to Know if a Trademark is Registered in the IMPI?

Every entrepreneur, when starting a business project, must dedicate a reasonable amount of time to the brand that it will have, and at the same time, once it has it, it must be protected, being the best method to use its registration, and if your business is find in mexico it is important that you do it before the IMPI.

In addition, you should know that before registering as it should you need to check that your brand is not repeated or is similar to others in the IMPI, But how do you know if a trademark is registered with the IMPI? It’s very simple and then we will provide you with the entire procedure to follow:

Step #1.- Go to the MERCANET website

This page is a service offered by the IMPI for free and totally online, so that every entrepreneur has all the ease of check if a trademark has been registered.

Step #2.- Perform your search

The next step to be carried out is that you carry out a search taking into account the file number or the registration number, in addition to the fact that you can do a phonetic or headline search. This choice is already convenient for everyone.

Step #3.- See if the brand is registered or not

Finally, you can find out if a trademark is already registered.

With these simple steps you can use this electronic tool to consult about all the trademarks that have already been registered and thus verify that yours is not repeated or similar to others, and once you reach the conclusion that your brand is unique, you can continue to carry out the due record of it.

How to Know if a Trademark is Registered in Mexico?

If we want to be under the guidelines of the law, you will know that it is necessary that once you have in mind the name that your new business will bear, regardless of whether it is large, medium or small, you know if that brand you plan to use previously has been registered in Mexico, as long as it is a business that will only be based in the Mexican country.

If you are in Mexico You can legally verify if your trademark is already registered online and free of charge through the MARCANET website, which is a very safe way since it is administered by the IMPI.

So putting into use the MARCA website You can do the following searches as you see fit:

Step #1.- Find your brand✔

In this option only You will be asked for the name that you will use as a brand in your business, and taking into account that, the website will provide you with all the marks that are similar or identical to yours. At this point, the class or type of trade that will be carried out is not taken into account.

Step #2.- Phonetic search✔

This other option is a bit more specific than the previous one, since not only will you be asked for the name of your brand but also the class or type of product which will be made available on demand.

Step #3.- Figurative search✔

this section works is with the business logo, being important that you create an account in the Portal of Payments and Electronic Services (PASE) so that you can continue with the procedure.

Step #4.- Non-traditional brands✔

for those non-traditional brands There is also an option and that is that MARCANET facilitates a list of prior applications displayed by the IMPI.

How can you realize MARCANET offers different ways to determine if a trademark has been registered in Mexico, so you will no longer have excuses not to do it, in addition to the fact that it is an online and free process.

How to Know if a Trademark is Registered in Argentina?

We all know how important it is to register the trademarks of a business so that no one else can use it and that at the same time no confusion arises, which is why in Argentina there is also a registry of all existing trademarks.

But, it is likely that more than one person who wants to start a business does not know how to know if a trademark is registered in Argentina, and so that they can handle that information here we will leave you everything you need to know below.

Argentina has at its disposal the procedures portal of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), which is an organization that is dedicated to making a registry with all the existing brands in the country, so that in this way the people interested in this information can enter.

On the other hand, it is also suggested that you may choose to call the telephone numbers 0800-222 INPI (4674) or (011) 4344-4832 so that check with the Reports Desk of the National Trademark Directorate Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

In Argentina with these two methodologies anyone who wants find out if a trademark is registered You can do it without wasting time or money, and the best thing is that it’s very simple.

How to Know if a Trademark is Registered in Chile?

Thanks to the fact that trade is increasingly on the rise, more brands are frequently emerging on the market, and as in other countries, In Chile, a record is kept of all of them to avoid possible inconveniences. for the repetition of some

For this reason, it is important that people, before formalizing the registration of their brand name first find out if it is a brand that is already being used, with the purpose of not wasting time and money on something that will not be valid.

So so you can know if a trademark is registered in Chile It is recommended that you follow the following procedure:

Step #1.- Go to the official website of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI)

Once on the main web page, you must enter the brand database.

Step #2.- Enter the data requested

In order to advance in the process, you must enter the information requested. Also, if you need to know how the case of a procedure is, you can enter the number of the corresponding request, and finally click on “Search”.

Step #3.- View the trademarks that have been registered

By last, you will be able to access the brand names that have been registered, with a name equal to or similar to that of your search.

With these three steps you can verify before registering a trademark if it was previously registered by another person, and thus not waste time or money because the INAPI does not accept similar or equal trademarks.

We hope that all interested parties who entered this website to request information on how to know if a trademark is registeredhave obtained the information they needed, in the same way Those who have any doubts or questions that were not answered here are invited to ask them in the comments.that we will gladly answer it.

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