How to know if I am in ASNEF? List of defaulters

It is to be known that no person finds it pleasant to be included in the list of defaulters of the National Association of Financial Institutions (ASNEF), to which they can access due to a default in the payment to a company that is associated with this organization, which may be, for example, a bank.

Nobody should like to belong to the ASNEF delinquent lists, because those included are denied loan applications related to companies that are in association with the ASNEF.

But the real question is How do I know if I am in ASNEF? And for those who are interested in having this information, we recommend that you continue reading the rest of this section.

How to know if I am in Financial Credit Institutions Online?

It is important that people who believe they are included in the ASNEF list Take some time and find out if they are actually part of this blacklist, since if they do not act properly and it turns out that if they are in the ASNEF, this would lead to the loans or any other request from a company that is not being accepted. associate with this body.

So, so that you finally get out of doubts and you can know if you are on the ASNEF list You will be presented with a very simple way that you can do from wherever you want, since you will only need an electronic device such as a cell phone or a computer and of course internet access.

The steps you must follow to know if you are in ASNEF online are the following:

Step #1: Go to the official ASNET website✔

You can access directly through the following link Previously, you must have received a letter where you are given a referencethen, once you have this information, you proceed to enter the website of this organization.

Step #2.- Indicate if your case is for Individuals or for Companies✔

When you have entered the ASNET website, you need to Indicate whether your case refers to the ASNEF file for individuals or the file for companies. Subsequently, It is important that keep adding the reference as it was written in the letter.

Step #3.- Enter your DNI or CIF✔

If it is a company, place your CIEFin case you are a natural person, place ID and click “OK”.

Step #4.- Check if you are in the ASNET list✔

Next, on the screen you will be able to know quickly whether or not you are on the ASNET list. If you are included in it, you will also be told how much you owe.

With these simple procedures it is that every person who receives the letter with the reference that was mentioned can know exactly if is included in the ASNEF list using the website.

How to know if I am in ASNEF by Email?

For all those people who have doubts about whether they are in ASNEF, it is recommended that they seek to solve their situation, which They can do it by email. which is a very simple way to do this inquiry.

How to know if I am in ASNEF by email it is a method that can be implemented when the letter containing the reference has not been received, for this reason it is not possible to access the website of this organization, since one of the main data they require is precisely that reference.

This other method consists of send an email directly to ASNEF, so that in this way you can be told if you have been included in their list. In that email you must send a letter stating the reason why you are communicating with them.

Information that must be included in the letter that will be sent by email to ASNEF:

  • Should write your first and last name and in case of being a company, place the name.
  • indicate that he’s older.
  • place your NIF/NIE/CIF or the DNI, NIE or CIF in the case of a company.
  • In the upper right part of the letter you will place the location where you are and the respective date.
  • You must also state that you are requesting through this letter access to the ASNEF person or company file.
  • In addition, the letter model must be placed in the email to know if you are in ASNEF signed and scanned, as well as a photocopy of both parts of the DNI.

Finally, once you have your letter ready, you are going to send it to the email, and you are also told that in about a month the ASNEF should be sending you a response regarding your circumstance in the organism.

How to know if I am in Financial Credit Institutions without a Reference Number?

ASNEF is one of the most popular files in Spain and in which are the people who have not duly complied with any payment, it is also to be taken into account that the individuals who are included in the ASNEF lists cannot request credits, since they are not given.

Therefore, if you know that you have defaulted on a payment, it is important that you find a way to know if you are in the ASNEF And in case you don’t have the reference number, let us tell you that there is also a way to get that information.

One of the ways to how to know if I am in ASNEF without reference number is by sending a letter to the email so that they can tell you if you are actually in their file.

On the other hand, you can also choose to go to your bank and request the consultation of the delinquent file for free and in this way the person in charge can provide you with the information you are requesting.

Lastly, you can apply for a personal loan and in the event that if you are in the ASNEF file, your application will be denied, and at the same time a letter will be sent to you in which a reference will appear so that you can confirm your situation in ASNEF through the website of this body.

So with these simple methods you can find out if you are in the ASNEF, being very simple and free forms. You should also know that, in general, the agency always sends you a letter with the reference, but there are cases where they do not reach you when you change your address, for example.

How to get a report in ASNEF?

If you want to cancel the ASNEF to be free and finally be able to apply for a loan again It is important that you obtain the report from the ASNEF, since all the data found in the delinquent file is located in this, and in this way to be able to carry out the corresponding payment, due to the fact that the debt owed is found in the report.

So, in order to get a report in Financial Credit Institutions, it is important that you send a letter.

This letter must have your identification data and if it is a company it must also be placed, in addition it must be indicated that you are a citizen of legal age, place the date and respective place in the upper right part and the reasons must also be presented. which in this case is because you are making the request for that document and indicate that you need to obtain the ASNEF report.

This letter must be sent to EQUIFAX IBÉRICA. Apartado de Correos 10.546, 28080 – Madrid or to, by either of these two ways you will be able to receive the ASNEF report.

How long does it take to leave ASNEF once the debt is settled?

A very frequent question in people who have been included in the ASNEF is How long does it take to get out of there once the debt is paid off? And it is a very normal and important question and more so when you plan to apply for a loan, and as we know whoever is on that list will be denied any request of that type.

To get into the matter We will start by saying that once you have made the payment corresponding to your debt you should automatically be removed from the system, although this tends to take up to 10 days in some cases. On the other hand, there have been certain eventualities where it has taken up to 6 years.

However, you should not worry since in most cases it only takes a few days to completely remove your data from that list.

In the same way, if you have the possibility and you contact ASNEF to request that your data be withdrawn after having paid, this body will contact the company to which you owed and in approximately 10 days you will get answers.

So, as you can see, your name will not be on the ASNEF blacklist for a long time once you cancel what you owe.

We hope that the content of this section has been productive for all our readers interested in how to know if I am in Financial Credit Institutions? In the same way, if you have any doubts or questions that were not clarified in the article, leave us a comment and opinion.

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