How to know what the INE Folio Number is? what you need to know

Many Mexicans wonder How to know what the INE folio number is? given the importance of this data to be able to certify the credential before the INE and have the opportunity to vote.

As well as the folio number, There are others data provided by the National Electoral Institute that are necessary for voting citizens to know and if you feel interested in knowing more about this institute, I recommend that you continue reading this content, which with a lot of responsibility and research, we have prepared for you.

What is the INE number? You know the new model!

Since December 2019, a new credential model is being implemented, which has several characteristics that make it quite different from the others, thanks to the fact that many of them are being used to improve their security and to demonstrate their legitimacy.

#1.- Obverse 👈

On the front side, most of the elements that make this document more secure have been used, thanks to the fact that it is very difficult to achieve all these details in a forged copy or credential.

#1.1.- UV ink

When lighting with black light, different data of the owner can be visualized of the credential, as well as “INE” and “Mexico”.

#1.2.- Weakened pattern

It is displayed as a gradient background that It gives the feeling that the background of the photograph works with the security.

#1.3.- “Guilloche” Designs

They are smooth lines cannot be achieved by printing or photocopying the credential as points will be earned.

#1.4.- Microtext

East is nothing more than the legend “NATIONAL ELECTORAL INSTITUTE” that the human eye cannot see with the naked eye.

#1.5.- Rainbow Print

They are a set of lines that have more than one color and that together recreate some figures that identify the regions of the country.

#1.6.- Touch Element

Are writings that can be felt with the fingertips on the credential.

#1.7.- Ghost Photography with variable data

It is a photograph created with the data of the owner of the credential that cannot be copied.

#1.8.- OVI Ink

Is a type of ink that varies in color whenever the angle is changed with which it is being seen and was used in the map of the country as in the strip next to the photograph.

#1.9.- Embossed Design

They are stripes that have a little lift that are even found on the back of the credential.

#1.10.- Optically Variable Element (OVD)

Works the same as OVI ink and is used on 4 images (INE logo, ballot entering the ballot box, the national coat of arms and the flag effect).

#2.- Reverse 👈

On the back of the card some of the security elements were used from the flip side and others were applied to increase confidence in this record.

#2.1.- UV ink

If ultraviolet light is used the photo of the person is displayed.

#2.2.- Microtext

Again this element is used, but now implemented in the boxes at the top.

#2.3.- Embossed Design

In this opportunity used in entity names to form a figure.

#2.4.-Rainbow Print

This technique was used in the bottom of the boxes and it simulates a lot to a rainbow.

#2.5.- QR code

This code when scanned it will take you to the INE online platformwhere you can make different queries.

#2.6.- Two-dimensional QR codes

With them it is possible to check the certificates, only that it has to be scanned by an INE App.

#2.7.- OVI Ink

This time this ink was used in acronyms INE which are on the top right hand side.

As well as these, other changes were made that are easy to visualize and now the INE gives you the opportunity to omit some data such as gender, nothing more than these if they will come out together with the other data hidden in the credential.

What is the INE Code?

Elector key;  how is it obtained

To know your INE code, you will need to go personally to one of the INE offices, because there is no process through the internet that allows you to be aware of this extremely valuable data.

Also, you have the option to contact the INE offices by means of a telephone call to the number 800 433 2000 if you are in Mexico, to 1 (866) 986 8306 if you are in the United States or to +52 (55) 5481 9897 if you are in another country.

Notably calls are received from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., although it is also possible to request the INE code by sending a message to the email address ⇨⇦.

How do I get the Voter Key?

Find voter key it is easier than knowing what the folio number is and it is equally important for people to be able to exercise their right to vote. If you do not recognize the location of your password, here we will explain where it is.

First of all you should know that the voter code is made up of 18 digits, also that it is located under the folio number on the credential and is correctly identified.

As you may have noticed, it is extremely simple find the voter code in the credential and it is even enough to pay attention to the content that the credentials have on their main face. Do not forget that this password, like other data, is different for each person.

How to Know the Status of my INE?

Knowing the status of your credential is not complicated at all, and it is a task that will not take much time, therefore you can do it on your own if you enter the INE system, since this institute offers you this facility to learn about this and other related points.

If you go directly to the next link you will notice that you will get the same questionnaire used to find out the INE folio number, only that this time you must answer it so that you know the status of your credential: ⇨⇦

Consider that you must provide the data of the credential that you want to know in the condition that it is in and that the other data must be real, in this way the INE digital platform will be able to give you the information you are requesting.

What documents do I need to change my INE address?

Domicile-ine;  how to change it

There are 2 documents required to change your INE address and it is important that you present them to the module closest to your new residence and that they are the original documents, since otherwise the INE will not accept them.

Documents required for change of address are:

  • Personal identification, which has to be a document where your face is shown and your name and surname can be seen.
  • Proof of new address which can be a property or rental document, although receipts for payment of services such as water, telephone, gas and electricity are also used to carry out this operation.

To do this procedure it is not necessary to go personally to the INE offices, You can also consider making this change through the link that will be shown below and there you will only have to write the data that you request:


Another important point to keep in mind is that the documents to request a change of residence at the INE they cannot have a scratch, stain or other similar particularity, for this reason you must keep them in good condition to deliver them at the appointment.

What is the INE?

INE are the acronyms that refer to the National Electoral Institute, which is the public body that is in charge of taking control during the preparation and execution of the federal elections, which would be the voting to elect the president, senators and deputies of the country.

In addition to directing the selection of the members of the Congress of the Union, they also work together with the electoral managers in the states. at the time of voting in the states and cities of the United Mexican States.

It should be noted that previously there was the Federal Electoral Institute (IFE) until in 2014 it was decided to unify the procedure that was done by federations to a national one, to improve quality and security, and for that reason it is now known as the National Electoral Institute.

What is the role of the INE in Mexico?

How-to-know-what-is-the-folio-number-of-the-ine;  what you need to know to vote

Being the Mexican electoral body, all its functions are focused on fulfilling missions in this area that contribute to the strengthening of democracy throughout the national territory, this being its main function. Others functions of the INE in Mexico are:

  • Take charge of the organization of all political elections to renew the members of the Legislative and Executive Powers of the Union and ensure that the voting process is free, safe and reliable.
  • Issue a credential to all citizensboth in the country and abroad, that serves as identification and allows them to exercise the right to vote.
  • Register new political parties that they comply with the norms established in the country for said action and allow the use of the media so that they can transmit their message to the Mexican people.
  • Ensure that the political rights of citizens are respected and are followed to the letter.
  • Promote civic culture and create activities that help strengthen electoral training.

as you will appreciate, The National Electoral Institute plays a very transcendental role and each of its functions are carried out so that citizens can be well informed and choose the political parties they consider appropriate to improve the future of their country.

Remember to have all this information present when you need to carry out any of these procedures. For more information on this and other topics, I invite you to continue reading our blog, and also leave your comment about how you liked this article 🙂 .

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