How to know your Customer Number in Banamex?

Since the beginning of civilization, the economy has been an essential factorsince due to it it was possible to support large empires and large populations, a more important factor were the banks, since they allowed money to be stored and distributed efficiently.

Over the decades, banks became the in charge of controlling the money from all over the planet. One of the most important banks in Mexico is known as Banamex, which was the merger between the Mexican mercantile bank and the national bank of Mexico.

This happened in a surprising way, since it allowed the bank to achieve an incredible financial expansion and to be able to go further in its Long-term goals quickly, safely and above all in a totally legal way.

Among the factors that this incredible bank provides, you can find various areas in which you can carry out different types of transactionsbut first to be able to do this it is necessary to have a customer number but How to know your customer number in Banamex?

Banamex Client Number

There are different ways to be able get customer numberit is very important to know what the different ways to achieve it are, since there are different types of means but to know which is the most effective and fastest.

Step #1.- View the banking contract

You can find out your Banamex customer number by checking directly at the electronic banking contract or the debit or credit card that you have since you opened your bank account.

Step #2.- Go to the bank

The other way you have to know your Banamex customer number is by going to the bank with your identification and valid cards and once there, an executive will gladly provide you with this requirement.

Services offered by Banamex

One of the best banks without a doubt is Banco Banamex due to all the services it offers and the quality it provides, and one of the oldest since its foundation was in 1884.

  • ➤BancaNet; Provides transactions, account statements and digital branches.
  • ➤Applications like Citibanamex Pay, Citibanamex Mobile Y AforeMóvil Citibanamex.
  • own accountsthis allows the customer to be able to leave their money with essential security.
  • ➤ Another of the best known are credit cards where can take your money everywhere and make payments everywhere they are accepted, an easy and fast way to pay.
  • Reward Points.
  • ➤The best service that Banamex can offer is the one with the creditssince it allows many of its clients to request money to make investments or pay off their debts with extremely low interest costs and affordable monthly payment rates.
  • ➤Online support.

Benefits of Having an Account in Banamex

The benefits of having an account at Banamex they are interesting and very much in line with the needs of citizens.

Among the benefits we have;

  • ➲Allows the customer carry out various activities such as insurance coverage or additional cards which is a very important factor when making any type of purchase.
  • ➲With the Presales option you can access show and concert tickets that are available to the general public.
  • ➲Personal payment plan, interest rate reduction with the Fulfilled Cardholder program and a 24 hour care available of the day for customers and those who want to be customers.
  • ➲You can live truly unique experiences like cultural and sporting events: You can travel and attend conferences.
  • ➲You can enjoy lodging packages and gourmet events.
  • ➲You will be able to secure tables in the best Mexican restaurants.

How to Open an Account in Banamex?

One of the many things that this bank has is the ability to open an account from a certain age so that you can save from a young age. for children to have a sense of saving and also in order to facilitate the procedures in the future.

For open a Banamex account It is first necessary to fulfill a series of requirements which will be shown below.

  • ➤Person must be between the ages of 12 and 23.
  • ➤ You must have an ID with a photo and signature of the person requesting it.
  • ➤ You must have proof of the address where that person is located and with a maximum validity of months.
  • ➤If the person is a minor, it must be taken into account that the birth certificate and passport must be carried.

#1.- For Children:

It is well known that children are very important from an early age introduce them to the world of economics, since most of his life will depend on it in order to be able to pay for services and basic needs, and what better way? than with a bank account from an early age.


  • ➲Be less than 12 years old.
  • ➲ Possess proof of address.
  • ➲An identification of the parent or current legal representative.
  • ➲The child’s birth certificate or passport.

#2.- For young people:

One of the best ways to be able to have the finances of a person who does not yet have a knowledge of the economy in order, is to start having their own bank account, since Young They must think about their future and not only think about the moment.


  • ➤ Be between 12 and 23 years old.
  • ➤ Have an ID up to date.
  • ➤ Proof of address.
  • ➤ Signature of the same.

#3.- For Physical Person:

One of the best ways to have a place where you can make transactions, obtain credit cards and incredible credit plans, would be the Banamex bank, but for Physical person It’s important to keep a few variables in mind when creating your account.


  • ➲Requires valid identification.
  • ➲Be a natural person with a business activity of any kind.
  • ➲Proof of address as in other cases.
  • ➲And finally a federal taxpayer registry.

#4.- For Legal Moral Person:

One of the things that must be taken into account to have a Banamex account if you are Moral personit is first to have the necessary money to make the first deposit, since this allows the bank to maintain an adequate flow of constant money or to earn interest.

There are another number of variables that must be taken into account in order to carry out this action of opening an account, since with it you can have many things, such as an excellent credit plan and a higher number of Credit cards.


  • ➤Make a deposit of $10,000.
  • ➤Constitutive Act/Apostille or Consular Certificate of the Constitutive Act.
  • ➤Notarized powers of attorney of the legal representative(s).
  • ➤And last RFC of the company.

#5.- Master Account:

One of the best things thank the governmentis to be able to provide people who have less than others an opportunity to carry out different medical studies such as treatments and consultations for free so that they can have better health.

One of the best strategies that can be implemented in a country in order to have greater control of the money destined for different cases, is to be able to have a master account, since this is in charge of the distribution of money digitally and facilitate transactions.

According to him article 1227 establishes that the master accounts are solely and exclusively intended for the purpose of having control and being able to manage the Subsidized Regime, which is in charge of being able to distribute a part of the government money to the health of the less fortunate.

For banks a master account It is the one that allows the person to have more services to fulfill as well as a number of requirements, and if they meet them, they are granted certain benefits such as unlimited checks at no cost, an exclusive window and many other services offered by Banamex.


  • ➲Own more than 18 years.
  • ➲Have an initial deposit amount in the amount of $20,000.
  • ➲And finally, have an average balance of $100,000 to carry out the account extension.

#6.- Payroll Account:

Since the coin turned more digital than physicalthe bank was forced to make some changes, such as the implementation of bank transfers or the fact of making deposits and having them appear digitally in your account.

This is where the payroll accountan account specially created so that people who receive their salary can withdraw it at their bank or carry out transactions from it, thus having better control of finances and economic distribution.

But these accounts are not only used for the person who receives the salary, but also for those people who have been on earth longer than others and belong to the 3rd ageand they receive their pension on a monthly basis in their payroll account.

The Banamex payroll accounts They are very good and allow users to have quick access and be able to constantly make inquiries quickly and safely, and to be able to carry out transactions efficiently.


  • ➤ The first thing you must have is the official and current identification.
  • ➤ As in all, proof of address.
  • ➤ Proof of personal or company address.
  • ➤ And finally only the passport and immigration form are required to be able to carry out the. creation of a payroll account.

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