How to Make a Cardboard Shelf? Creative ideas

Cardboard furniture is a good alternative When you want to innovate the decoration of your home and look for a cozy space, with a unique, ecological and very cheap design to place the things you want (books, decorations, shoes, toys)

If you are thinking of having a cardboard shelf, but you have no idea how to do it, don’t worry, this time I show you four very useful options of cardboard shelves that you can do yourself with materials at your fingertips. You will surely love them.

How to Make a Cardboard Shelf?

Cardboard is a very versatile and economical with which you can make numerous objects, in this case we will deal with the making a cardboard shelf so you can place all the books and put together a bookcase original in a very simple way.

What should you keep in mind to make a cardboard book shelf?

Before starting the elaboration of the cardboard book shelf, you must keep in mind:

#1.- Type of boxes

You can look for boxes of different size cardboard the amount you think is enough to store the books you have. They can be with or without a background, as you prefer, that will depend on the type of design.

#2.- Place where the shelf will be placed

You should locate the place and know the size that it has, that will also depend on the number of cardboard boxes that you must find.

#3.- Shelf design

You can choose from many designs that are modern and original. If you decide on bottomless boxes, you can place the bookcase on the wall so you can use it as a background. You can choose between the model of different levels one on top of the other like shelves or where the boxes are scattered in various places in that space.

The materials to use;

  • Cardboard boxes
  • cutter
  • Contact or industrial glue
  • Fasteners to hold the boxes to the wall
  • Color paints to taste to decorate

Step 1.- Stack the boxes for the shelf structure

Stack the boxes according to the chosen designsecure them with glue for added security

Step 2.- Fix the boxes to the fixings on the wall

Attach the fasteners to the wall the way you want the distribution of the boxes. Put the boxes on the wall fasten them with the fasteners

Step 3.- Decorate the cardboard shelf to your liking and it will be ready

start decorating, beating them to your liking. Let dry and place the books

How to Make a Cardboard Shoe Rack?

cardboard shoe rack

If you think you have a mess with your shoes and you need a good, nice and cheap shelf, I’ll help you with the idea so you can make a cardboard shelf and thus organize your shoes. I show you what you need to make an original model.

The materials to use;

  • Cardboard sheets
  • Glue
  • thick sticky tape
  • cutter
  • painting for decoration

Step 1.- Begin to assemble triangles with the cardboard sheets for the structure

Assemble the cardboard sheets in several triangular modules that you can hold with the adhesive tape

Step 2.- Assemble as many triangles as you need and paste them forming the structure

Make as many modules as space you want for your shoes. Join the triangular modules with glue so that you only have one piece left

Step 3.- It is time to paint and leave it in the space you want

It’s time for the decoration to your liking. Let dry and place it on the designated space

Step 4.- Place a pair of shoes per module

Now you can organize your shoes, each pair you will place in a triangular module

How to Make a Cardboard Shelf for Toys?

If you need urgently keep more order in your home with children’s toysa practical, very easy and economical way is to make a cardboard shelf, which you can make with the help of the little ones so that they can decorate it as they want and so they know that this will be the place where they will place their toys and keep them tidy.

The materials to use;

  • 1 sheet of cardboard 42 cm wide by 66 cm long
  • 1 sheet of cardboard 43 cm wide by 13.5 cm long
  • 4 medium size cardboard boxes (can be the same size) approximately 21 cm wide by 16.5 cm high and 10 cm deep
  • Scotch tape
  • hot silicone
  • Decorative paper (used to cover gifts) of the design that children like
  • White glue

Step 1.- Place the cardboard boxes on a cardboard sheet

take the big sheet paperboard. Distribute the boxes on the sheet. You must place them in such a way that the strongest part of the box is the top of the shelf because that is where the heaviest toys will be placed.

Step 2.- Join the boxes and then these to the cardboard sheet

Match all 4 boxes with the adhesive tape. Stick the boxes to the sheet cardboard with silicone.

Step 3.- Place another sheet of cardboard as a base

Place the sheet of smaller cardboard as bottom support off the shelf

Step 4.- Decorate the cardboard shelf and it will be finished

Once everything is reinforced with the adhesive tape, it is time to start the decoration lining with the decorated paper and glue. ready you can place the toys.

mini cardboard shelf

How to Make a Mini Cardboard Shelf?

If you want for example renew the decoration of your kitchenand include some shelves to better organize everything, I can give you an idea of ​​how to make a mini cardboard shelf so that place the small containers of condiments and spices what do you use A nice, fast and very simple solution.

The materials to use;

  • 4 strips of cardboard 3 cm wide
  • 2 cardboard rectangles of 13 cm x 7 cm (which will be the shelves)
  • 2 cardboard rectangles 7 cm wide by 12.5 cm high (these will be the walls of the shelves)
  • Paints to decorate to your liking
  • Decorative paper
  • Glue stick
  • hot silicone

Step 1.- Line the cardboard and assemble the shelves

Line the rectangles cardboard with decorative paper. assemble the shelf, joining the rectangles with hot silicone

Step 2.- Add some cardboard strips as shelves

Then place the cardboard strips at shelf level to serve as a safety support for spice jars

Step 3.- You can add an element like a teaspoon to the sides and it will be ready

Follow decorating to your liking. You can place a fine wire to one side of the walls of the shelf so that you can place a measuring teaspoon (the smallest) that will serve to take the spices

Cardboard is a very versatile and very practical to make shelves and to be able to organize many things. I hope this information has been of great help and remember to visit this site to see other wonderful ideas of how to do anything.

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