How to Make a Covenant with God? What you should know

God is the supreme being for any religion, in the case of Catholics, make a pact with God is a kind of compromisein the bible it is known as “chaining together”, this referring to marriage or the earthly union of two beings.

To make a pact with God it is necessary to have enough faith to believe that he can achieve anything on the planet, One of the most effective ways to make a pact with God is the following:

How to Make a Covenant with God?

Step #1.- Find a private place without distractions✔

lock you in a roomwhere you are calm, without distractions or noises that can disorient you from your request.

Step #2.- First be grateful✔

start with one prayer of thanks to Godin which you thank for everything you already have, but you make a small mention of what you want to obtain.

Step #3.- Recite the following prayer✔

you say the following words “Thank you God for everything you have given me, but I need your help to achieve … (you make your request)”.

Step #4.- Offer something in return✔

Once you make the request, you offer something to God in exchange for what you are asking forAn example of this is going to mass on a specific day of the week.

Step #5.- You must act with reciprocity✔

You can ask God for anything you want, the more things are, you must put more in returnTake it as a reciprocity deal.

Step #6.- End with an Our Father✔

The Our Father is the model prayer that Jesus Christ left in the Bible and one of the most famous; in this all the important elements to pray effectively are concentrated, so people have great faith when they recite it.

How to make a pact with God to be a millionaire?

You have to keep something in mind there are different types of pacts, between God and man, between friends, family and even companies; In this case, your pact wants to be with God, but for Money, which is something material and considered vanity.

Money in the life of man comes and goesand one thing we can be sure of is that if it is not managed well and used correctly, it disappears without us noticing, even if you make a pact with God or any other being.

But here we will show you how to make a pact with god to be a millionaire.

Step #1.- Go to church

Go to a sacred church or templeno matter what religion you are, according to your religion you will have a place of worship and encounter with God.

Step #2.- Ask God that your profits increase

Present yourself in prayer with God and ask him to multiply your economic gainsor some investment that you will make in the next few days or in the near future.

Step #3.- Offer an offering in return

In exchange for your request for Money, offer a good gift or offering to Godor to some place or person that really needs it, it can be to the same Church or Temple.

Step #4.- Fulfill your part of the pact

When God helps you with what you have asked, you must fulfill your part of the pact, otherwise it can be considered by God as a betrayal.

How to Make a Pact with God to be Famous?

Being famous is the dream of many people, but working on it must be done daily, being famous is not achieved overnight, so you make a pact with God, if it is not for you, it will not be fulfilled.

We all know that we have gifts and that we excel at something, some in the writing, others in dancing, singing, acting, drawing, fashion design, makeup, painting, among other gifts.

But something if we can be clear in order to be famous in what we do, we have to stand out a lot, stand out much more than other people and be sure that what we are doing is the best thing we have done in our lives.

But here we will show you How to make a pact with God to be famous.

Step #1.- Write a letter with your request✔

write a letter to god about what you want most to be famous, write or ask God what you want, in detail, but you must give him something in return.

Step #2.- Offer something in return (act of kindness, offering, etc)✔

That is to say, in the letter you ask God to be famous for one of your giftsbut in return you will do an act of good faith, it can be helping your neighbor in need, going to mass every Sunday, making a donation, caring for a sick person, etc.

Step #3.- Store in a red envelope✔

Once the letter you must close it in an envelopeit can be red or light blue, and place it under your pillow.

Step #4.- Every night remember your request✔

Every night before bed remember what you have written in said letter, but you must not open it.

Step #5.- When you are famous…✔

When the pact is fulfilled, you must open the letter, read it again and burn it in the name of God.

Step #6.- Keep the promise✔

You begin to perform the leap of faith that you placed in the letter by the stipulated time, this in the form of gratitude to God for the favor received

In churches you can also be guided to make a covenant or commitment with God, the priests can guide you in itthey can ask you for a collaboration for the church or a donation in exchange for praying for you and your request.

Do not see it in a negative way, it is always good to help others, and do not feel that it is selfish to ask God what you want. to be famous, we all have a wish and if that is yours, go ahead and ask for it.

How to Make a Covenant with an Evangelical God?

The evangelical church is a little stricter than the catholic church, but in the same way you can make pacts with evangelical God, it is important to remember that God is the same, both evangelical and catholic.

To make a pact with an evangelical God you must follow these steps:

Step #1.- Read the bible

Read the evangelical biblewhich surely because of your evangelical religion you already know completely.

Step #2.- Talk to a brother from the church about your need to make a pact with God

In worship or church evangelical talk to the superior brother and tell him that you want to make a pact with God for a certain reason.

Step #3.- Have faith in your pact with God, he will listen to you

most of the time They will explain to you that God is the one who makes a covenant with his childrenbut in the same way you can do it with him.

Step #4.- Offer service to the community

You look for a white sheet and you write as a kind of contract to Godin which you ask for something in return and offer something else.

Step #5.- Offering to the church

you can offer him preach the word in a community every day, or a specific day a week, also attend extra church activities. You can too give donations of money towards the evangelical churchthis is very well seen in this religion, so do not forget it.

Step #6.- Read your request after the adoration

Once you have made the letter and the request, you can put it in your pocket every day you go to church, and read it at the end of worshiping God, but only for you, remember that it is an individual act.

Step #7.- Do what you promised

When what you have asked God for is fulfilled, remember that the pact you have made is a commitment and that it is for life, so Start fulfilling your part of the bargain.

Pact with the Devil: Why should you never do it?

The devil is the personification of evil, for the Christian religion who lives in hell and to that place the children of God do not want to arrive; but nevertheless, many people in the world make pacts with him in exchange for favors or even supernatural powers, to harm other people, and being the opposite of good, a pact with the devil does not bring good consequences.

The bible describes him as the father of all lies, in the Gospel of John chapter 8 verse 44, Jesus describes him as a murderer and a great liar who only makes people lie; under this premise it is very possible that any pact you make with the devil, his part is not fulfilled, the main reason because he is a liar.

The bible in the same Gospel of John Chapter 10 verse 10, speaks of the thief, referring to the devil and mentions that he only dedicates himself to kill, steal and destroy, So if you make a deal with the devil, even though you may think you’ve gotten a favor or it was worth it, it will only end in death and destruction in the end.

Theft refers to stealing, losing things that were valuable to you, be they people, objects, jobs among others, for these reasons a pact with the devil is not a good idea under any circumstances and therefore you should never do it.

I hope this article has been useful to you and it is clear to you that A pact with God is something serious, but without any problem you can do it, you just have to have the will to fulfill your part, while a pact with the devil you should never do.

For this and other information, I invite you to continue enjoying the contents of our blog.

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