How to Make a Crochet Shawl?

Shawls are very elegant pieces related to femininity, however, to make them the person must have certain skills with weaving, and Finding beautiful, feminine and easy designs does not seem like an easy task. It is not like that, you came to the right place because in this article I will teach you how to crochet a shawl step by step.

How to Make a Rectangular Crochet Shawl?

Rectangular shawls are one of the most classic, they can be worn in different ways and depending on the color can be used for various formal and informal occasionsKnowing this, it is ideal that you learn how to make a rectangular crochet shawl and then I will teach you:

The materials to use;

  • 5 balls of thread or wool of 100 grams each
  • crochet needle
  • Scissor
  • wool needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Types of stitches: double crochet (PA), single crochet (PB) chain (C)

Step 1.- Start by knitting the width you want for the shawl

you will start to knit the rectangular shawl widthwisewhich will be 45 cm with a number of chains in multiples of 6+1

Step 2.- Now weave the length of this which will be 1.50mts

Later you will repeat a sequence of 4 lapsuntil reaching the desired length for the shawl, which in this case will be 1.50 meters

Step 3.- Weave a slip knot to continue

Begin weaving by making a slipknot To do this, roll the thread through your fingers, form a circle and pass the long strand through the middle

Step 4.- Weave the chains again to the width you want

Done this, you must weave the chains in multiples of 6+1when you reach the required width weave an extra chain

Step 5.- It’s time to knit the first round of the crochet shawl

For start with the 1st lap mark the penultimate chain and crochet three chains that will be the first stitch of row 1, then insert into the stitch you marked earlier and crochet a double crochet

Step 6.- Continue knitting the round with high, medium and low points

Later repeat dc over each c you just knitted until you reach the end. Ready this part continue knitting the 1st row, chain 1, then go to the bottom stitch and single crochet

Step 7.- Start weaving so that you form a “W”

Knit 2C link and count two stitches, insert the needle at number 3 and then make 1Dc, knit 2C link and where you knit the Dc knit another Dcresulting in a “W”

Step 8.- Repeat the previous step until you reach the end of the row

Knit 2C count two stitches and in the third knit a single crochet, repeat this same sequence knit a “W” and then a single crochet until the end of the lap

Step 9.- Turn the shawl to knit round Nº2

Turn the shawl on row 2knit 4C that equals 1 double CP, then in the “W” space knit 2 CP closed together, knit 3 groups of these over the same hole and separate with 2C, knit 1C and repeat the sequence until you reach the end of the width

Step 10.- Turn again for round Nº3 with double crochets and chain stitches

Turn the fabric; round 3 starts by knitting 3C which is equivalent to 1dc, knit 1C more and knit in the space after the first group of 2dc together 1dc and 1c; knit in the next space 1dc and 1c repeating until you reach the end

Step 11.- The fourth round is knitted with three chain stitches and double crochet

Knit 3C for the first stitch on row 4knit over the first space 1dc then over the dc from the previous round knit 1dc, repeat this knitting sequence over the spaces and dc until you reach the end, closing with a 1dc

Step 12.- Repeat all these four rows until you reach the width of the hook

Repeat the sequences of the 4 laps until you reach the length of 1.50 established, to finish off weave a chain and lose the thread inside the shawl using a wool needle, in this way the rectangular shawl will be ready

How to Make a Triangular Crochet Shawl?

A triangular shawl is also an excellent option when it comes to knitting one, it has multiple possibilities so you can use it elegantlyso if you want to learn how to make a triangular crochet shawl, in this section I am going to show you how:

The materials to use;

  • 4 balls of wool of 100 grams each
  • Crochet needle No. 7
  • wool needle

Step 1.- Knit the shawl with four different types of stitches

The first thing you must have is the scheme of how you want it, in this case you are going to use 4 different types of point types; the chain (C), double crochet (PA), single crochet (PB) and pop-corn (PP)

Step 2.- Knit a semicircle to start

To start you will begin to weave with a semicircle, this includes that you must make a magic circle

Step 3.- Be careful not to close it

Every time you turn it instead of closing it, you turn it this way it will knit from side to side.

Step 4.- To make the increases, separate the first and last stitch of each round

In the case of the increases these will be located on the same side in all rounds; to make them the first and last stitch of each round must be separated from the rest with a chain

Step 5.- Place the other increases in the center of the shawl

In these spaces two stitches will always be knitted together, the following increases will go in the center where they will be knitted as follows: 1 stitch 2 chains and 1 single stitch, in the space of the 2 central chains of the previous row

Step 6.- While you weave you will make three different types of rows turning it in each one

During the making of the shawl you will have to make three types of lapsin double crochet, net stitch and pop-corn stitch; each time a turn ends the project must be turned

Step 7.- Knit the first round between double crochets and chain stitches

No. 1 begins with a magic circle, make the knot and 4 air chains that will count as the first double crochet and a chain. Make inside the same circles 2PA, 2C, 2PA,1C, 1PA

Step 8.- Continue to row No. 2 in the same way in double crochet and chain stitches

Lap #2 will be one in PA, you will have 4C, 2dc together in the bottom chain space 2dc, you will come to the middle and knit into the center two chain spaces from the previous row 1dc, 2c and 1 dc. These will be the increases what do you always do in the middle

Continue knitting 2dc then 2dc together in the middle 2 chain space from the previous round and 1c next to 1dc in the beginning chain of the previous round, turn the project

Step 9.- Rounds 3 to 6 will be double crochet with their corresponding increases

Knit rounds No. 3,4,5 and 6 in AP making the corresponding increases explained above in the middle, at the beginning and at the end of each row

Step 10.- Round No. 7 should be knitted in net stitch

Number 7 will be a lap in net stitch for her you will crochet 4C, 2dc together in the chain space below, now insert 1c and skip a stitch and 1dc until you reach the end with the same increases

Step 11.- Round No. 8 will be in double crochet for No. 9 you will use other

In the lap No. 8 you must weave in high point. For the round Nº9 you will mix the single point and the pop-corn pointthe increases remain the same and the first dc will not be chained up but directly

Step 12.- Recover the points from the previous round

Recovering all the points that were left in the air in the previous lap following the sequence: 1sc, 1c, 2sc, together in the bottom chain space, 1sc, 1dc, 3dc and 1dc (repeat this sequence 5 times) 1dc, 1dc

Step 13.- Recover the stitches from the center of the previous round and continue

1dc already in the center do 1dc, 2c, 1dc in the space of the two central chains of the previous round, continuing to the other side use the same 1dc, 1dc, 3dc and 1dc (repeat this sequence 5 times) 1dc, 1dc, 2dc together in the bottom chain space 1C and 1PB

Step 14.- Knit the rows nº10 to nº17 between double crochets, pop-corn and net

Lap No. 10 will be in high point, lap 11 stitch in net; lap 12, 13 and 14 in double crochet; round 15 in pop-corn stitch, rounds 15,16 and 17 in double crochet

Step 15.- Continue rows Nº18 to Nº32 repeating the previous step

Continue round 18 and the rest of them until you reach 32, following the same sequence of types of lapsthat is: double crochet, net stitch, double crochet, pop-corn stitch, double crochet, net stitch, and so on until the triangular shawl is finished

How to Crochet a Wedding Shawl?

you can use the step by step of “how to make a triangular crochet shawl” to make a wedding shawlthe only thing that differentiates them from the rest of the shawls will be the color, because specifically you will have to use white woolto give it a different touch you can add some tassels that you can make or buy beforehand and just add it to the shawl.

The rectangular shawl design it can also work, if you use white wool; You can also add tassels to both sides of it, to make it all the elegant that is needed on this special date, so you already have two options to choose the design of your wedding shawl and all that remains is to get to work.

In this way we have reached the end of the article, remember to follow the step by step of how to crochet a shawl so you can make them with your own hands.

To finish, I want to invite you to continue enjoying the content that we prepare especially for you in future publications and learn how to make a project.

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