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For many companies, having a follow-up in every aspect is very important since in this way it is possible to determine in a more efficient way where strengths or weaknesses lie of it in order to have a better management of everything.

When we talk about a company dossier we refer to a document in which all the information that may be useful or is outstanding in some way in the company is compiled, since in this way it is possible to have a better perception of the business.

This type of document can be adapted to the sector it is addressed to, since if it is for publication, of course, the type of information will be different from that which can be offered, for example, to company suppliers.

It must be taken into account that there is information that must be presented regardless of the person to whom the report is addressed, since it is necessary that the person who reads it can understand of what is the company about and what information do you want to highlight about it.

Some of the points that we must take into account for the elaboration of these types of documents are:

Step 1.- What is the intention of the Dossier?✔

Before starting to do it, it is important that you meet with your work team and they can establish what objectives they want to achieve with the Dossier, for example get investors; From there, define aspects such as the message you want to send and the way to engage with your target audience.

Step 2.- Structure that the Dossier will have✔

This has to do with the content that you will include in your dossier and its extension; We recommend that this does not exceed 10 pages; not only the text is important; display photographs and images referring to products and servicesemployees, company building, founders among others will be very effective:

As for the textual content, this should include:

#2.1: Company Presentation:

It includes its history, mission and vision, objectiveswork values, institutional ethics, company logo.

#2.2: Products and services:

In this section you will include the description of each of the products and services offered by your company along with the benefits it brings to the users who acquire them.

#2.3: Company Business Growth Charts:

Show the growth in your client portfolio, the places where there is a branch of your companythe evolution in the provision of services and the innovative products it offers, will make many cast their eyes on it.

#2.4: Achievements and testimonials:

This section gives credibility to your company, you must include all the awards you have received, the testimonials of satisfied customers, as well as the certifications that your company has.

#2.5: Contact:

We recommend that this be the last page of your Dossier, here you will insert the physical address of the company, contact numbers, emails and social networks.

Step 3.- Design of the Dossier✔

Once you have the content ready, you must define what the graphic design will be for it, you must take into account the typography that you will use, the colors, the layout and the program in which you will do it, for example Illustrator or Photoshopthen you can pass all the information you collected previously.

Step 4.- Corrections and impressions✔

The next step is to correct the design of the dossier, verify that it meets the expected objectives; if so it’s time to print it for it send it to a trusted print shop with everyone or you can also keep it digital only.

Step 5.- Distribution✔

Once you have the prints at hand it will be time to distribute it to the different companies, investors among others; if it is only digital, you must send it to the customer database, companies and investors you need.

How is a Company Dossier made? of construction

When you have a company, it is concrete it is easier to determine the use of the document since, for example, in the case of a construction company this type of information can be used by providers.

Now if the information is going to offer to customers the way in which it is presented must change a bit since the most important thing at this point is to obtain a very good impression, because this in many cases will determine the interest of the client.

Whatever the type of Dossier, they all have the same objective, show the best face of a company to become the option of choice for clients and investors; the world of construction is not the exception since this is a market that does not stop; thus in this section we will teach you how to make a dossier that will be the ideal instrument to attract new resources.

In the case of making a dossier for a construction company It is recommended to have the following points consider:

Step 1.- Establish the intention of the Dossier✔

It is not only presenting your company and attracting new construction projects, but what type of clients do you want to have? Exclusivity and innovation are key when making this type of Dossier; For this, it is also key to have a clear vision of the company.

Step 2.- Think about the structure of the Dossier✔

Construction is a results market, that is, what is worth is not to expose an urban project in theory but to see it carried out, that is what happens with the Dossier; therefore the use of images in the structure will be vital; it must have only the essential textual content, be practical and short.

#2.1: Presentation of the Dossier:

This includes the history, vision, mission and objectives of the company; it was specified at the time of writing, otherwise those reviewing the dossier would ignore this section; We recommend that you do not dedicate more than one paragraph to each point.

#2.2: Products and services section:

This is the body of the Dossier and must be composed mostly of imagesalong with a small one of each service and project carried out, including the dates will also be important.

#2.3: Credibility Section:

Here you can show graphs and statistics that reflect the growth of the companynot only this but also the testimonials of satisfied customers, and certifications that demonstrate the profitability of the company.

#2.4: Contacts Section:

This information must be located at the end of the Dossier; includes contact numbers, social networks, emails and physical address.

Step 3.- Design of the Dossier✔

This has to do with the aesthetics of the Dossier, you must choose the color palette, we recommend not using more than two tones and that these can be sober, in addition to modern and stylized typography and high resolution images; In this aspect, the application you use for the design is also important.

Step 4.- Printing and distribution✔

Once the design is ready, the next step is to print it and distribute the Dossier to suppliers and potential clients.; Another quite viable option is to leave it digital and send it to the mail of all the companies and people you need to know what this Dossier offers them.

How is a Company Dossier made? cleaning

The case of services is a bit abstract and that is the case of cleaning; because we cannot touch it, nor see it; therefore we only check how good it is until we make use of this service, Therefore, in this case, the presentation and exposing the good credibility of your company will be vital when preparing the Dossier.

Step 1.- Intent of the Dossier✔

You must be very clear about what you want to achieve with the Dossier and to whom it will be directed, for example suppliers and other companies are potential customers for your company, therefore, you must know what message you want to send them; just as you hope they perceive you.

Step 2.- Content of the Dossier✔

This type of Dossier has the peculiarity of being more descriptive, Unlike a construction company, here the section that should be most relevant is the one referring to credibility.; since in it you must include the testimonials of satisfied clients with the service you offered.

You can also highlight the work methodology you use and who the work team is made up of.; since this will increase the confidence of your potential clients in the service.

Step 3.- Design and distribution of the Dossier✔

The first has to do with its appearance and the second the means by which it will reach the potential clients and investors you need; the design of a Dossier also speaks volumes about what a company can offer in this case cleanliness and neatness.

Choose a color palette and font that matches your company’s style and what you offer; finally once the design is finished, You can print the Dossier to distribute it physically or send it digitally via email.

How is a Company Dossier made? of Services

The key in these documents is the ability to make an impactsince the first impression, although it is true, is not the most important, plays a big role when making a decision for most people.

That is why when we are going to make a service company dossier it is important to first establish What services are being offered and towards which public will it be oriented? this type of service.

As in the previous case using the right words to describe the type of services your company offers will be key so that the dossier has the expected success, that is why in this article we will show you how you can do it.

Step 1.- What services are you going to offer?✔

All of them will form the body of the Dossier, it is expected not to be so extensive (max. 10 pages); compiles a clear and precise description of each of the services offered by the company and how they benefit the lives of the users who acquire them; For this, you must know your target audience very well.

You must specify the aspects that make up each service and also the cost that it will have; In this section we also recommend that you include some type of special promotion for exclusive customers if you have them or another that can attract the attention of customers.

Step 2.- Structure and design of the Dossier✔

The first has to do with the number of sections it will have and you must remember that in the case of services, credibility is very important, so don’t forget to include customer testimonials and some graphics to help show credibility.

As for the design, it must convey the essence of the company and draw the attention of users who access the dossier, so choose a simple and easy to follow layout, typography must be legible; you can play a little with the sizes; Finally, the color palette you choose will be the final hook for customers.

Step 3.- Distribution✔

It can be in print or digital form; In the first case, take it to a trusted printing company and depending on the number of copies you require, they will tell you the printing system to use.this is key since from the design.

This aspect must be defined since in this case CMYK colors; in the case of opting for distribution through email, the type of color will be RGB and it will work as a digital Dossier

For this reason, it is important that the dossier be oriented towards an audience that can identify with it and is well buy or contract what is offered.

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