How to make a dream catcher? Guide

Dreamcatchers from ancient cultures have meant a magical form of protection and impact on the meaning of dreamsHence, their popularity has transcended from generation to generation and today they continue to be kept as a relic in homes around the world. If you want to have your own dream catcher, you can make it from your home using some materials, that is why we will tell you how to make a dream catcher.

How to make a dream catcher?

The dreamcatchers are easy to make decorative pieces, therefore, you can do it manually from the comfort of your home.

Step 1.- Materials needed

  • A hoop, it can be metal or wood, of the desired size
  • Fabric or leather strap
  • clothes hook
  • white thread or any color
  • Pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • basins
  • Pens

Step 2.- Cover the hoop with tape and wait for it to dry

Apply white school glue (preferably) all the way around the hoop and using the fabric or leather tape, proceed to cover the entire hoop; For this you can fix the end of the tape with a clothes hanger and then go lining with circular movements trying not to loosen the tape.

You have to leave a few centimeters without lining to make the final knot. Let the glue dry so that it is lined correctly.

Step 3.- Measure and cut the thread for the spider web

You’ll measure 4 meters of thread, cut and join its ends. Then, from the middle of the pair of threads we tie the ring at the point from which the dream catcher will be hung, in addition, this will be the starting point to make the spider web.

Step 4.- Make the base by wrapping the thread around the hoop

There will be two ends or two ends, take one of them and begins to wind along the entire length of the hoop, Just as we did with the tape, but this time you must leave spaces of 4 centimeters for each one. This will allow you to specify the base of the mesh.

Step 5.- Weave the spider web to the hoop

Take a new thread and begins to make the internal spider web using as an initial base the one made Previously, you are going to weave by levels until you reach a central point where there is a circle in the middle.

The way you are going to weave is totally personal, you can search for spider web models and guide you in order to facilitate the procedure.

Step 6.- Add some beads to the mesh and check the knots

Yes you are going to place accounts inside the network, you have to add them between each knot. It is important that the knots are well made and tight, to prevent damage to the end because it loosened.

Step 7.- Decorate the ring and the mesh

Once you have your spider web ready, it’s time to decorate, you can add beads and rhinestones to taste, because the idea is also to make a piece that is attractive and fulfills its function.

Step 8.- Add feathers to the dream catcher

Place the feathers, they go at the bottom of the hoop, for this you can fix them with a needle and thread or use small hoops to join it to the main hoop.

Step 9.- Attach a ribbon to hang it

Uses the remaining tape and in the space you had left when lining, make a knot, so you can hang it where you want. Ready!


How to Make a Giant Dreamcatcher?

The Dreamcatcher size is determined by the size of the hoop, so if you want a giant one you have to get a giant hoop and the procedure to use is the same for all cases, however, we will explain it to you in detail below:

Step 1.- Materials to use

  • Giant metal or wooden hoop
  • clothes peg
  • Pair of scissors
  • White glue
  • Waxed thread of the desired color
  • Pens
  • rhinestones

Step 2.- Line the ring of the dreamcatcher

place glue all over the ring and proceed to cover using tape or other material. Being a giant, you have to line slowly and correctly, preventing it from loosening.

Step 3.- Line a pendant with thread and gas to hang

Using the thread we will repeat the same procedure After the glue has dried in the previous procedure, at the end you must make a knot so that you can hang the feathers from it.

Step 4.- Weave the mesh of the dreamcatcher

Begin to make the mesh of the dream catcher, For this you are going to use the thread that you wrapped around the hoop as a base, first you have to make knots all over the hoop leaving 5 cm between them, then part of one of them and make levels of weaving to finally finish in the center.

Step 5.- Decorate to your liking

Once you’re done with all the mesh, you can tie some ribbons to the hoop and place rhinestones, colored feathers, among others; this to give more eye-catching to the giant dream catcher

When the hoop is giant, the spider web is easier to make, therefore, do not worry, being bigger is easier.


How to Make a Dream Catcher for Kids?

The best little ones are the most likely to have bad dreamsThis is why, if you want to protect them and offer them peaceful nights full of sweet dreams, you can make a special dream catcher for them, based on colors and shapes that they love. The materials to be used are the following:

Step 1.- Materials to use

  • Ring
  • Wire
  • clothes hook
  • White glue
  • colored ribbon
  • Stamen of the desired color
  • Scissor
  • rhinestones and beads
  • Colourful feathers
  • figures

Step 2.- Mold the wire in the shape you want

Using a pickaxe, shape the wire and make a heart or star, which will be in the center of the hoop and will give it a special touch for the little ones.

Step 3.- Tie the wire shape to the hoop

Place the hoop and in the middle the heart or star, then take the yarn and make the first knot in the hoop, then stretch straight and in the same direction and tie a knot in the wire of the heart or star. You are going to repeat the procedure leaving 1 cm between each knot.

At the end you will see that the figure remains in the center, as if trapped inside the ring.

Step 4.- Decorate with feathers and beads

Measure three pieces of yarn in the same length. Make a knot at the bottom of the hoop with each one of them and let it fall, at the end place the feathers and glue beads, rhinestones and figures along its length using hot silicone, it will look like a bedroom mobile.

Step 5.- Make a pendant to hang the dream catcher

Finish the decoration and then make with yarn at the top of the hoop, a pendant so you can hang it from any height.


How to Make a Dreamcatcher with Recycled Material?

You can also make your dream catcher with recycled material, using all the techniques and DIY. In this case, you we will show how to make one, using a paper plate. The materials to be used are the following:

Step 1.- Materials to use

  • a cardboard plate
  • Drill
  • cold paints
  • Yarn or thick yarn
  • Beads, rhinestones
  • Pens

Step 2.- Make a ring of the cardboard plate

Cut the base of the plate circular, once ready you will have a cardboard ring that will work as a base.

Step 3.- Decorate with paint

proceed to paint it the color you want using cold paints and let dry.

Step 4.- Make some holes

Later make holes with the hole punch all the way around the ring, leaving spaces of 4 to 5 cm for each hole.

Step 5.- Weave the dream catcher net

Take the yarn and tie a knot in the first hole, spreads across the center of the rim the yarn to the hole that is parallel and tie a knot. Do this process until all the holes are occupied. You will see that a network is formed.

Step 6.- Rhinestones to decorate

go placing beads and rhinestones to decorateyou can paste them using hot silicone.

Step 7.- Add some feathers

Makes three consecutive holes on the edge of the hoop separated from those of the net and hang your feathers there using thread or metal hoops. Otherwise, you can glue the feathers directly to the cardboard using hot glue.

Step 8.- Finish with a pendant to hang on the wall

Makes a hole at the top and using a thread or the same yarn makes a pendant so you can hang your dreamcatcher in the bedroom. Ready.

Where should a dream catcher be placed?

Dreamcatchers being objects related to sleep and rest, should be placed inside the bedroom, closest to the bed. There is no difference if it is an adult, a child or a baby, you have to position it in the room.

There are people who use them as decorative elements in any corner of the house and they are even placed as accessories that people carry with them everywhere, however, in these ways, according to beliefs and experts, they do not generate any impact or perform their function.

The best is place it on the headboard of the bed or hang it from the ceilingbecause as we know the positive energies go down in the direction of the feathers, therefore, they should never be placed at the foot of the bed or below our head.

Also, you must make sure it is in a place where it receives natural lightwhere the first rays of dawn illuminate it, because they are the ones that take away bad dreams, clean the dreamcatcher and charge it with energy, so you can place it near the window.

Finally, so that they can perform their function, the dream catchers they must be in perfect condition, they must receive light, be cleaned and cared for so that they can work during the night without inconvenience.

What Kind of Thread is Used for Dreamcatchers?

The thread that is used in its elaboration varies according to the model and even culture. Currently, they use artificial threads in all their geometry, combining colors and shapes to give it a more modern look.

However, the original dreamcatcher is made with natural cotton thread on the spider webwhile on the entire circumference of the hoop, skin or suede thread is placed.

What are dream catchers like?


Dreamcatchers consist of a hoop that is adorned with string and beadsinside there is one or several threads armed in the form of a spider net and it has some feathers anchored to the ring in its lower part.

The manufacturing materials are very diverse, although in general, they use a metal ring, natural bird feathers and cotton thread inside, which establishes the complete analogy of a spider web.

What is a dream catcher and what is it for?

Dreamcatchers are nothing more than a circular ethnic object on which a network of fabric threads is formed, in the form of a spider web and decorated with beads and feathers. It has its origin in the native people of North America, called Ojibwa. However, it has remained within Western culture especially, although it is also known in the old continent.

The name of the dream catcher comes from the English “dreamcatcher or dream catcher” that when translated into Spanish means “Dream Hunter”. In the language of the Ojibwa people they were called “asabikeshiinh, or bawaajige nagwaagan” which is the translation of spider or dream trap.

For their part in the Lakota language, they were known by the name of “iháŋbla gmunka”.

East object is used as a dream filterthat is, it allows only positive dreams to pass and leaves negative dreams trapped in its cobweb network, which disappear at the first light of dawn.

However, for the “lakota” people dreamcatchers work in reversethat is, the good dreams remain in the network and go down the feathers to the person sleeping below and the bad ones go through the network and continue.

Finally, these dreamcatchers in other cultures serve as objects of protection against negativities and even, they allow reaching the goals that are proposed, because dreams are compared with aspirations and desires of the person, so they catch those good energies and project them to achieve their dreams.

For this and other information, I invite you to continue enjoying the content that we will be publishing on our blog.

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