How to Make a Glossary? Guide

From the beginning of humanity the invention of an impressive number of terms has emerged, this means that since the times of the cavemen the first terms were already being invented based on body language that gave meaning to each action.

Currently there are millions of words whose uses can range from a War declaration even a cordial and formal greeting of good morning, but what about words that are more complex and of greater meaning than normal ones? Since there are many and some people get confused.

In order to understand and understand each other, and in the face of so many existing words in the world, as well as languages, man was forced to create a book where the greatest number of possible words and their meanings are housed, that book is known as a dictionary, although there are also people who prefer to refer to it as a glossary or glossary of terms.

A glossary, as previously mentioned, is a book that contains many words with their meaningsits function varies depending on what it is wanted for, perhaps to learn new words or to know the meaning of a word that we did not know.

How to Make a Creative Glossary?

Creativity is one of the most important factors that a human being must have, this element can help you in everything, both for work and for having fun and having a good life. Creativity is a factor that allows humanity itself to progress as much as it has done so far and continue to do so in the future.

All inventions are born from creativity, from those people who can think in another way of how to do things, implementing a new technology that greatly benefits the human race, there are many areas of life in which it is put to the test. test our creativity.

One of the things with which you can test the capacity for creativity is making a glossary in a different waysomething different from what other people always present and in this way send a creative and unique message.

But the first thing to think about is How to make a creative glossary? To do it digitally is very simple since you must evaluate how the conventional ones look and give yours a special touch to make it look creative. To do so, just follow these steps:

Step 1.- Choose the theme you prefer for the glossary

Evaluate glossaries already made (a minimum study of 15). Choose an idea, a reason, a theme to make the glossary.

Step 2.- Use decorative elements and apply the steps in the previous section

Use images, colors, different letters for the glossary. Apply step 3 and 4 of the instructions of «How to make a Glossary in Word».

How to Make a Glossary in Word?

An incredible way that must be taken into account in order to manufacture our own glossary It is the digital route, since it is one of the simplest and allows us to correct spelling errors immediately and in this way the digital option is much more feasible.

There are different varieties of programs in which a glossary can be made, but one of the best and of which it is recommended is the Microsoft Word program (recommended its latest version with recent updates) but How to make a glossary in Word?

It is very easy to make a glossary via Word since it offers us an impressive amount of options that can be found when having to make a glossary of any kind.

Step 1.- Open a new document in Word

The first thing you have to have is the Word program installed on the PC. Open a new document in word.

Step 2.- Add the words in alphabetical order from A to Z and add their meaning

Put the words in alphabetical order, that is, write down the words first. letters beginning with the letter A, then B, then C, and so on until you reach the words that start with the letter Z (if you have them in the list). Locate the meaning of all the words that are on the list.

How to Make a Glossary of Words?

Within the language there has always been a great variety in which many words are found. A great sage once said “Words are weapons as sharp as swords” implying how dangerous it could be to misuse words.

Words have always been essential for everything, it is the first form of communication between people, but there are also words whose meaning and name are more complex than is believed.

There are an infinity of weird words but with simple meanings, such as defenestration, whose meaning “is the action of throwing something or someone out of a window”, or for example also the word abuhado which means “person who looks like an owl or is similar to it”

There are different ways in which it is possible to discover the meaning of these words, such as a glossary of words but How to make a glossary of words? It is very simple if you only have the variables and the clear steps.

Step 1.- Define the objective of the glossary of words

It must be clear what is the objective sought with this series of words which are difficult, strange or unusual.

Step 2.- Define if you want to make the glossary digitally or manually

The second thing is to look for the material that is needed to do it (it depends if it is going to be done digitally or physically) if it is digitally only a computer with Word, and if it is physical, sheets, pencil, colors, markers, etc.

Step 3.- Order the words following the order of the alphabet A to Z

It must be ordered alphabetically, that is, place the words according to the order of the letter that begins, the first are those that begin with A, and so on until you reach Z, so that a specific order can be carried out.

Step 4.- Add the meaning of the words and voila!

Locate the meaning of each of the words that I am going to place in the glossary. Start creating it!

How to Make a Glossary of Terms?

Language has been the fundamental basis for the growth and development of today’s society, but the good language it is the one that provides success, since there are different types of languages ​​which vary depending on the continent where the person is.

There are many terms in the language, regardless of whether it is Spanish, English, French, German or Italian, among others, some languages ​​with more terms than others, in general they are many with different meanings and forms of pronunciation. The easiest ways to understand the terms is with a dictionary of termsalthough there are also some people who use glossaries of terms, which also they provide the same as a dictionary, they may even become better.

If you don’t have time or money to search for a glossary of terms, you can very easily make yourself with normal materials, to do it you only need a number of objects which you will need to do it just follow these steps:

Step 1.- Write the title of the glossary in a striking way

The first thing that should be taken into account is the title, since it must be something striking and make sense, apart from that you must write it in capital letters and center them.

Step 2.- Leave two spaces to add the name of the terms and their definition

You must leave 2 lines after the title to be able to write comfortably and without problem, you also have to take into account how you want to do it. After separating 2 lines, write the first term with its definition.

Step 3.- Remember to order them alphabetically from A to Z

Remember that you must first write for the words that begin with the letter A, then the words that begin with the letter B, then C, and so on until you reach Z.

Step 4.- Leave a space between each term so that they are read better, ready!

After writing our first term is It is essential to leave a line between each one so that it is easier to maneuver between the terms and is more readable.

And in this simple way is how you can make a term glossary to have better knowledge of the terms that have already been prescribed and thus search for them quickly.

We have reached the end and we want to thank you for reading us this far, we also hope May this information be very useful to you. When you want to make a glossary, remember that if you want to continue enjoying all the content of our website, you just have to visit us in future publications. We will wait for you! 😉 .

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