How to Make a God Child Dress?

Christmas festivities are the most anticipated time of the year in most countries of the Western world, for the Christian religion celebrating the birth of Jesus is the opening to a faith that has more than two thousand years of history, however, another tradition during this time is that they can dramatize the birth, dressing up as little shepherds or another character.

Patterns to Make God Child Dresses in Fabric

I show you below 3 models with respective steps to follow to make dresses of Child God.

How to Make a God Child Dress in Fabric?

Those who most enjoy this time are the children, they help the grown-ups to decorate the homes with the births and the little tree, in the case of the first dressing the child God is a very popular tradition That’s why I will teach you how to make a God child dress very easy

The materials to use;

  • Suit molds from the measurements of the child God
  • fabric and lining
  • pins
  • Needle and thread
  • snaps or buttons

Step 1.- Mark the patterns of the Niño Dios dress on the fabric and the lining

You should mark the molds of the dress back, front and sleeves in the main fabric and the lining fabric leaving an extra centimeter on each side, except for the bottom where you are going to leave 3 cm more to make a selvedge, this only in the main fabric to the lining should only leave 1 cm.

Step 2.- Pin the pieces together and then sew

One time cut you must join the back with the front by the shoulders in both fabrics, press with a pin and sew, once this seam is made proceed to mount the sleeves for it press a pin in the middle and another 3cm away until reaching the ends of both sides.

Step 3.- For the sleeves, make a rounded seam

Remove the pin from the middle and with a needle and thread make a seam to puff out the sleeve, pleat until it is the size of the armhole, press with a pin and sew, remove the pins and you will see how the piece is taking shape, on the side of the reverse starts to close the dress, this must be done in both fabricsthe main and lining.

Step 4.- Close the dress with a seam from the edge of the skirt to the sleeves

Start from the bottom and press with pins to close the sleeve, repeat the procedure on the other side and sew from the bottom of the dress to the end of the sleeveonce cut, trim the excess a little without reaching the seams, you can try how it looks in the image of the child and from there adjust the dress.

Step 5.- Sew a hem on the edge of the dress

Make a hem on the edge of the dress, only on the main fabric by placing an interesting type of seam, after you have adjusted the dress and the lining to the image of the child and it fits well proceeds to sew the lining to the dress.

Step 6.- Sew the fabric and the lining of the dress together, then turn

Confront the rights of both garments and proceed to press with pins, sew the sides leaving only a small opening in one of these to turn, sew the lower part, on both sides and leave 1 cm to sew, the neckline do it at 0.5 cm once sewn remove all the pins.

Step 7.- Finish closing the dress, fix the details and it will be finished

Match the seams by cutting off the excess and flip through the opening you left unsewn, adjust and iron, proceed to sew the opening you left, then place buttons or some snaps on the back opening to close, try it one last time on the child image and make the last adjustments, the God child dress will be ready.

How to Make a Pastorcito Dress?

The stories of the gospels narrate that the first visitors who arrived after Jesus was born were a group of shepherds, for this reason the figure of a shepherd of sheep is so important within the representation of the birth and the children love them, for this reason if for this Christmas you want dress up your child as a shepherdYou are in the ideal place.

Next, I will show you a couple of options so that you can create, together with the little ones of the house, the best shepherd costumes with materials easy to find and in a few steps so that the children can also participate in this task.

Little shepherd’s dress Nº1

In this first option you have two ways to do it, the first you can use a couple of towels or if you can’t do it with stuffed fabric, in either case, The materials to be used are the following:

  • One large and one medium or small towel (you can substitute about 2 meters of plush fabric, however you will still need the towels)
  • A CD
  • Rubber band or dark-colored ribbon
  • A belt
  • Needle and thread
  • scissor

Step 1.- Cut the fabric to the size of a towel

If you decide to use the stuffed fabric, you should try to make it in earth colors to be more in keeping with the time that the shepherd is going to represent. The first thing you should do is use the towels as a reference to cutyou can place it on top of the fabric, adjust with pins and proceed to cut.

Step 2.- Fold the edge of the fabric and then fold it twice

Once this step is ready, you can make selvedges if you prefer around the two pieces of fabric that you have previously cut, after the fabrics are ready or if you decided to opt for the towels (dark color) the next step is; grab the largest piece of cloth or towel and make a horizontal fold and a vertical fold.

Step 3.- Mark the measurement of the child’s neck on the folded fabric

The second fold will help you find the center of the fabric, once located mark it. Use the CD as a reference to cut the neck, to know the exact measurement, measure the neck of a t-shirt of the child who will wear the dress with a tape and place it around the CD.

Step 4.- Cut the neck in the fabric tunic and sew the selvedge with tape

Cut the neck, if you prefer you can make selvedges with the same fabric using a dark colored ribbon for it. With the towel or smaller piece of cloth, you will use it to make a cloak that will go over the child’s head.

Step 5.- Dress the child with the tunic and adjust the mantle on the head with tape

Fasten it with a rubber band or with the same ribbon that you used for the selvedges, on the child’s head. At the end place the first robe you made on the child and with a belt or other tape, adjust it to the waist and the shepherd costume will be ready.

Little shepherd’s dress Nº 2

To make this costume you must have at hand the following materials:

  • 150 cm x 200 cm of shearling or plush fabric
  • Needle and thread
  • Approximately one meter of cord
  • Scissor

Step 1.- Use a vest or a shirt as a pattern to make the dress

Can use a vest worn by the child as a pattern or from a shirt measure from the armhole, area under the armpit, to the center of the shirt, whichever option you choose after this you must mark the pattern on the smooth part of the fabric using a pencil and cut out, at At the end you can make selvedges with folds if you prefer.

Step 2.- Measure the size of the child’s head to make the hat

The second step is to make a hat. To do this you must measure twice the size of his head for the height and the diameter of the head for the size, pass these measurements with a pencil on the smooth of the fabric, cut and sew.

Step 3.- Use the diameter of the child’s leg to make the leggings

Making a leggings will be the next step, To do this, measure the diameter of your child’s leg, leaving a little loose for the width, transfer this measurement to the fabric and measure about 15 cm in height; sew in a cylindrical way so that at the end you leave an opening that will be closed with a button.

Step 4.- Make a bag that complements the dress with the fabric of this

Lastly, you have a bag that complements the suitTo do this, cut two squares of fabric approximately 15 cm. On the wrong side, that is, the smooth part, sew the ends except one and turn, you will see that there is a small bag to which you will sew the cord at its ends, at the end you can add a button to close.

We have reached the end of this article, we hope that these ideas will be useful for you to make both dresses, as a child of God and as a shepherd for this Christmas, remember to visit our website if you want to know how any piece is made and others more accessing all the content that I prepare for you.

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