How to Make a Homemade Flamenco Dress?

When a suit is going to be made, it is important to take into account its use, since some, for example, they are used to dancethey carry more flight than others, in addition to the fact that the materials will vary a bit because it must be more showy.

at the time of make a homemade flamenco dress it is necessary to determine the parts that are going to be elaborated, since this type of costume has several piecesdetermining the color is also an important point, since in most cases these are striking or have the characteristic moles.

As for your complement, at the time of make the mantilla or the cloak, it must be clear if the design seeks to be striking, since some of these cloaks are usually embroidered, since they are part of the dance.

How to Make a Flamenco Dress?

Step 1.- Place the patterns on the fabric

The first thing to do is locate the patterns depending on the design that is going to be done.

Step 2.- Cut, assemble the pieces and sew the zipper

The patterns will give 6 piecesthe pieces must begin to be assembled, once the pieces are being assembled, the zipper must be placed with the sewing machine.

Step 3.- Iron the neckline and secure the seams

The neckline needs to be ironedit is recommended when the seams are made that they are secured twice.

Step 4.- Sew the sleeves to the dress

Later with the pattern of the sleeves these should be sewn to the dressThese should be finished off with a zig zag seam.

How to Make a Girl’s Flamenco Dress?

It is normal to think of the little ones in the house doing various activities, one of them is dancing, so it is a common task to have to make suitsperhaps for many mothers this can represent a real challenge, but the task is extremely simple to carry out.

For make a flamenco dress for a girl step by step It is important first of all to measure the little one, because this will be the basis for the amount of fabric, it must be taken into account how much fabric is going to be needed to be able to make all the fringes and details that the suit requires.

Materials to use;

  • 6 meters of fabric
  • 2 meters of pink velvet ribbon and 2 meters of blue
  • 1 meter of lining cambric
  • Flemish zipper and a normal one
  • Patterns to make the task easier

Step 1.- Look for a flamenco dress pattern and cut it on the fabric

The first thing to do is make the patterns, the front and the backthe ideal is to look for a pattern model that is already indicated since these will indicate directly where it should be cut.

Step 2.- Cut the petticoat with the pattern

The petticoat is also removed with the help of the patternbut this will not be lined so when cutting it will be ready for the assembly of the suit.

Step 3.- Assemble the pieces

Once everything is cut it’s time to start with the assembly5cm of fold can be placed on the back and as for the sides, 5cm of seam allowance should be left.

Step 4.- Pin while you sew

You should start assembling the dress, should be pinned while sewing with the machine.

Step 5.- The zipper is sewn last

When the shoulders are to be sewn, a little more than the seam allowance should be foldedthe zipper must be sewn before finishing assembling.

Step 6.- Assemble the petticoat to the dress

As for the petticoat this it should be cut into 6 gussets with a width of 16cm as it allows it to expand as the girl grows. They must be ironed and then mount the gussets, in this way it will be ready.

How to Make a Flamenco Dress with Carnation Ruffles?

When it comes to making a flamenco dress, the designs that can be made are different, since the ruffles vary depending on what is wanted or required, for this type of dress it is usual to look for make a flamenco dress with carnation ruffles.

Step 1.- Decide the number of ruffles

The first thing to do is determine how many flyers you want. and that the base design of the dress has a little high in the part where they are going to go.

Step 2.- Cut three circles that fit the edge of the dress

Three circles of fabric should be cut, it is important that the diameter of the inner circle can fit easily in the lower part of the dress.

Step 3.- Line two of the circles

You must line two of these circles that are going to be the rufflesthose that are going to be lined are those that hang from the dress and those that hang from the petticoat, the one that goes in the middle of both will not have a lining. Must be overcast together once lined

Step 4.- Take into account the sizes before cutting

Regarding the sizes it must be taken into account that the first one must measure twice the contour of the dressthe second twice the first and the third twice the previous.

Step 5.- Give the volume to the circles

Inside each circle the can can ruffles must be placed, finished at the top and bottom with a polyester cartthese are the ones that will give the volume.

Step 6.- Make the artisan cart

To make the artisan cart, 4cm strips of fabric are cuthigh and long must be twice the size where they will be sewn.

Step 7.- Finish off and gather the dress

They are finished at the top and bottom with a cord and are gathered in the centerthis way it will be ready.

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