How to Make a Life Project? easy steps

We make a life project to be clear about what we expect from life and the futuregiving us security to make decisions more easily, because knowing our life project the steps and actions are focused on its fulfillment, in addition to motivating us when we feel faint in our plans.

An important aspect of the life project is that it can evolve as the years go by and is subject to planned and unforeseen changes in plans.doing it is not difficult, but if you want a little help you are in the right place, with the help of In this article you will learn how to make your life project. Let’s start!

We know that life projects are an important resource for people due to all the benefits obtainedhowever, you want to make yours, you may ask yourself what steps should I follow?

Being clear from a very young age about the plans, dreams, goals that we want to achieve throughout life is very important, it gives us a clear north of the path that we must travel.making our life project throws this possibility, therefore If you still don’t know how to make your life project, then I’ll show you how;

Step #1.- Write your own biography✔

Start with your autobiography in it you will express who you are (How do you perceive yourself?), the most positive traits of your personality, the things you like and, in general, how your story has been to date.

Step #2.- Make a SWOT list (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)✔

Write your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and the opportunities to grow, what do you think you have within your environment.

Step #3.- Your mission and vision of the future is also important✔

Describe your mission and vision for the futurein it you will express your purpose in life and the mark you want to leave in your passage through it.

Step #4.- Your dreams are key✔

The goals, dreams and objectives that you have in the short, medium and long term will be crucial in determining your futurefor this reason it is important that you have them clear from the beginning, we know that this is sometimes not easy, however having the willingness to do this exercise can give you clarity of what you want for yourself.

Step #5.- What person do you want to become?✔

Describe the type of person you want to be (honest, rich, influential, generous…).

Step #6.- How can you fulfill what you want?✔

Write all the steps you need to do to fulfill everything you wrote in step #4, this includes new skills, habits and knowledge.

Step #7.- Financial and employment stability✔

Write how you want your economic and work life to be in the futureinclude your dream job and everything you want to acquire with it (trips, house, cars).

Step #8.- Make a projection at 5, 10, and 20 years✔

Write how you want your life to be in 5, 10, 20 years; here you will include your emotional health (happy, sad, inner peace…), the way you will relate to people and the plans you want to have as a family.

Life Proyect

Step 1. Perform an exercise of self-knowledge and introspection👈

You must start from your current moment, analyzing your environment to describe the place where you live and if everything that surrounds you influences you positively or negatively in the person you are today and at the point where you are (emotional, financial, among others).

Also analyze how your education system, values, beliefs, family, personal tastes have to do with how you perceive yourself (Who are you?), for define your strengths, weaknesses and abilitiescompare all this information and conclude what possibilities your environment offers you and which ones you have right now.

Step 2. Set your goals in the short, medium and long term👈

Write your expectations in life, dreams, goals, what you want to achieve in each area of ​​your life over the yearsBeing clear about how you perceive yourself or who you are, as well as knowing what role your environment plays, will make it easy to know what you must achieve first and what afterwards.

Based on what you want to achieve make a list of each of the objectives and goals that you must meet to achieve the goal and greater objectiveyou can divide them into short, medium and long term goals, it will help you have more clarity about what you should do and the decisions you are going to make.

Step 3. Design an action plan👈

Divide it into 3 sections, that is, take your short-term goals first and design an action plan that will help you achieve each of thesetake into account your abilities, values, principles, strengths, weaknesses when making your plan.

repeat this process, designing the action plans that will lead you to fulfill your medium and long term goals.

Step 4. Put a date on your life project 👈

You must bear in mind that your life project does not end if your greatest goal to be achieved is fulfilled in 10 years, in reality you may make a few life projects that will reflect your evolution over the years, however, It is important that you put a date on each goal and dream.

This will allow you to monitor how you are doing towards the completion of this project or, if you just keep talking about what you would like to dopublishing what we want to achieve commits us to do it, and if we lose our way we can go back to the beginning and remember why we set these goals in life.

Questions to Prepare a Life Project

As you progress with each of the steps to make your life project, you can ask yourself a series of questions that will answer all the aspects that you must coverif you do not have a clear idea of ​​what they are, then I will present a list with each according to the step to follow.

#one.- Questions to carry out the exercise of self-knowledge and introspection

How is my present right now? Define where you are in your life and the environment that surrounds you (family, social, friends, economic).

What influence does the environment around me have on me? Define each negative and positive aspect of it, as well as the possibilities you have to develop in it.

What kind of life am I leading? Identify the positive and negative points of your current lifestyle (family life, social, education) this will help you identify which facets you want to keep, which ones you don’t and the new ones to acquire.

What are my needs? Beyond water, food, clothing and security.

What are the values ​​and principles that govern my life? Make a list of them (honesty, solidarity, integrity, respect) and which of the ones you included are non-negotiable.

What are my beliefs and convictions? According to your education and experience, what things do you believe, of which are you convinced and are not negotiable, for example “it is better to give than to receive”.

What are my personal tastes and what makes me happy? Focus it in every area of ​​your life

Who and how am I? Answer according to how you perceive yourself at the current moment and express what words define you.

What are my strengths? Identify them and take advantage of them.

What are my weaknesses? Identify them to strengthen them.

What are my skills? Identifying them will help you know what you can do with them and which ones you need in the future.

#two.- Questions to set your goals in the short, medium and long term

What kind of person do you want to be in the future? Take into account habits, values, convictions, strengths… and set them in terms, for example. In a year I want to be…

What footprint do I want to leave in my passage through the world? Describe how your life project can benefit others.

What goals do I want to achieve in the short, medium and long term? Make a list for each area of ​​your life.

What are my dreams and why? Describe them.

What chance do I have inside of my environment to fulfill what I want? Divide them into short, medium and long term.

What aspects of my environment hinder me from achieving my dreams? Describe each of them and the solutions to overcome them.

What skills do I need to acquire to achieve my goals? Divide them into short and medium term.

#3.- Action plan

To carry out your action plan you do not need to answer any questions, look at your answers to points 1 and 2, and then establish what actions you must carry outfor example:

You already know that your current skills are not enough to achieve a short-term goal, you know what skills you need to acquire, now describe what you will do to obtain them and in the time set for this.

What are the most important elements to develop a Life Project?

When carrying out a life project there are vital elements that cannot be missing, these will give it shape and the appropriate culmination, so that you don’t miss any of them, in this section you can find out what each of them are.

#one: Be aware of our reality

It is very important since it influences all areas of your life, and gives you a focus on the future you want.

#two: Your values, these greatly influence the person you are

Accompanied by your convictions and beliefs, they can give you a clear perspective of what role you are playing in the world you live in.

#3: Your needs

You can establish from the beginning what specific elements you need to live and from there identify if the life project you are considering satisfies them.

#4: Dreams, goals and goals

your life project will be largely made up of these, we can say that without them there is no such project.

#5: Design action plans

These will allow you to carry out each of our objectives.

#6: Execute action plans

Once you begin to carry out what you established, you will be closer to each of your goals.

What Dimensions Does a Life Project Work?

Your life project must be comprehensive and focus on each of its areas or give you greater clarity, then I will show you what the 8 dimensions that your life project should work on.

#one.- Family

It has to do with how your family group is currently made up and the expectations you have about this area in the future, that is, if you want to form a home, get married, have children, adopt.

#two.- Spirituality

It has to do with your beliefs, convictions, values ​​and principles of life and also with the future expectations you have of this dimension.

#3.- Social

It is about how many real friends you have, what kind of people surround you and what positive things they do or do not bring to your life, it also reflects the social group you hope to surround yourself with in the future.

#4.- Work and economy

It has to do with whether the job you currently have and the salary you earn meet your expectations, if not, what plans do you have? What is your dream job? How much money do you expect to receive for it?

#5.- Physical

All the habits that you can acquire to improve your health, here you can include food, sports and the goals you have for the future, such as losing or even gaining some weight, all using healthy plans that do not affect your well-being.

#6.- affective and emotional

It includes how you feel today emotionally (happy, sad…) about the things you do to fill yourself with emotions that bring well-being, in this dimension your sentimental life is also taken into account.

#7.- Education

It has to do with all the knowledge and skills that you have acquired to date and those that you hope to obtain in the future, this includes postgraduate plans, courses and skills development.

#8.- Leisure and Recreation

Activities in which you invest your free time and in which you want to invest it in the future, here include trips, weekly outings, vacations, recreational reading times, among others.

How to Make a Life Project of a Child?

One of the best qualities of being a child is the ability to dream and imaginetherefore since childhood it is important that they express what they expect from life, this you can do it by creating your life projectdoing it is very simple and in this section you will know all the steps that must be followed.

Step #1.- Write the biography of the child✔

He begins by describing his autobiographywhen and where he was born, who his parents are, the family around him, his friends and achievements to date.

Step #2.- Your tastes are important✔

Write your likes and favorite thingsthis includes games, favorite time of day, color, favorite food, among others.

Step#3.- People and things that make you happy✔

Write in a list the names of all the people and things that they do to you, this is decisive for know how the child understands his current world and what he expects from it in the future.

Step #4.- What do you want to be when you grow up?✔

Use this exercise to have children create a story about how they imagine their adult life, here you can add some drawings of how big they will be.

Step #5.- Message from the child to the adult

Lastly, you can conclude by writing a message to the adult who will be in the future.

What is a life project?

A life project is a tool, a forward-looking written resource of what we will be like in the years to come and the things we want to have, the achievements we want to achieve, the dreams we long to fulfill, etc; it is established based on who we are in the present moment and is influenced by our upbringing and value system.

Based on this we have a clear picture of the next step to follow, the decisions that we must make and those that we definitely should not; This will also be made up of aspects that will be under your control and others that will not.

In this way we have reached the end, thank you for reading us this far and we hope that all this information will be very useful to you to make your own life project, before finishing We want to invite you to continue enjoying all the content that we prepare for you by visiting our next publications. We will wait for you! 😉

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