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If you have seen the movie My favorite villain you will know that the minions they are actually people’s favorite characters, especially children, and at some point they will want to have their own. To make your job easier, in this article I will be explaining different ways to make a minion, both with recyclable materials as well as to dress up as them. If you are interested in the idea, continue reading!

How to Make a Large Cardboard Minion?

Make a large cardboard minion It’s a really easy task, besides that the materials are very easy to find and quite cheap. This minions design is great for party decorations, so whether your child wants his birthday to be minions themed or you’re selling party decorations, this design is perfect for both.

The materials to use;

  • Large cardboard box in good condition
  • White sheets
  • White rubber
  • Paints in the colors of the minions (yellow, blue, black)
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors
  • Brushes

Step 1.- Make the silhouette of the minion in the cardboard box

Open the box and on the side you prefer, draw the silhouette of the minion the size you want. Then cut out the shape with scissors

Step 2.- Reinforce the shape of the minion with a mixture of white glue and paper

start to put layers of white rubber and pieces of white sheets to make the cardboard more resistant. I recommend you put 3 layers, and you have to let one dry well to apply the other. Do it all evenly

Step 3.- Draw the details of the minion and paint it with its characteristic colors

Once the minion’s body is completely dry and hardyou must proceed to paint it. First paint the body yellow and when it is dry start drawing and painting the clothes, the shoes, the eyes and the glasses. Remember that minions are different and some of them have only one eye, make sure you choose the one you like the most to avoid making mistakes

Step 4.- Mark the edges with a black marker and add more details

After the minion is completely painted, you can highlight the edges of the clothes, the eyes, and the glasses with a black marker, you can also make the details you want, such as adding buttons, glitter, etc. And that’s it, you already have your large cardboard minion finished.

How to Make a Minion with a Kinder Egg?

Another very easy way to make a minion to decorate, give as a gift or for any other use, is create it with a kinder egg. These eggs make your job even easier, because they already come with the shape and color of the minion, the only thing you have to add are the extra accessories, and I will explain them below.

The materials to use;

  • Yellow Kinder Egg
  • Blue insulating or aironfix tape
  • silver bookmark
  • Fine tip black marker
  • Pair of scissors
  • Mobile eyes
  • Instant glue or silicone

Buy the kinder egg, enjoy the chocolate and empty the contents of the egg to start making the minion. After you have your egg ready, it’s time to start doing the details.

Step 1.- Start by making the blue panties of your dress

You must first dedicate yourself to make minion clothes. As you know, this one is blue, so take the tape or aironfix of that color and start “dressing” it. You can help yourself with scissors to make the shape of the panty and the straps well.

Step 2.- You can use tape, paint or markers

If you don’t have duct tapeyou can make clothes with special paint for painting plastic or with a permanent marker and they are blue.

Step 3.- Paste the eyes of the minion

now go ahead make the eyes of these naughty little fellows. For this you must take moving eyes. Then you must decide if your minion will have one or two eyes. When you have thought about it, glue the eye or eyes with silicone or instant glue.

Step 4.- To make the glasses use a fine black marker

After they are firm, you should start make the glasses. You just have to take the silver marker and rim the eye. Then take the fine tip black marker and make the edge of the silver circle and the strap of the glasses. You can also do other details with this marker, such as the mouth and the hairs on the head of the minion.

And voila, now you have a small minion toy made by you in a pretty easy way. You know, every time you have a kinder egg at your disposal, don’t hesitate to make a minion, it’s a good way to recycle too.

How to Make a Minion Costume?

For Halloween, carnival or some theme party, it is always good to stand out with a costume, and making one of the minions is really original and fun. The good news is that you can have this costume without having to buy one, and if it is for a child, the process will be much more fun. If you want learn how to make a minion costume, continue reading.

#1.- Skin

The most important thing to keep in mind when dressing up as a minion is to represent his yellow skin. To make it easier, you should find the child a yellow long sleeve hooded sweater. The hood is really important to cover the head and make it look more real. Too you can paint the child’s face with yellow paint to make the costume more complete.

#2.- Gloves

The minions use black gloves that allow them to protect their hands for the work they do for Gru. That is why the costume you are making must also have black gloves. Look in your closet if you have some of this color saved or if you don’t buy them, they are not expensive at all.

#3.- Clothes

To make the clothes of the minions the only thing you need is a blue jean panty or a blue panty (light or dark). To decorate it you can add a G like the one they commonly wear on their uniform. Regarding the shoes, these must be completely black.

#4.- Glasses

The glasses are the most representative accessory of the minions, there is none that does not use them. You can buy a couple of gray glasses in a costume shop or make them at home with cardboard and silver paint. You just have to take the measurement of the child’s face, draw them, cut them out and paint them.

#5.- Other accessories

Other accessories that your minion costume can have are the hairs on the head. To make them you can cut black strips of cardboard or use black pipe cleaners. After you have them (approximately 5) you can tape them to the hood of the sweater. This step is optional since not all minions have hair.

How did you like it? All these tutorials to create minions are really easy and fun to do. Dare to recreate one and tell us your experience in the comments. And remember to visit this website for more how-to tutorials.

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