How to Make a Paper Cone?

A cornet is a very useful object that can be used to do several tasks and that will save you from some troubles. It’s about a cone made of paper or other material which enables store things easily and beautifully. It is used to serve food (such as French fries), decorate desserts, prepare ice cream (wafers), place flowers, etc.

There are several uses that can be given to a conebut this time I will explain three of the most used ways to make paper cones step by step. If you are interested then stay and learn more about this technique.

How to Make a Paper Cone for Chestnuts?

Chestnuts are a very common fruit of the autumn season, and the best way to eat them is by roasting them to make the most of their flavor. If you want to prepare them for a meeting and offer them to your guests, the best decoration what you can do for them is put them inside a cornet and hand them out to everyone present.

But How to make a cone for chestnuts? The process is easy, all you need is a paper of any waxed style to prevent it from filling with fat and to be quite beautiful. I recommend you use brown paper models, newspaper or some warm color that represents the season where they are born, autumn.

Step 1.- Cut the parchment paper in the shape of a square of the size you prefer

Taking the sheet of parchment paper that you have searched and cut it off in such a way that there is a perfect square. The size will depend on how many chestnuts you plan to put inside the cone. I recommend you make it 15x15cm or 20x20cm

Step 2.- Fold the paper in half and form a cone with it

Then take the square what did you cut out and fold it in half. Open it again in diamond shape and start to roll one of the corners into a cone shape until you reach the middle. then take the other corner Y circle the side you already rolled up so that there is a perfect cone. Secure that last corner with tape or glue so it doesn’t open.

Step 3.- If you prefer, you can cut the tip of the cone and it will be ready!

The protruding tip that remains makes it a more elegant touch to the cone, but if you don’t like it you can cut it off or fold it inwards. you can too decorate the cone as you like to give a good appetizer with an excellent presentation to your guests.

How to Make a Paper Cone for Pastry?

The cones are used in confectionery to decorate desserts, that is, to make covers, delicate designs, write words, among others. They are very easy to make and will save you in many situations, especially if you do not have the necessary materials to make the type of decorations described above.

Note that you can’t use just any paper to make a pastry cone. Remember that you are working with edible foods so you must use special materials to handle them properly. This way you can make your cornet with butter, sulphite or bakery paper. These types of paper are much more resistant and do not get wet.

Step 1.- Cut a 50x50cm square in parchment paper

The first thing you should do is have one of the recommended papers at hand (preferably the butter one) and cut a square of 50x50cm about. You can cut it bigger or smaller depending on the amount of mixture you use, the important thing is that it is a square.

Step 2.- Fold the paper in half and cut it, fold again

Then proceed to fold it in half in such a way that you achieve form a triangle. Open it and cut it. Take one of the triangles and fold it in half again, marking the fold very well

Step 3.- Form a cone by folding the points of the triangle

open it againtaking one of the lower points and bring it to the upper pointr so that you form a kind of cone. Hold her and bring the other lower point also to the upper point from the rear to achieve form the cone and that the three points match.

Step 4.- Seal by folding the ends inwards and you are ready!

Then you have to seal it bending the tips into the cone and ready. You can now safely use the cone to decorate your desserts your way. You can cut the tip of the cone in case you want a little thicker decorations, it all depends on what you need to do.

How to Make a Paper Flower Cone?

The paper cones they are very functional to make bouquets. If you want to give flowers to your girlfriend, mother or friend and you want to give it to her in a presentable and beautiful way, a cone can help you achieve that.

For this you will have to search colored paper. You can try pastel colors for light flowers, dark colors for red flowers, warm or cool colors, etc. Test your imagination or search the internet for ideas to make the best paper flower cone that you can give away

Step 1.- Measure the longest flower in the bouquet and make the square with this measurement

Measure the longest flower in the bouquet that you have bought The measurement I give you will be the measurement you will use to make the square that you will need to start assembling the cone. you can leave a few 2 or 3 centimeters larger so that no flower stands out.

Step 2.- Cut the square in the paper you chose for the cone

Cut out the box tailored in colored or patterned paper what did you choose and dfold it in half so you have the guide where the tips will go. Return it to the starting position of the square and place it in a diamond shape to start giving it the shape of a cone.

Step 3.- Form the cone of the cone by folding the ends of the square and seal

take one of the lateral ends and take it to the center giving it the curvehold it there. then take the other end and pass it over the one you already folded. Join them with tape or glue and voila, you have your paper flower cone.

Step 4.- Fold the tip of the cone and add more elements to decorate

The tip that sticks out can be left there for the flowers to rest on, or you can cut or fold it so the whole cone is even. You can also decorate it the way you want.

Add glitter, draw pictures, ribbon bows, add a smaller paper cone to the top, etc. Play with your imagination and give the best cone for flowers.

How did you see it? Cones are objects that really make our lives easier and that never lose that sophisticated touch, despite how simple they are. Dare to recreate some of these ideas.

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