How to Make a Paper Peacock?

The paper is one of our first materials in crafts, allows us to do thousands of activities, in this case, I will tell you how to make a special classic for children and school activities, in a nutshell, this is nothing more than how to make a paper peacock.

For this you can use the Origami technique because it is the simplest, however, in recent years it has evolved reaching the third dimension, to offer those who practice it a show on paper.

We will start from the simplest to the most specialized. Let’s see how to make a paper peacock in simple Origami:

The materials to use;

  • one White Sheet of Paper or Color with a size of 20 x 20 cm
  • 1 White Sheet of Paper, the same color as the previous one or different from a size of 15 x 15 cm.
  • Paste in Bar or Zeal

Make the Peacock Body

Step 1.- Fold the sheet forming a triangle

Take it sheet first 15 x 15 cm and fold in half forming an equilateral triangle

Step 2.- Bring one of the corners to the center fold

open the leaf again. Take one of the corners to center (Where the fold line of the sheet was marked)

Step 3.- Repeat the previous step with the other corner

Then the opposite corner (but on the same side) equally towards the center. Repeat the operation with missing corners, you will see that a kind of rhombus is formed

Step 4.- Turn the sheet over and fold one of the points of the rhombus

flip the paper towards the undivided face. Take the point of the rhombus and bend towards you, then fold the rhombus in half, leaving a pointed corner and a square one.

Step 5.- Fold the other end up

Fold in the sharp corner making sure that at the end this point is looking up.

Step 6.- Open the figure and fold it out again

Open the figure and you will take advantage of the marked fold lines to fold and make the same figure you had but this time outwards.

Step 7.- Flip again and fold the tip forming the peacock’s head

One time turn your peacock over, you just have to bend the pointed tip to form the head of the turkey.

Make the Peacock Tail

Step 1.- Fold an accordion using a sheet of paper

Take the leaf and form an accordion, for this measure strips 2 centimeters wide and fold forwards and backwards.

Step 2.- Fold the accordion crosswise

Once the whole accordion is ready fold crosswise, generating two halves of the same size.

Attach the Tail to the Body of the Peacock

Step 1.- Glue the accordion (tail) to the square end of the peacock (tail)

Take your accordion and where is the half or fold glue it on the tail of the Turkey, which is the end of the square point.

Step 2.- Open the accordion to give the peacock a showy look

Open the accordion once you paste it. Ready!

How to Make a 3D Paper Peacock?

In this case you will need colored cardstock instead of sheets of paper to give a 3D effect. This one is a little more advanced than the previous one, however, with perseverance and creativity you will be able to get ahead.

The materials to use;

  • colored cardboard
  • Colored markers
  • Pair of scissors
  • colored circular stickers

Step 1.- Fold the cardboard in the shape of an equilateral triangle

Select the cardboard that you will use for the body of the turkey. fold in half forming an equilateral triangle, open the cardboard

Step 2.- Bring the corners of the paper to the center of the fold

Now fold the corners to the center of the sheet, looking for the ones on the left side to be longer than the right ones.

Step 3.- Flip the paper and fold the right end

flip looking for the face that has no divisions and fold the right end towards you.

Step 4.- Fold in the middle and the tip of the left end

fold in half (from top to bottom) and then fold the left end up so that the tip is facing up and unfold it back to its original position.

Step 5.- Open the paper and fold the upper point in two folds

Open the rhombus folds. The top tip fold it back. Take the inside of the tip and fold it out

Step 6.- Make three accordions with other pieces of cardboard

take the other cardboard and make an accordion with it. Then take two more cards of other colors and make accordions. Fold all of them in half.

Step 7.- Divide one of the accordions and join it to the rest to make the peacock’s tail

with the scissors proceeds to cut the accordion all the way down the middle, leaving two accordions of 1 only. Then cut the height of them, ensuring that the three colors are at different levels.

Step 8.- Glue the tail at three different levels making the peacock stand out

Glue them on the tail in the form of a ladder. Showing that there are three levels in them.

Step 9.- Decorate the peacock as you prefer and it will be ready

add stickers and make designs with the markers of the eyes of the tail, feathers, among other details of the tail. Ready!

An important fact is that you can use a black marker to shade the creases of the tail, in order to obtain an effect of distance and closeness, something that is very positive when you want to achieve a 3D image.

there is even who put the legs and feathers on the tail, to make the effect much more real, that is, it’s all about creativity, because the secret of 3D is to make it as close as possible to reality.

For this and other information, I invite you to continue reading the contents of the blog.

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