How to Make a Poem? In 5 steps

Poems are a means to express your feelings and emotions towards someone who is very special to you, you can attract the person you like the mostgive a compliment to one of your relatives such as your parents, or simply to teach and give imagination to your students.

If you want to learn how to make a poem in easy steps without being a professional poet or copying it from some poetry authorand you would like to surprise that special person with your creativity or have an understandable class, because you are in the right place. Stay and let’s start this tour! 🙂

How to Make a Poem?

make a poem It is easier than you think, you just need to have some inspiration and creativity of what you want to write, a clear theme or motif, a pencil, an eraser and a sheet of paper at hand. Next I will teach you how to make a poem easy and fast in 5 steps.

Step #1.- Organize your ideas✔

First of all, you must have your ideas organized to have a better image of the poem you are going to write, whether it is a compliment, to surprise someone on their birthday or to post it on social networks and become a true poet.

Step #2.- Use previous poems as a reference✔

you can take examples of some famous poetbut remember that you should never copy their ideas or imitate it. It can help you by inspiring you in nature, in landscapes, in your favorite song. You must remember that a poem must have rhyme and be written in the form of verses.

Step #3.- Get inspired by that person or thing to whom you will dedicate the poem✔

Can focus on your thoughts, emotions and feelings towards the person you want to dedicate that poem to, remember to be patient and focus to give yourself better ideas about how you want that poem to be.

#4.- Look for paper and pencil✔

It’s time to start writing. Put on paper the first words that come up, and then you can give him the rhyme he needs. A poem must transmit and awaken in the reader some kind of feeling, the most common are joy, sadness, love, passion, tenderness.

Remember check spelling and focus on the theme of your poem, look for words that combine and rhyme when joining them. For this, it is important that you investigate the metrics of poems and the composition of verses and stanzas so that it is much easier for you to rhyme.

#5.- Review, check and add

To finish, you can add other words that occur to you at the last minute, sometimes the inspiration comes at the moment and you should take advantage of those words. You would already have your poem ready, you can write it on a sheet of paper and add decorations and drawings about what your poetry talks about. You can now dedicate that great poem or you can publish it on a page as inspiration.

What do we need to make a poem?

You can not only write a love poem for your partner, you can also write it for your parents, a friend or your pet. As it is about love, your feelings must be reflected in writing using words that even refer to metaphors or comparisons. Surely with a good love poem you will achieve fall in love with your favorite person or show the love you feel towards your special person. Next I will teach you how to make a love poem the easy way

#one.- read some love poems

Guide yourself from other love poems for example look for the writings by Pablo Neruda. Think of words that include melancholy, loneliness, passion, such as: the nights are cold if you are not by my side, I need your warmth not to be frozen. You can search for them online or you can also find love poems in a book you have at home.

#two.- Use your feelings towards that person you love

Use your feelings towards that person what are they to be strongwhich will generate a lot of inspiration when you start writing. Prepare your ideas well and emotions to combine them and have the result you expect.

#3.- write words that rhyme

Begins to write rhyming sentences, which is the main feature of poems. In this case, if it’s about love, you could make sentences using the following words as guides: love-dread, dream-dream, loneliness-happiness, go crazy-grow, pink-beautiful and many others that you will surely create. For example: I give you a rose so that you are always beautiful.

#4.- Go putting together the paragraphs

Give an order to the phrases written in the previous step, and thus you are putting together the verses that can be from 4 to 5 lines. You can also include questions or exclamatory phrases to make your feelings known more emphatically. Or you can also mix verses with stanzas of different measures. Writing a poem should not be something very rigid since creativity is a plus point.

How to Make a Poem for Children?

Teaching your children or your students to create poems can be very useful for development of your creativitysome children can find it very easy depending on the vocabulary and imagination they have, but regardless of that, any child can learn to write simple poems without so much work. Next I will teach you how to make a poem for children

#1.- Read poems or children’s stories with the child✔

You can start reading with your children or students several examples of poems for children or children’s stories, these usually contain a lot of creativity, imagination and some fun, in addition to being easy to understand. In this way, you and the child they can have a clearer idea about what they are going to write.

#2.- Let the child choose the theme✔

It’s time to start creating a sketch about the subject that the child prefers. It may be about something you saw on the street, some little adventure in some amusement parkat a zoo, at home, or you can address the poem to someone special: mom, dad, brother, grandpa, or your pet.

#3 .- Help him to use words that rhyme✔

Once the theme of the poem has been chosen, it is time to start writing it. You can help him by giving him ideas of words that rhyme to make it sound better, for example: mouse-airplane, fun-song, play-jump and others that the child will surely start looking for and using for the poem. And they can also give life to objects and voices to animals.

#4.- Write each of the ideas✔

It’s time to write and give form and coherence to the poemthere are no rules to do it, you can write in short paragraphs, verses or stanzas and finally accompany it with an image related to the poem.

Teaching a child to write poems is a great way to activate your creativityto practice their writing and to expand their vocabulary.

This has been the end of this article, I hope you liked it and it has been quite helpful, do not forget to share it with teachers or parents who would like to increase their children’s creativity, or with anyone who wants to write a poem. Remember to visit this page if you want to continue learning about topics that are of interest to you 😉 .

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