How to Make a Project? Guide

A project or written work is a document where data and certified information are collected and with copyright to evaluate or make known to a general public on a specific topic, usually done when they are going to complete studies, such as a bachelor’s degree, university, a master’s degree, among others. If you are interested, I will tell you how to make a project 😉 .

How to Make a Project?

When talking about projects, it is done reference to experimental research projects Can be done from the comfort of home, most of the time these projects are simple and can be done to promote a student from one grade to the next.

For be able to do a project you should consider:

Step #1.- What are your intentions with the project?✔

Maybe you just want to experiment, it’s a school assignment or you hope that others have access to your discoveries when doing this type of project.

Step #2.- Materials and methods to follow✔

This has to do with everything you need to do it, instruments, materials, tools among others; here are also the steps you need to follow to do the project and get a result.

Step #3.- Take into account the investigated background✔

With the background, you’re going to follow the procedures for the experiment and check or not the hypothesis that has been formulated in the approach to the problem.

Step #4.- Record photographic evidence and the time you invest in the project✔

you must carry chronological record and with evidence such as photos and videos of the steps you take in the development of the project, the experimental part must have physical support so that you can verify the conclusions at the end.

Step #5.- Write the results you get from the project✔

Once the experiment is done, Proceed to write the resultss and what was observed during the development of the experiment, it is important that you do not get overwhelmed with information and that you try to ensure that the experiment gives the same result as previous ones, it is likely that it will not happen.

Step #6.- Base your conclusions on what you observe when carrying out the project✔

The conclusions will be drawn from what was observed in the experiment, as well as the recommendations that can be made for future experiments that can use this research work as a reference or background.

How to Make a Preliminary Project?

A work or project is divided into two parts, The first is a draft, where the reader or the general public is made aware of the theoretical bases and all the information that serves as support to carry out the research.

To make a preliminary project you must first take into account the following:

Step #1.- Project title

Qualification: is it first to be chosen for the blueprint, Since this is in charge of giving the reader a main idea of ​​what the project will be about in general, the title should usually start with striking words.

Step #2.- Write the statement of the problem

Problem Statement: In this, the complete context of the investigation must be globalized, mainly its objective is to indicate the situation of the problem to be studied in the given area, it can be global, regional or local, and it also shows some of the bibliography of previous research that will serve as a basis for the following research.

Step #3.- Formulate the question that poses the problem or the hypothesis

Problem formulation: He is known as the posing a question or a hypothesis, in general, the question on which the research is based in order to be answered at the end of it.

Step #4.- Define the general objective of the project

General objective: Making it is extremely simple. repeat project theme, but with an infinitive verb.

Step #5.- Determine the specific objectives of the project

Specific objectives: They are known as goals or achievements in the short, medium and long term that they want to achieve with the research, they are usually the steps or goals to be met in order to achieve and achieve the specific objective. It is mainly used to indicate to the reader the structure that will handle the project.

Step #6.- Justification of the project

Justification: This describes the type of knowledge to be gained with the research, it must be written with justifications and bibliographic citations so that it has greater validity at an educational level. The justification must answer the following questions:

  • How is the research related to the priorities of the region and the country?
  • What knowledge and information will be obtained?
  • What is the purpose pursued with the knowledge that the study will provide?
  • How will the results be disseminated?
  • How will the results be used and who will be the beneficiaries?

Step #7.- Theoretical background of the project

Theoretical fundament: It derives from the statement of the problem, and is the argumentation that the question or statement of the problem It is founded, that is, it is based on past investigations in relation to certain points of the investigation carried out, generally known as “Background”.

Step #8.- Describe the research methodology that you will use

Methodology: Finally, describes the methodology that will be used in the research. Up to this point the preliminary research project is considered, it is important to take into account that if the preliminary project is not well specified, with valid bibliographic references and citations, it will not be relevant for the reader, or it may be dismissed by the teacher.

It should be noted that the writing must be in the third person and impersonal, and in the future because the investigation will not be released until months or weeks after its writing.

The home project is usually more viable and feasible in terms of budget and availability of resources.

How to Make a School Project?

school projects are part of teachers’ plans, and just as students must present projects to complete stages of education, teachers must do them to make known to the Educational Directions the plan to follow during the school season.

A school project by the teacher should be done taking into account the following aspects:

Step #1.- Analyze the needs of the students✔

To carry out an educational project needs to be identified, the institutional and personal interests of the students

Step #2.- The problem to be addressed must have a viable solution✔

Verify that the problem has a solution viable in the short term

Step #3.- Define the objectives of the school project✔

The objectives must be related to the problem to be solved., with the needs of the student group and in turn must be viable, taking into account that the institution has the resources to achieve these objectives-

Step #4.- Justification of the school project✔

Reasons for considering implementing the project, you must take into account characteristics such as relevance, usefulness and feasibility.

Step #5.- Plan the schedule of project activities✔

It is the schedule of activities to be carried out, where the sequence of activities is structured.

Step #6.- Gather the resources for the school project✔

It is not only about the material resources you must gather; but also the financial resources you will need, the number of people needed to carry out the project, among others.

Step #7.- Evaluate the process and the results of the school project✔

This is divided into two process evaluation (training), and the evaluation of the results.

Step #8.- Write the school project taking into account the previous steps✔

  • Analysis of the educational situation
  • Selection and definition of the problem
  • Definition of project objectives
  • Project justification
  • Action planning
  • Drafting of the final project

the school project can be done with the help of the institution managementso that agreements on study strategies can be reached, the latter are very important since, thanks to it, students will easily acquire knowledge.

Here we leave you a short tutorialbut at the same time full of information so that you can carry out the school project perfectly:

Educational Project part I

Likewise, like any project, general aspects should be taken into accounttrying not to make mistakes or make them very minimal:

Educational Project part II

How to Make a Budget for a Project?

budget is the financial expression that will be allocated to the research project that will be carried out, it is important that the expenses be limited, since if the resources are expanded your economy could be affected.

In case of being the budget for a company project, Many factors must be taken into account, from the real estate, to the last accessory that is going to be used.

To do a budget for a school or social project should consider:

  • ➽Delimit all resources to be used, this includes furniture, people, transportation, etc.
  • Set the period of weather that is used to do the project, the more time it takes, the greater the economic expense
  • Preferably work with a base amount that is the one that can be used for the project, and from there divide the expenses by priority scale
  • It is important that write the budgetotherwise everything can get out of your hands
  • Analyze the resources that will be used to carry out the projectall resources must be included here, from the simplest such as time, to what can generate more economic expenses

Finally, keep in mind that everything must be budgetedOtherwise, the expenses may exceed the availability of the money available for the project.

For this and other information, I invite you to continue enjoying the contents that we will be posting on our blog.

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