How to Make a Radio Script? Tutorial

Since the beginning of civilization the share information It has been fundamental, for example, in ancient times they used crows or pigeons to transport messages from one place to another and with different types of marks on the paper to identify how urgent the writing was.

The way to transport information It was advancing until it reached the radio, it has been one of the most successful means of communication during the 20th century, until the arrival of TV it remained the preferred medium for people as one of the best means of information.

And even so, with the arrival of new media such as the internet and social networks, even today has been one of the most listened to by many people. Radio is considered a magical medium, fascinating because it captivates the public without the need for visual images.

Currently, radio has been incorporated into the internet and there are more and more online radio stations that exist throughout the world. The radio script is nothing more than the guide that serves to organize an idea step by step in radio language.

How do you write a radio script?

Step 1: You have to know who it is for.

Step 2: Have a clear idea of ​​what you want to convey.

Step 3: Locate sources of information.

Step 4: Find the music and sound effects.

Step 5: Have the time established for the duration of the program, micro program or advertising spot.

the radio script It is divided into technical script and literary script. In general, the technical script goes on the left side of a sheet and the literary script on the right side.

In the technical script the music is placed, time that the music lasts, it indicates if the music goes in the foreground or in a second or third plane, it indicates if it enters Fade In (the music rises gradually) and it also indicates how the music should come out. If it is in Fade Out (disappear).

#1.- Technical Script

It describes how the voice should be used. As should be the modulation, the tone and the intention. In addition, it is established if that voice is going to carry any special effect.

Example ⏩

  1. Announcer’s voice
  2. Duration 30 seconds.
  3. Music: could you be loved, Bob Marley, (enters Fade in) stays in the background and the 28 seconds fade Ot until the 30th second.
  4. Sound effects (SFX): bubbles (3 seconds) in the background start at 4 seconds until 7 seconds. At 15 seconds you place horn effects 2 seconds. Family group smiling and having fun (3 seconds) starts at second 26.

#2.- Literary Script

is in which the text that the speaker will say is indicated. In some cases, the intention that the reading should have is also indicated.

Example ⏩

Look…(read in an animated tone)

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There are 2 types of literary scripts;

#2.1.- Open Scripts

In open scripts, the speaker is free to improvise and say whatever comes to mind.

#2.2.- Closed Scripts:

In the closed script, it is the one in which all the rules must be followed, without any changes.

Radio scripts are a fundamental tool to successfully put together a program, an advertising spot or a promotion.

What is a Radio Script?

It is a design that involves elements such as music, sound effects, voice and the established time to produce a program, a micro program, an advertising spot or the promotions that are used to identify the radio stations or the promotions of a radio.

It can also be said that a radio script is the ordered structure where the details of how and when are included. make a radio production.

Elements of a Radio Script

One of the fundamental things that must be taken into account during the production of a radio script They are the variables that the equation of how to make a radio script presents and the elements that it possesses.

The elements of the radio script are several and it has different types of functions which help the recording to go well but What are the elements of a radio script? Well, just read the next paragraph to find out.

  • ➤The voices are one of the most important factors since it is by which the message that you want to give is transmitted
  • ➤The topic is very important because this will be the base that the speaker will use to be able to transmit the message.
  • ➤The necessary space.
  • ➤The characters that have to be added or mentioned.
  • ➤ Dimensions.
  • ➤Sound effects are also essential.
  • ➤Silence and music.

What is the Modality of a Radio Script?

the open script It is frequently used in radio programs, such as interview or opinion programs, where guidelines are established in relation to the type of questions that will be asked of an interviewee. Those questions are not the only ones that the moderator or journalist will be able to ask.

He you can improvise any question not set based on dynamics; but respecting the guidelines established in the script such as the one related to time. In this way, the questions that were previously established in the script will not be left out.

closed script Unlike the open script, this must be strictly followed as designed, because each action is calculated to the millimeter. If the moderator(s) went off script, then it could lead to a mess, which is inconvenient for the stated objective.

An example of closed program could be a newscast, in which, for example, the narrator should not, after reading the news, make any extensive comment or issue an opinion, because this could leave no space for other news that is scheduled.

It is noteworthy, and some newscasts have that style, in which the narrator, after reading the news, comments on it. It is known as commented news and the script is closed, which means that the time for the comment must be defined and the narrator can’t get out of that time.

Radio is a very dynamic medium and in live programs Generally, sticking to a script is not easy, especially when looking for spontaneity, one of the most appreciated treasures in any medium. That is why the most used scripts on the radio are the open ones.

Closed scripts work ideally when programs are recorded. This does not mean that a live program cannot be done with a closed script and that an open script cannot be used in a recorded program.

What Data Does a Radio Script Contain?

One of the most important things to keep in mind when developing a radio script is the data it contains, since these are essential for everything to go well. The data is:

  • ➦Program broadcast date
  • ➦Program name
  • ➦Radio station
  • ➦The time
  • ➦Narrator or narrators
  • ➦The duration of the program or radio production
  • ➦Name of producer and director
  • ➦Speaker name

What is the Main Function of a Radio Script?

Apart from the idea to be conveyed, time is one of the most critical aspects in a radio production, which is why the famous phrase is frequently heard: “the time is gold”. The script allows the producer to organize all the elements necessary to achieve the objective.

Working without a script not only makes the task more difficult, but a production that could take an hour to make could take double or triple the time. That would mean an increase in costs.

In short, the main function of a radio script is to ensure that the proposed idea is transmitted, that it is done in the established time and that reasonable costs are incurred.

We have reached the end and we want to thank you for reading us this far, we also hope May this information be very useful to you. When you want to make your own radio script, remember that if you want to continue enjoying all the content on our website, you just have to visit us in future publications. We will wait for you! 😉 .

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