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A report it is a written work which should be understandable, have logic and have precision in the ideas that compose it, just as it is important that it has a good presentation. Moreover, your content must be backed by some valid and confirmed information.

It is because of that make a report it is a bit more complicated task and complex than it seems, however, we will focus on showing you the simplest and most suitable way in which you can prepare your own report so that you do not have any type of complications.

Steps to Make a Report

When we talk about a reading report we are referring to all those reports that are prepared based on the information that forms a reading, once it has been read. Likewise, we can assure you that these include books, articles, essays or all kinds of text.

This type of work They are very useful for teachers. from the evaluative point of view and also for the students, since it allows them to have a better organization of the classes given or of any information that is of interest to them.

This is why here, we care to make this section where it is explained in a most appropriate and simple way how to make this type of report, since it can cause some confusion or complication according to other types of report.

When no format is provided for the writing a reading report is done as follows:

Step #1.-Cover✔

The cover of a reading format It will cover what are the data such as the name, institute, career, degree, subject, job title and the respective date on which it will be delivered.

Step #2.- Data of the book or where the reading was obtained✔

It includes the title, name of the author(s), publisher, edition and the country in which said reading report was published must also be placed.

Step #3.- Author Review✔

In this situation, what should be done is to make a brief bibliographical review referring to the author of the text from which the content of the reading was obtained, which should not exceed one paragraph.

Step #4.- Mention of the topic in question✔

Make the respective mention on which it consists by means of a statement, in paragraph as very long.

Step #5.- List the main ideas✔

In this point subtopics, main hypotheses and secondary hypotheses are covered of the text in question.

Step #6.- Make a summary, a synthesis or also a review of the text✔

Any of these can be elaborated to comply with this requirement as long as it is brief, precise and complete, in order to be understandable to the reader.

Step #7.- Conclusions✔

The author of this report must draw your own conclusions regarding the reading.

Step #8.- Reader opinion✔

Finally, it is recommended that the reader establishes his own opinions based on the information contained in the reading.

On the other hand, if you want to do is a report of a literary work You must place the first 3 points and add other elements such as: the characters, location of the respective plot, the time of the story and the synthesis of the plot.

In addition, it is recommended that when you go to develop this type of work do a complete reading of the text of interest, just as you must make cards that contain the information previously presented.

Likewise, clear, serious, concise language must be maintained throughout the report, with short sentences, with good writing and spelling, repeat the synthesized ideas as little as possible, if necessary, place the citations and compulsorily present the author’s opinions.

To conclude, we can tell you how useful it is to follow this entire procedure if you want to achieve quality work, since the better your format, the writing and the content, the more valuation you will get and therefore you will get the expected results.

Report Types:

How to Make an Investigation Report?

This type of report consists of a document that contains in an orderly manner and with good structure, the results achieved after doing an investigation of any topic related to a company, and thus its members can be informed with the report.

For this reason, it is essential to know the best way to write a good research report but as we know that not everyone has that kind of knowledge, here we are going to take care of providing you with this information in the best possible way so that it is captured.

Now we will present you the proper steps so that write an investigation report.

Step #1.- Explain the causes of the report and what it seeks to solve

The research report begins by explaining what you want to investigate and the problem you want to solve with the investigation.

Step #2.- Establish the questions or hypotheses to be answered

Should be establish some starting questions or hypotheses to develop the research.

Step #3.- Choose the research methodology

Establish the steps by which you are going to be governed in the investigation, that is, the methodology to be used.

Step #4.- Write the research results

Once the investigation is completed, write the findings found in the process.

Step #5.- Interpret the results

Then it is important that you make a results analysis and reveal why they are significant.

Step #6.- Make the summary of the investigation

When you fully understand the investigation, you will be able to Write a summary that explains everything.

Step #7.- Establish the measures to take

Based on the information found with the investigation you should carry out a series of measures as required.

Step #8.- Identify the report

For the company to keep a historical report on the reports prepared throughout its life, you must place in it the investigator’s name, date, time and place, respectively.

Step #9.- Give it to your superiors

It is recommended make the prepared report available to managers.

To conclude, it is expressed to you how essential it is that you follow all these steps and what must be included good research report since he gives it is that a company is going to be able to govern itself to solve any problem it has.

How to Make a Practice Report?

Doing internships is an essential way to start being part of the world of work, since it is the right way to train for any job, and as In every practice a final report must be presented, where they talk about it.

And if you are one of those novice people or those who have little knowledge in the preparation of internship reports, Don’t stress anymore, because here with us you will find the solution to your problems by learning how to make a report of this type in a super simple way.

Stay with us and learn the procedure you must follow to make a good practice report which we are going to show you next:

Step #1.- Prepare for the practice period✔

#1.1: Take note of activities

You must learn that in all practice it is necessary to take note of everything you do, since the activities to be carried out are normally very varied and that will later be useful for preparing the report.

Step #2.- Writing the report✔

#2.1: Choice of Title

It is recommended that in these cases the title is descriptive and that bears the name of the author and the institution, in which you will carry out said practice.

#2.2: Writing the introduction

In this phase of the process of preparing the practice report, it is necessary to talk about the chosen title and make a series of formulations, like the following:

  • Who did you do the practice with?
  • What is the company?
  • How long was the internship?
#2.3: Establish the tasks done in the practices

Here you must detail What were the tasks carried out from the first to the last days of practices, That is why at the beginning it was recommended that you take note of everything.

#2.4: Make known the relationship you had with the company tutor

When we talk about a tutor, we are referring to the direct boss you had during the internship, and what you should do in this step is explain their relationship at that time, that is, if I explain to you what you would do and if it gave you a little or a lot of work, for example.

Step #3.- Expose what was learned during the practices✔

#3.1: Academically express what has been learned

In general, it must explain what you learned during all that time, that is, with a focus on what will help you improve both professionally and in your life.

#3.2: Make a relationship with the studies you take

just need to express in which what is learned in said practice can be related to the study plan that you are used to using.

#3.3: Draw conclusions

You should talk about whether the practices helped you in something and if they can be useful for other students and suggestions you want to contribute.

Finally, we can suggest that you keep these steps in mind at the time of write a practice report since this is the best way to make this type of report and at the same time it is explained to you in a very easy way for a better understanding.

How to Make an Activity Report?

The activity reports They are the ideal ones to expose in a detailed and organized way the different activities that are carried out every day, so that you can have control of everything that is done.

So in order for you to properly make a Activities report If you still do not know, I recommend that you continue reading what we will show you next:

Step #1.- Objective, concise, complete, detailed and current information

The information presented must be objective, concise, complete, detailed and current, These elements are essential to prepare a good activity report.

Step #2.- Register achievements and inconveniences of the business

Should be expose the achievements and disadvantages, because this allows team members to improve and achieve their goals.

Step #3.- Present the information based on the business you are investigating

The information that the report will contain It will be based on the type of business that is done.

However, what is generally must include is the updated activity of that business and the impacts of the situations that occur recently.

It is essential that you handle all this information and even more so when you start a business, since thanks to this type of reports you will be able to know the weaknesses and strengths that it has and thus be able to achieve the goals set and at the same time prevent problems.

How to Make a Work Report?

This is the type of documents used to establish in an organized and specified way the entrances and exits with their respective times and dates, as well as the notes of the work records of each of the employees.

for you to learn easily make a work report We are going to detail the necessary information so that you can elaborate it, which is the following:

Step #1.- Main objective✔

here you must explain precisely the work for which the report is made. In addition, with this report it is useful to present what you want to achieve in a certain period of time.

Step #2.- Activities carried out✔

The actions that have been carried out to achieve the goals set are indicated. For this you need to know what each member of the team does.

Step #3.- Evaluation of the work✔

At this point it should make a comparison of the goals set with respect to the results achieved until the time the work report is made.

Step #4.- Actions to follow✔

This is the part that helps guide what has given the most results to achieve the goals set. Thanks to this, it will be possible to establish the actions that must be followed until another report is requested.

It is vital that in any type of business from time to time a work report, so that in this way it is possible to evaluate how everything is evolving and verify if the goals set have been achieved.

How to Make an Interview Report?

This type of report It consists of exposing the most outstanding ideas in a document once an interview has been carried out. Now we will talk about the steps you must follow to make an interview report, which are:

Step #1.- Schedule the interview and write the questions to ask

plan an interview, as well as to whom it will be done, the place, when and the respective questions, and a recorder should be available at that time for greater ease.

Step #2.- Conduct the interview and take notes

When you conduct the interview, take note of each of the answers that your interviewee gives you.; not verbatim but write down general ideas of these, we also recommend that you have a recorder with you.

Step #3.- Write an introduction

Make a brief introduction to begin with the report, in which the name of the interviewer must be placed and at the end the objective of the interview must be placed.

Step #4.- Develop the body of the interview

In the development of the report, put the most important questions and textually and respond by paraphrasing what was indicated by the interviewee.

Step #5.- Write the conclusion

At the conclusion of the interview you should reflect on your opinions about it; the considerations you have, together with the contributions that leaves for the themes or the theme that is played during this

To conclude, we can assure you that with these simple steps you will be able to write a good interview report and without having to stress yourself with a procedure that is very complicated.

How to Make a Movie Report?

To do a good film report It takes more than liking the movies and wanting to give your opinion on some of them. In fact, it is important to be very involved in the world of cinema in order to be able to tell stories based on what is happening and not fall into common mistakes that certain critics tend to make.

For write a movie report It is also convenient to know some details such as the director’s motivation to create his work, the experience of the characters behind it and other points that will help invaluable to learn more about each filming.

It is appropriate to mention that there are 2 types of film reportsthe descriptive and the critical, of which it is necessary to have extensive knowledge before starting to write since the first one talks about what is visualized in the film and the other about deeper topics of the recording.

To explain in a general way about how to write a movie reportI will give you some steps that can help you in your work.

Step #1.- Describe the plot and technical data of the film✔

talk about the plotthat is, the environment and the year that is reflected in the film and include it in a category, be it comedy, drama, horror or another.

Step #2.- Write about the production of the film✔

Describe details about film production, taking into account all the people who collaborated in it.

Step #3.- Comment curious and interesting facts about the film✔

Mention attractive facts as unknown information and the denominations that it has in the important awards.

Step #4.- Write the synopsis of the movie✔

Write a short but precise synopsis where you do not make your opinion known, rather you do it as a summary of what it is about.

Step #5.- Include your opinion and conclusion of the film✔

Lastly you will give your personal choice as professional as possible, remembering that you must give arguments to support your ideas.

In particular, film reports can be a success or a failure if they are not expressed properly, so it is advisable take notes while watching movies and make a draft.

How to Make a Laboratory Report?

Making a report is one step required to complete a laboratory experiment and it even has a format and requirements that are ideal to follow to achieve good results. Remember how important this report is to give credibility to your work.

The format will help meet the relevant points in a lab report so that this is not left unfinished, but the requirements are what determine if it is well prepared and if it is worth reading, that is why I will mention these important data that will be very useful to you.

The most notable requirement is that the report should be concise and legible, in addition to being written or printed on white sheets on both sides and must be numbered, except for the cover that goes alone and does not have this identification.

Similarly, tools such as diagrams, graphs, tables and equations should have a number and a title that identifies each one. Note that These aspects may be different. those used by some scientists.

On the other hand we have the lab report format that is vital to comply with in order to publicize an investigation. Within a report of this type are the following parts:

Step #1.- Cover and title less than 10 words

The cover showing the research title, which must be less than 10 words. Those responsible for the report, the date it was made, the name of the tutor or professor and the institution where they are located must also be mentioned.

Step #2.- Write the introduction

The report introduction, which will be a brief explanation of everything the work is about, so that it encourages people to continue reading.

Step #3.- Establish the objectives of the report

The general and specific objectives, the first being the one that describes the main reason for doing the experiment and the others are the steps that indicate how the goal set will be achieved.

Step #4.- Report methodology

The methods and materials used throughout the procedure, considering that at this point everything done must be clearly explained until the general objective is achieved.

Step #5.- Reflect the results of the previous investigation

Results obtained when investigating, which is what indicates the effects or data obtained at the end, and it is here when graphs, tables and others are used to express said results in another way.

Step #6.- Review the results

Discussion of results, which is where the data obtained is examined and determined with those of similar experiments, it is also possible to talk about possible modifications in the procedure for different results.

Step #7.- Write the conclusion of the report

The conclusion, where it is written if the objectives were met and all the experience during the process, in addition to describing the wisdom achieved and representing a summary of all the work.

Step #8.- Include the bibliographic sources

Bibliographic references, where the sources used to extract relevant information are mentioned, which must be written alphabetically or in the order as they are in the work.

Step #9.- Don’t forget the attachments

The annex is the last thing on a report and in it will go all the photocopies of the notes, graphs, diagrams and other representations, remembering to name and number each one.

In conclusion, this is a very complex step that must be done in each experimental investigation and if you use this data and work in an organized way you will be able to make a good quick and easy lab report.

How to Make a Video Report?

Reports can be made on various points and even on a video, you just need to pay close attention, take note of the most relevant points about said video and repeat it whenever necessary.

Step 1. Watch the video and take notes on it✔

Make sure that when you watch the audiovisual you do not have any distractions around you, take notes on the topics covered in the video, some notes of your own and your ideas.

Step 2. Choose the focus and write a draft✔

You can focus the report on any of the topics covered in the video, write about the message it leaves; if it is positive or not for society; put all this in a draft which will become the original.

Step 3. Write the introduction✔

This part is crucial, in this text you must draw the reader’s attention should also include a brief description of what they will find in the rest of the report.

Step 4. Develop the video report✔

This is the body or development, in the you will reflect your opinions about the content of the video; You will also include all the relevant information that is necessary.

Step #5. Conclude the report✔

In the conclusions you can include your experience when watching the video, the recommendations and considerations that you have around this, also this part can serve to motivate others to watch it.

As a way of closing, the reports are written detailing various topics and Can be used in various working fields, you just have to be able to inquire about each topic to offer a report of a video, film, reading and everything that is possible.

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