How to Make a School Advertisement?

School commercials are a way to encourage children so that they can meddle in the world of advertising, everything that surrounds us is advertising or can be used for such purposes, so here we will show you how to make a school banner ad.

To Make a School Advertisement You Must Have the Following Materials;

  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Rubber
  • Magazines or clippings
  • Bright colors
  • pencil and eraser

Step 1: Know the product to advertise✔

You must know the product completely, that is, if it is something that your child has created, he must know everything about it to be able to describe it when someone interested approaches.

Step 2: Create a product image✔

Must be create a product image, for this, use a container, a cover, a label, something that can identify the product and that it has the most outstanding aspects of it.

Step 3: I draw the image of the product on a sheet or cardboard✔

Begins drawing on the cardboard the image or the packaging of the product that you want to promote, with the most outstanding colors you get, draw edges of the stars around the product, this will give a more striking visual aspect.

Step 4: Highlight the greatest benefit that the product will bring to the customer✔

place phrases that draw attention to the product, that is, if it is a shampoo or liquid soap, highlight the most important characteristic, an example “It leaves your hair softer and more manageable”.

Step 5: Name the qualities of the product✔

Highlight the presentation of the product, the amount of content, the most important ingredients “enriched with vitamin E”.

Step 6: Use keywords that hook your potential client✔

don’t be shy to place phrases so that customers are attracted to the advertisement.

Step 7: Put a lot of color on it✔

The publicitary advertisements schoolchildren must have a lot of color, but from the same palette, that is, different shades of a specific color, so you keep elegance and it doesn’t look like a complete carnival.

Step 8: Use key colors✔

red and yellow color, will always favor to make a word more striking.

How to Make a School Advertisement in Word?

School advertisements can also be done in Word, remember that we are in the digital age, and everything we can do on the computer is learning for our children, so here we will show you how to make a school announcement in word

school mailer in word

Step 1: Copy the product image in Word👈

Copy the product image on the blank page in Word, we recommend using another background color in the document, this will help you draw more attention to the reader.

Step 2: Choose the colors to use in your advertisement👈

In the part of “Design”, you can choose the palette color you want to work with.

Step 3: Define the source of your advertisement👈

change the font of the letter, choose between two or three types of letters to make the announcement, choose the largest and most striking to place the phrase “Place your order now” or some other reference to the price.

Step 4: Place the sheet horizontally👈

We recommend you change the orientation of the sheet, place it horizontally so you can make the most of its space.

Step 5: Insert the figures according to your need👈

insert figures, stars, circles, to highlight the phrases, these same ones with the background without color so that the advertising image does not look so overloaded.

Step 6: Be creative and imaginative👈

Be creative, don’t waste spaces, but don’t overload either advertising, remember that you are publicizing a product, not giving a string of it.

Step 7: Put your name 👈

Remember identifies advertising, it is important that everyone knows who the advertising is from and that the best rating is yours.

Step 8: Print the ad👈

You can print the advertisement if you want, but in digital format it will look much better, you can save it in PDF format so that it can be better evaluated.

Parts of a School Advertisement

Believe it or not, an advertisement has a structure that we must respect, this in order not to look messy and let customers know what they need to know about the product, here we will show you the parts of an advertisement.

The parts of an advertisement are the following;

#1.- Title or slogan:

Title must attract the customer’s attention, it must be bold and at the same time passive, it must have a good impression, so that when it is read, people want to obtain more information about the product.

#2.- Image:

It is very important, it is the presentation of the product, remember that customers get carried away a lot by the visual part, that part of the ad cannot be missing.

#3.- Copy:

This is the advertising message, is smaller than the title, summarizes the purpose of the advertisement, it must be honest, credible, and must be supported by facts or statements.

#4.- Signatures:

These include store name, brand, or the logo of the same, it is important that everyone knows where the ad and the product come from, in the case of schoolchildren they can create a brand with their name.

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