How to make a tabloid? Step by Step

Tabloids are newspapers with a smaller format than traditional ones, initially used for sensational news, referring to celebrities, crimes, political issues, among others; In fact, this is the reason that its size is smaller, making it accessible in size, price, as well as being eye-catching and full of illustrations.

If you are one of those who are looking for make your own tabloid and you still don’t know how do not worry in this article you will find different ways in which you can do them, with super easy and simple steps so do not wait any longer and let’s start.

How to make a tabloid?

A tabloid can be done in a variety of programs and give it the basic features to be considered as such, Microsoft Word is one of these applications, it is quite simple to use and most of us have access to it; For this reason, below I will show you a step by step to make a tabloid in Word.

Step #1: Open or create a new document✔

Opens Word by double-clicking on the desktop icon or in the Windows start section.

Step #2: Set up the page✔

Once the document is open, look for the “Page Layout” menu is in the toolbar and you click on it; next, a sub menu will be displayed, where Select “Page Setup” and a list of options will appear.

Step #3: Set margins and formatting✔

Then click on the option “Margins” and select the “Book Format” This will give them to you automatically, in addition to the number of pages to include.

Step #4: Select the tabloid size✔

Select the option “Paper” and click on “paper size”, Next, a list will be displayed where you can select “Tabloid”.

Step #5: Adjust margins again✔

Go back to the margins section to adjust the size of the section where the sheets meet as well as the print size.

Step #6: Insert the information in the tabloid✔

Now if you you changed the format of a previous document you may need to make adjustments to the content to make it fit, if not, it’s time to add the information that the tabloid wants to communicate.

Step #7: Save the tabloid✔

To save, click on the “File” menu, then select “save as” select if you want to save as a document or in another format, select the folder and click “Save”

Step #8: Print the tabloid✔

If you plan to print, you have click on “File” select “Print” choose the printer to use and configure the printing mode this is duplex, number of pages, orientation, etc. Lastly, you have Click on “OK” and your tabloid will be printed in Word

How to Make a Tabloid in Power Point?

Power Point is also a program where you can make a tabloid, of Microsoft applications is one of the easiest to use and, together with Publisher, the one that offers you the most design possibilities, for the resources it includes, plus you can save it in various formats, so below we will show you all the steps to follow.

Step 1.- open powerpoint

Open the PowerPoint application from the Windows Start or from the taskbar if it is pinned.

Step 2.- Set up the page

In the toolbar look for the menu “Layout” and click on the “Page Setup” option; A list will be displayed where you can select “Double card” (43.2 cm x 27.9 cm) or you can click on “custom” by entering the height and width manually; right there configure the orientation of the page by clicking on “Vertical”.

Step 3.- Insert the information and images

Once you configure the size, you can enter all the information and images that you prepared, for it; split the page into different sections by clicking on the “Insert” menu.

Step 4.- Add more slides

Select “Shapes” and click on “line”, if you want add more pages to your tabloid you just have to click on “Start” click on “New slide”.

Step #5.- duplicate slides

Here you will have three options, if you want to add a blank slide select “In white” if what you want is to duplicate the main slide click on “duplicate selected device”.

Step #5.- Structure clip art

The third option is to choose any of the predesigned structures for the pages that will appear in this same window.

Step #6.- save the tabloid

To finish you just have to save your tabloid made in Power Point, click on “File” then “save as” choose the format of your preference, select the folder and click “Save”.

Step #7.- print the tabloid

Ready! your tabloid is finished, if what you want is to print it, click on “File” then “Print” configure the printer and the printing mode, at the end select the “Print” button

How to Make a Tabloid in Publisher?

Microsoft Publisher is another tool that you can easily access and make a tabloid, unlike Word, it focuses on making informative publications, calendars, invitations, among others. Making a tabloid in this application is quite simple, so in this section we will tell you all the steps you must follow.

Step #1: Open the Microsoft Publisher app✔

This you can do it from the start or from the desktop taskbar.

Step #2: Choose a new document✔

you have Click on the “file” menu and select the “New” option; Next, an option window will be displayed in “Home page”, you must select “More blank page sizes” by choosing the “Standard” section.

Step #3: Set the tabloid orientation✔

A list of formats of various sizes will appear, Click on the “Tabloid” option will appear in orientation landscape or portrait, selecting the one that best suits what we need; but nevertheless we recommend vertical tabloid.

Step #4: Combine the colors you want to use✔

Select the color scheme and font if you like, then Click on the “Create” button.

Step #5: Configure page layout✔

Once the document is created, go to the menu “Page layout” then the option “margins” and click on “Narrow margins”.

Step #6: Select font and add pages✔

If you have not yet chosen the font to use, this is the moment, we recommend the classic Arial Y add the number of pages you need; for this go to menu “Insert” select the section “Page” then “Insert blank page” this only for page 2, since the rest will be inserted differently.

Step #7: Name the main page✔

On the cover page, click on “Page Layout” then “Rename” A window will open and place the name “page title” and then click “OK”.

Step #8: Set the page layout guide✔

In the same menu look for the option “Design Guide” and select “unequal grid 3”, turn to page two and repeat the process but now select the option “4 columns with title”.

Step #9: Duplicate Pages✔

Add the rest of the pages by doing right click on page 2 and select “Insert duplicate page” repeat until you complete pages 3, 4 and 5.

Step #10: Add the final pages✔

For the last page repeat steps 7 and 8, to these will assign the name “final”.

Step #11: Insert tabloid information✔

Start adding the tabloid information following the structure given by the guides and for the main page you can use a light background that stands out from the rest.

Step #12: Save and print the tabloid✔

Finish building your tabloid and voila! You just have to print itfor it click on “File”, “print” then configure the printer and print options, Finally, press the “Print” button.

How to Make a Tabloid by Hand?

Making a tabloid by hand is very simple, if you don’t have the opportunity to do it digitally In this section we will tell you the materials you need and the steps you must follow to do so.

Materials to make a Tabloid by Hand:

  • Letter size white bond paper sheets
  • Glue stick
  • Rule
  • colored pencils and markers
  • Images cut from magazines

Step 1.- Take two white sheets

Take two letter size sheets and make a 0.5 cm selvedge on the long side (27.49 cm).

Step 2.- Match the white sheets

Apply glue stick to one of the 0.5cm selvedges then glue the other one on top joining them by their respective edge and take into account that the ends coincidein the end you will be left with a sheet of 27.49 cm wide and 42.68 cm high; subtracting the 0.5cm that is lost in the union.

Step 3.- mark the margins

Now that you have the format, start dividing it into the different sections you need (title, images, texts, subtitles, among others), begins with a 0.5 cm margin on all paper edges.

Step 4.- title section

Later measure 10 cm from the margin to the center and mark a horizontal line; this will be the title section.

Step #5.- Images section

From the line ending the title section down, measures 10cm more; marking a new space Where will the images go?

Step #6.- rest of the space

Later the rest of the space divide them into three vertical columnsthis will be the content section.

Step #7.- Insert the information

Insert the information and decorate using markers; ready! this way your handmade tabloid will be finished

What is a Tabloid?

Tabloid refers to a newspaper format that is half the size of the traditional format for this type of printsince it was born from the need to bring the news to the working middle class people who they had no access to information, this was in the City of London during the 19th century.

At first the tabloid was characterized by publishing sensational news in this format that is quite easy to transport and distribute, for this reason it was not considered part of the serious press, however over the years this changed, sensational news migrated to other size formats.

Major newspapers worldwide taking advantage of this, they took advantage of the convenient size of the tabloid and now their news is displayed in this formatsuch is the case of newspapers such as Clarin or Reason.

How big is a tabloid?

The standard size of a tabloid is 43.17 cm long by 27.9 cm widehowever, depending on the country measurements can reach up to 45 cm long and 38 cm long; compared to other formats it is much more practical and smaller; a traditional size newspaper is 60 cm long and 38 cm wide; so the total length of the tabloid is almost half the traditional length.

Compared to the 47 cm long and 31 cm wide Berlin format, the tabloid still leads the first place in questions of practicality and reading; since by reducing its size it is easier to enjoy this habit.

In this way we have reached the end, we want to thank you for reading up to here and we hope that all the step by step help you to make your own tabloid in an easy and simple way, finally, we want to invite you to continue enjoying all the content that we have prepared for you on our website; You just have to visit our next publications, we are waiting for you!

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