How to Make a Trompo for Tacos al Pastor? mexican recipe

If you consider yourself a person who loves delicious tacos al pastor and you want to know how to make the top for tacos? I have the solution for you, since in this section the steps to carry out its preparation will be announced so that you can taste this exquisite dish.

Step 1.- Make a box with wood or metal

First of all, you must start by making a kind of box with wood or metal, which must have a base to place the tray or plate, where the piece of meat will rest.

Step 2.- Fix a tray to the base and fit the rod in the middle of the box

The tray must be well fixed to the base of the structure and in the central part a hole must be opened to introduce the rod that will hold the meat.

Step 3.- Make a hinge with screws to hold the rod

At the top of the structure near the shore a hinge will be placed with some screws, which must be in the direction of the rod to immobilize it.

Step 4.- Insert another smaller tray or plate on the rod

If preferred, you can place a smaller tray or plate on the rod to better support the meat depending on its size, and it can be held with a clamp.

Finally, it is considered important to develop a top for tacos al pastor, since although it may be a task that requires certain skills with some tools, it is not that complicated, saving you money so that you do not have to buy one from the factory.

How to Make a Homemade Trompo for Tacos al Pastor?

If you no longer want to continue making your tacos on a griddle and want to make them with the machinery itself, in order to obtain better flavors, but you cannot buy it, here you will be indicated how to make a homemade one and using household tools.

Step 1.- Gather all the materials to make the homemade taco top

A galvanized sheet pan and a 42×62 cm baking tray will be used. In addition, a solera is required that will be cut, any rod with a sharp point.

I also know can have on hand a grinder, a drill, safety glasses to protect your eyes, pressure pliers, mechanical pliers, a riveter, a hammer, a small clamp that goes into the rod and some hinges.

Step 2.- Cut the tray and the bottom of the bucket to the size of the hearth

The floor is measured with the tray and what is left over is cut so that they can fit well. The floor is also measured with the lower part (bottom) of the bucket and cut to about 20 cm.

Step 3.- Cut the bucket and the tray to fit the floor in these

Now, the tray is marked in the center and the edges are cut so that the solera can fit well. Then, one side of the bucket is cut from the lower part leaving about 5 or 10 cm of edge and the ears are also cut off. The tray is marked where the floor will go through, which would be in the lower part, and it is cut.

Step 4.- Make some holes in the floor to fit it in the bucket and in the tray

To the hearth to be placed in the tray at both ends holes will be made about 4 cm from the tip, also perforating the tray. The hearth is placed in the opening made in the bucket and proceed to fix on the tray with some nuts and bolts.

Step 5.- Decide where you will place the rod and the metal plate

Now calculate where the rod and the metal plate will be placed where the meat will go, which can be approximately inside the bucket, but 2 cm from the edge of it.

Step 6.- Place another sill and a hinge for more support in the bucket

At the bottom of the bucket, a sill is placed on the edge for more support and there is a hinge that will be attached to a piece of sill, this hinge it should go in the same direction as the sill below.

Step 7.- Drill the sill attached to the hinge to place the rod

To the sill attached to the hinge holes are made and in one the rod is placed, then the rod continues to be cut at the top, leaving a space to place the pineapple.

Step 8.- Place the clamp on the rod and then fit it on the sill, ready!

The clamp on the rod is measured and placed, then the rod is inserted through the hole in the plate that will rest on said clamp, and this rod is also inserted through the base attached to the hinge.

Finally, it is excellent that in the homes individuals seek produce these types of products since if they do not have one from the factory, they can still taste dishes that are easily made with it.

It is also magnificent because it is a machine that can be used with coal allowing you to save on other products which can be a bit more expensive.

How to Make an Electric Trompo for Tacos al Pastor?

If you are interested in make a top for tacos al pastor It is recommended that you make an electric one that is more practical than the traditional ones, and the steps that must be followed to do so will be shown below:

Step 1.- Assemble a box with pine wood to install an electric burner

In this case, make one with pine wood, especially with a design of a kind of box in which an electric cooker with one burner can fit.

Step 2.- Open the holes of the burner cable and to place the rod

On the back of the wooden box should be make a hole to pass the kitchen cable. at the top of the box a hinge is attached, which is attached to a plate that has a hole through which the rod passes in which the meat will be attached.

Step 3.- Make the base to place the plate that will hold the meat

The box will have a base made with the same wood with the function of holding a small tray or plate to place the meat, which will be fixed to the wood and the rod.

Step 4.- Add the handles for the tongs and knives

You can place some kind of handles on the sides of the box to place the tweezers and knives, and one on top for easy portability.

With this method you can even have 5 speeds and cook your meat comfortably.

To conclude with this topic, it is shown how important it can be to carry out a electric top for tacos al pastor, because it is an innovative way of cooking, since it is a very practical and simple task.

In the same way, you are invited to continue reading this blog so that you can continue to guide yourself on other ways of making a top of tacos al pastor.

So that you know how to make any other type of food dish, I invite you to continue visiting my website, I will be bringing you updated and useful information so that you can cook better every day.

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