How to Make a Wide Fabric Belt?

To be fashionable it is not necessary to spend large sums of money since there are ways to have style but at a low cost since some accessories can be made at home easily and quickly. I’ll show you how to make a wide fabric belt.

In terms of accessories, the options are really very varied since they can range from simply the tendrils to the matching belts with most clothes or they are able to highlight the figure of a woman with total ease.

Of course the belts depending on the style are usually or not fashionable since depending on the time the patterns or colors that are most used change, so it is advisable to have a variety to choose from.

As for the materials that can be used to make a belt They can be very varied, but fabric is normally used since, in addition to being easy to mold with the diversity of colors, it is easier to have a great variety.

In addition, for this type of accessories large amounts of fabric are not required, They can be made with scraps that are found at home or with some that is left over from a dress or even from a shirt that is not used.

The materials to use;

  • A piece of cloth according to the taste of the person
  • a bucklethis may be new or from a belt that is damaged
  • a scissor
  • Needle and thread
  • An iron

Step 1.- Take the measurements of the area of ​​the body where the belt goes

You should measure the area where you are going to To use the belt since they are not the same measurements at the waist as below and ideally it should be as comfortable as possible

Step 2.- Transfer the measurements to the fabric and cut with 5cm more

It is recommended that at the time of cutting, count on an extra 5 cm since in this way there is a margin of error in case there is an error during the measurement

Step 3.- Measure the width you prefer for the belt

Width is important as on him will depend the utility that is going to be given at the same, those that go at the waist are usually wide to give more style

Step 4.- Make a hem at the ends of the belt

It is necessary that double the ends of the belt in an approximate half centimeter, at this point it is important to take into account if the fabric burns easily or not

Step 5.- Iron the belt to leave the seam guides

Must be make a center fold and iron it to leave guide marks where it will be sewn. One of the corners can be left seamless since that is where the buckle will go

Step 6.- Use an old belt as a guide to open the holes

It is advisable use a guide old belt to be able to make the holes that we consider necessary, they can be made with a punch

Step 7.- Fix the buckle on the belt and you are ready

Once this is done, you can put the buckle on the open end, the fabric is folded and fixed with a needle and thread, in this way the belt will be ready.

How to Make a Wide Fabric Belt for Women?

Of course, when referring to belts, ladies are not the only ones who use them since gentlemen, although it is true that they do not use them in their clothing so often, can sometimes be a little difficult to escape from fashion.

In the case of coats some of them have belts which allow a better fit, either so that it does not open suddenly in the case of those coats that do not have buttons or in the case of wanting to give the look a little more style.

Materials in most cases are easily found at home, of course will depend on belt type that you want since those that are wide and long need a greater amount of fabric, which is why it is sometimes necessary to buy it.

The materials to use;

  • Pieces of cloth which are long enough
  • A buckle depending on what it is going to be used for
  • Needle and thread

Step 1.- Start by taking the measurements of the waist

Must be measure the diameter of the waist or the area where the belt will be placed

Step 2.- Sew the edges of the fabric for a better finish

The fabric edges must be sewn so that they are not frayed and the belt is damaged

Step 3.- You can fix a buckle or adjust with a loop and it will be finished

In case of not wanting to wear a buckle you can surround the clothes directly with the fabric and finish with a bow at the back or front. This is useful in the case of dresses to highlight the body

Now if you want to use it but with a buckle, you can follow the same steps only in the step 3 the buckle is fixed to one of the extremes.

For this and other fashion tips, I invite you to continue enjoying our contents.

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