How to Make an Accordion for the Exam? Expert level

Cheating on exams is as old as the art of studying and it may be that at some point in our lives we cannot learn the content of a subject no matter how hard we try or we have a lot of content to study and little time to memorize it and it comes to your mind the questionHow to make an accordion for the exam? Here we tell you how!

In this article we teach you how can you pass that exam that bothers you so much when using a traditional accordion, we also tell you where and how you can hide it, and finally we will give you other school tricks used around the world to take any exam. Take notes!

How to Make an Accordion for the Exam?

It is known as an accordion to the writings that the students carry out in small papers folded like a musical accordion and strategically hidden during the performance of some written evaluation.

The purpose of making an accordion to be used in an exam is clearly to copy some content that we could not learn each other in any possible wayin other words: an accordion is an illegal prop used to pass an exam.

If you need to make an accordion for an upcoming exam that you are going to have, the most important thing is to do it in advance, so you must follow the following procedure for its preparation:

Step 1.- Cut a strip of bond paper✔

First, you should use a piece of bond paper (longer than wide) as a base. You can use a letter-size sheet of paper as a reference, but you will not use it in its entirety. ¼ paper cut vertically.

Step 2.- Copy the exam content✔

Then, you will copy on the paper the most important aspects of the content to be evaluated, or a summary. You can also copy mathematical formulas that are difficult to memorize, among others; yes, the letter should be small but easy for you to understand!

Step 3.- Fold in the form of an accordion✔

Afterwards, you must make folds in the paper starting from the bottom up, like a real accordion.

Step 4.- Hide it very well✔

Finally, you must take the accordion and hide it very well during the exam so that the teacher or the person in charge of said exam does not surprise you with it in your hands. Luck!

Interestingly, this school trap, such as the school accordion, can be legally useful, because at the time of transcribing the information that we could not study, it is very likely that it will permeate our memory this information and you don’t even need to take it out during the exam.

How to Hide an Accordion for Exam?

Students are very clever when it comes to hiding an accordion for exam, so there are so many possible places both on the body and on external objects that are a good place to hide it and thus avoid being discovered cheating.

Some of these places that are listed as the best to hide an accordion are the following:

#1.- In a draft:

Some of them are partially covered by cardboard, so you can use this cardboard and modify it in such a way that you can glue the accordion to it in a hidden way. Some people choose to cut the eraser in half (lengthwise) and insert the accordion inside, immediately placing the other half of the eraser on top.

#2.- In the sock:

In this way you can sit on the desk and cross your leg, revealing the accordion when you roll up the pant sleeve of the leg where you hid the paper.

#3.- Inside the shirt or blouse:

This option is typical especially among women, who can hide the accordion in the upper part of the shirt or blouse and just by unbuttoning it, they can read the content looking down.

#4.- On a calculator:

Especially if the test is math or a related subject, you may be allowed to use the calculator, so you can hide the accordion in a sneaky way inside it.

#5.- On the legs:

It is also a very used trick, especially in girls who can wear a skirt on the day of the exam. It is about previously sticking the accordion to the inner or outer thigh of the leg, so that they only have to move the skirt a little at a certain moment and copy.

#6.- Behind a clock:

This trick is classic, where you can hide the accordion in a sneaky way behind a functional clock. Also, there have been cases in which the clock can be taken apart and the paper can be adjusted inside the glass, being able to manipulate the small hands to go up or down in the content of the paper.

#7.- In the mask:

This technique is practically new now that we are in the presence of a pandemic, so a piece of paper adjusted to the size of the mask can be stored inside the mask like an accordion. Very ingenious!

Note that the act of taking out an accordion during an exam is synonymous with dishonesty on your partfurther, you put your reputation and your final grade at riskbecause they can simply fail you if they discover you or bring more severe consequences such as suspensions or expulsions.

That is why our invitation is for you to better prepare yourself in advance for any exam and study with various techniques. It is better to be and be cautious!

School Tricks for Exam

There are other tricks that, like accordions, they can bail you out and in this way to be able to pass an exam for which you did not prepare enough or not at all, so pay attention that we list them below:

#1.- Copy you from the partner next door

It is a very frequent practice but at the same time risky, because the teacher can realize at the moment that you are looking at your partner’s sheet; however, it is effective if you do it well and if you trust that your partner was prepared for that test.

#2.- Write some keywords or formulas in the draft

It can also work for you, there is only the disadvantage that when writing with a graphite pencil on the eraser you may not be able to appreciate the small letters well; however, you can easily erase the letters if you feel you might get caught.

#3.- The language of signs

This is another option you have, especially if you know ahead of time that the exam contains selection questions. Thus, you can practice with your partner who has studied to provide you with the answers using this language, for example: touch your ear if it is option A, touch your nose if it is option B and so on.

#4.- Write the answers directly on the skin

It is also a classic, but for this, you need to use ballpoint ink. The most frequent parts to copy directly on the skin are: the wrists, the inner thighs, the palm of the hand, among others.

#5.- On the soles of shoes

It is also possible to copy the answers of the exam, only these should preferably be blank and you must also write the answers moments before the test. By sitting cross-legged, you can copy yourself from the text.

#6.- On the desk or desk write your support material

For which you only have to arrive earlier than the teacher and copy the content on one of the ends of the desk.

#7.- In a rule that is not transparent

You can also copy some keywords that will help you pass the exam.

#8.- On the inner label of a bottle of water

For which you must prepare it in advance by removing the original label and then first paste the paper with the support material that you prepared and on top of it, place the bottle label again. The only thing that can disadvantage you is that the teacher prevents you from having objects on the desk.

If you decided on your own to make an accordion for the exam, that means that you agree to take the risk that this implies, so stand your ground until the end and most importantly:Do not show any nervousness during the exam!

We hope we have shed some light on how to make an accordion for the exam? We invite you to stay with us so you can discover more informative and super interesting content on our blog Successes!

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