How to Make an Eva Rubber Hat?

Make a hat at any time of the year It can be a fun and very creative task, take advantage of the little ones in the house to share this new initiative with them, keep the little ones busy and create the best eva rubber hats.

the eva rubber, It is a super easy material to use, sticks mainly with silicone, either cold or hot; It is available in all shades of the chromatic circle, here we will explain step by step how to make an eva rubber hat.

How to Make an Eva Rubber Hat?

top hats they are one of the oldest hats in the worldare an example of the classic and elegance, to make an eva rubber top hat you need;


  • ➤Black eva rubber sheet
  • ➤ Scissors
  • ➤Cold or hot silicone
  • ➤Ruler
  • ➤White pencil
  • ➤Compass

Step 1: Draw the pattern mold of the hat✔

Lay out the EVA foam sheet and draw the top hat pattern mold.

Step 2: Start by drawing the larger parts of the hat✔

Which are; the crown of the hat is straight 86 cm wide and 26 cm long with small teeth or triangles on one side, in a row, as if creating the mouth of a crocodile.

Step 3: Draw the caps✔

Next with the help of a compass draw the caps, the one at the top of the hat 30 cm wide with a circle just in the middle of 17 cm wide.

Step 4: draw the brim of the hat✔

draw with a strip with a curved shape 65 cm long with 5 cm width the brim of the hat.

Step 5: Cut out the drawing✔

Once you have everything drawn with the exact measurements proceed to cut.

Step 6: Join the parts you cut out✔

Begins joining the crown of the hat at both ends, forming a kind of tube.

Step 7: Glue the brim of the hat✔

Paste the wing right at the bottom, securing the cup teeth and sticking to it, this so that the cup does not lose its shape.

Step 8: Glue the caps✔

Remember the one on the top is 30 cmif necessary you can trim the edges a little so that it fits perfectly in the space.

Step 9: Decorate the hat✔

With a red or black ribbon on the wingto make it look much more real.

Recommendation: For greater ease when gluing the lid, I recommend that when you are drawing the cup, cput teeth to cut on both sides of it, serve as reinforcement when gluing

How to Make an Eva Rubber Bowler?

The bowler hat is unlike any other, the mold of this must be rounded, for this we must know how to work the eva rubber to be able to achieve this effect, here we will explain everything you need to know.

To make a bowler with eva rubber you will need the following materials:👈

  • Eva rubber of the color you want
  • ➤ Scissors
  • ➤Cold or hot silicone
  • ➤Clothes iron
  • ➤Pencil
  • ➤Compass

Step 1: Make the mold in the eva rubber 👈

Make a large circle about 60cm wide with the entire edge with small triangles in a row as if it were the mouth of a crocodile.

Step 2: Draw the wing of the bowler hat👈

87 cm long with 8 cm wide.

Step 3: Make the bottom cover

30 cm wide with a circle in the middle 15 cm wide.

Step 4: Cut out the drawn

Cut out each piece of the bowler.

Step 5: Build the 60 cm circle👈

Once you have the great circle of 60 cm, you are going to heat the clothes ironat minimum power, and pass through the middle of it, making the shape of the bowler.

Step 6: Be very careful with excess heat👈

When you notice that the foam is taking the circular shape for, you can burn the foam if you leave it for a long time.

Step 7: Paste the little triangles👈

or teeth to the hatband.

Step 8: Add and paste the lid and voila👈

You already have a bowler hat made with eva rubber.

How to Make an Eva Rubber Witch Hat?

For the little ones and the not so little ones in the house, a witch hat made of eva rubber is ideal For a Halloween or costume party, you need the following:


  • Black and orange EVA foam
  • ➤ Scissors
  • ➤Pencil
  • ➤Cold or hot silicone
  • ➤Compass

Step 1: Draw the mold of the hat✔

Begin by drawing the mold of the hat of witch

Step 2: Take the exact measurements of the hat cone✔

The cone of hat is shaped like a triangle with a curved basethe base of it is 57 cm, 38 cm on the top line and 36 cm on the right side.

Step 3: Make a 30 cm circle✔

With help of the compass draws a circle of 30 cm wide with a circle in the center 16 cm wide.

Step 4: Measure the hatband✔

The hatband should be the same length 57 cm and 6 cm wide.

Step 5: Measure the bun✔

The bun has a rectangular shape 10 cm wide by 40 cm high.

Step 6: Measurements and colors of the center of the bow✔

As for the center of the bow is orange and is 12 cm wide by 5 cm high.

Step 7: Join the first part✔

Once everything has been cut, is pasted as followsfirst the cornet, end to end.

Step 8: Join the second part✔

Second you will place the ribbon at the bottom of the hat.

Step 9: Glue the wing and ribbon✔

Then you will place the wing right where the tape was placed.

Step 10: Pin the bun and center✔

Finally the bun and the center of the bun.

Step 11: Done✔

Enjoy your eva rubber witch hat.

How to Make an Eva Rubber Clown Hat?

The clown hat is very similar to the top hat, but in this one you need many more colors, variety in eva rubber; you need to make an eva rubber clown hat the following:

Materials 👈

  • EVA foam in many colors
  • ➤Red eva rubber sheet
  • ➤ Scissors
  • ➤Compass
  • ➤Pencil
  • ➤Cold or hot silicone

A clown hat can be make with the same mold as a top hat, although for many it is better that it is higher, so you can decorate much more.

Step 1: Make the pattern on the red EVA foam sheet✔

The cup is 86 cm long and 60 cm wide.

Step 2: Make the brim of the hat✔

Do it with a compass with width 30 cm with a circle right in the middle 17 cm.

Step 3: Make the lid

With 27 cm width.

Step 4: Cut the tape ✔

86cm long and 5 cm wide.

Step 5: Stick the cup with the tape✔

Just as if it were a top hatthen add the caps and you have the base of the hat completely.

Step 6: Make small circles on the other colored foam sheets✔

With the help of the compass about 7 cm wide.

Step 7: Cut them out and cover the clown hat✔

Cover it completely with the colored circles, sticking them with the silicone

Step 8: Add lots of color✔

Remember that a clown hat must be very colorful, so take advantage and put everything you want

Step 9: Get creative✔

Can add ribbons to stick on the brim of the hat, do not limit yourself, exploit your creativity

finally the hats can be made from many materials, fabric, foam, cardboard, bond paper, etc; per the eva rubber besides being super easy to handle, has a wide variety of colors, let your creativity fly.

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