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sports betting They are an important part of the field of bookmakers, for the fact that they are safe, small and very followed in all parts of the world. Therefore, if you are a connoisseur and lover of the sport, why not try to earn a little extra money? For this, we have a complete guide on how to successfully bet on sports.

How to Make Sports Bets Online?

Online sports betting is an alternative to bet from the comfort of your home in a safe, transparent and fast way. But nevertheless, there are those who fear this type of online betting, but the truth is that if you apply all the steps correctly and are careful, the benefits are higher than doing it in physical spaces.

The procedure to follow to make sports bets online is as follows:

#1.- Locate an Online Sports Betting House ✔

It is the first step, we have to locate the safest online betting house where we want to participate. In this case, the recommendation is to look for those that are highly popular, that are suggested by people from our environment and that when you enter you are inspired by their order and presentation.

once you have a list of sports betting house optionsyou have to evaluate the following parameters:

  • 🔸Verify that it is an official websiteIn general, when they have licenses approved by government entities, they attach it to their personal information section.
  • 🔸Study your payment and deposit transactionsif they are immediate is a plus.
  • 🔸Observe the web, how it is distributed, its design, presentation. It must be something formal.
  • 🔸Study the bookmaker, searching in your browser to see the comments and popularity of it.
  • 🔸Read the operating regulationsthe terms and conditions regarding use.

Some safest and most important sports betting houses are the following:

  • ➽Bet365
  • ➽888Sport
  • ➽Code
  • ➽William Hill
  • ➽Betsson
  • ➽Betway
  • ➽Leo Vegas
  • ➽Luckia

#2.- Registration ✔

Once you have selected the bookmakers you want to bet on for a sporting event, you must first register to open an account within your platform.

The steps to follow are as follows:

  1. Read and accept all terms and conditions usage set by the server
  2. You have to enter the requested data, in general, they only ask for an email. In the event that they request other data, try not to give too many details about your privacy.
  3. Create a “Username or user name” always avoiding posting personal information.
  4. You have to put together a strong password, combining letters, numbers and special characters to strengthen your security. Being an account where funds are managed, it avoids sharing this information with third parties.

#3.- Payment Methods ✔

Ready registration of personal data, follow the information on payment methods. Here is the most important and most feared procedure. As usual, these websites accept different payment methodsbut to know if it is really reliable to provide this information, you have to be aware of the following aspects:

  • 🔸The website must have a padlock in the search barwhich is part of a security and confidentiality system.
  • 🔸The domain must be “https://” that is, it must have that “s” at the end, since it means “Security” therefore, it reinforces the security system of the web avoiding hacks.
  • 🔸Supplies payment methods that in the worst case circumstances do not generate a considerable loss.

If it does not meet the first parameters, do not use that bookmaker, it is insecure.

#4.- Make your Bet ✔

This is the most important part, because after creating the account what we only have to bet on any sport discipline of which are auctioned. The steps to follow at this point are as follows:

  1. Practice with test modes. This allows you to learn how the exchange house works, practice without involving money and, of course, create strategies that allow you to obtain better results.
  2. Calculate Spread. The spread is responsible for measuring the profitability offered by the bookmaker and is the first thing you should calculate, since it gives the indications to know if it is a safe bet or with true chances of winning or if everything is fixed. To calculate the spread the formula is as follows: Probability = 100 / odds = Result in Percentage (%), then all the results of the odds are added and the percentage must be less than 100, otherwise the bet is fixed.
  3. Winning Formulas. If your spread is negative or less than 100, start analyzing the bet and apply formulas to win the bet, you can bet on the three odds or two odds, through the following triangulation:

Winner A =Odd A: Initial bet amount

Tie= Quota A x Initial Bet Amount / Quota B

Winner B: Odds A x Initial Bet Amount / Odds C

✶ Fees are set by the exchange house.

There are other strategies or formulas to win sports bets, which we will talk about later. But, betting on 3 installments is the most used because you are always sure of winning.

  • calculated the entire play and the amount to bet for each installmentwhat you have to do is make the deposit and bet.

#5.- Results ✔

Once the bet is over you have wait for the event or competition to end to see the results. In this case, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Wait for the results of the event.
  2. The server will automatically contact you and your profit will be sent to your wallet that you affiliated with this service.
  3. Verify on the website of the supplied monetary or banking entity that has made the deposit of the profit obtained. You have to ensure that it is the same amount that was promised in the bookmaker.
  4. Continue placing bets or if you want to finish it is necessary to log out directly from the website. This is one of the most common errors that occurs, since we think that with closing the browser is enough and notprivacy may be violated.

Formulas to Win Sports Bets

There are numerous formulas to win sports bets, however, being a game of chance and luck the result can be variable and it won’t always let you win, because what’s the science of it? Some formulas used are:

Spread Calculation

It allows to verify the profitability and generate safe bets. Its formula is as follows:

Probability = 100 / quota = Result in Percentage (%)

Spread: Σ Percentage (%) of odds

Spread (+) = Result greater than 100% (Unreliable)

Spread (-) = Result less than 100% (Reliable)

Bet on 3 odds

As we saw before, everything is mathematical. Its formula is as follows:

Winner A =Odd A: Initial bet amount

Tie= Quota A x Initial Bet Amount / Quota B

Winner B: Odds A x Initial Bet Amount / Odds C

Bet on visitors

Always bet on visiting teams when the odds are between 1.60 – 1.65

D’Alembert formula

It is for consecutive bets, it is based on adding a unit to the bet if you failed or subtracting a unit if you won.

Ten Percent Formula (10%)

In this case, you are going to increase the bet amount by 10% when you lose or subtract 10% when you win.

formula of Kelly Criterion

In this case, it is based on Calculate Total Bankroll Percentage. The bankroll is nothing more than the bank or the amount that you are going to allocate for the bet and its formula is as follows:

Bankroll percentage = [Cuota x (Estimación de probabilidad/100) – 1)] / (Quota – 1)) x 100

Example: Football match Valencia vs. Atletico Madrid

  • ➽Amount you want to bet: 500 euros (Bankroll)
  • ➽Established quota: 4
  • ➽Probability of winning Atlético Madrid: 60%

How much to bet? Calculate the Kelly criterion: 👈

  1. Bankroll percentage = [Cuota x (Estimación de probabilidad/100) – 1)] / (Quota – 1)) x 100
  2. Bankroll percentage = [4 x (60/100) – 1)] / (3 – 1)) x 100
  3. Result: 70

Following Kelly’s criterion, you must wager 70% of your available bankroll as a safe betthat is, 70% of 500 is 350 euros.

How to Make Sports Bets in Argentina?

The procedure to follow is the same for all sports betsregardless of the country from which they are executed, in the case of Argentina the important thing is to know where to bet, the main options being the following:

  • 🔸1xBet
  • 🔸Bet365
  • 🔸Leo Vegas
  • 🔸Betway
  • 🔸Betfair
  • 🔸NetBet

As for the legislation on it, national level there is no statute for its operation, but the legal framework of the same remains at the disposal of the provinces and autonomous cities.

As for sports, main sports bets revolve around football matches because this is the favorite national sport.

One of the differences between these bookmakers and other countries is that You claim a bonus when you sign up.

How to Make Sports Bets in Colombia?

In colombia there are many bookmakers where you can place your sports bets and generate profit. The procedure is the same, you bet according to the established odds, execute strategies and wait for the results.

It It is also important to know where to place sports betsin Colombia the main bookmakers are the following:

  • 🔸I already play
  • 🔸Zamba
  • 🔸Code
  • 🔸Luckia
  • 🔸Sportium
  • 🔸Wplay

Are bookmakers are totally legalTherefore, there is no risk in being scammed.

How to Make Winning Sports Bets?

Within the world of betting you always win or lose, however, we can increase the odds of winning to outweigh the odds of losing and thus benefit after each bet.

For make winning sports betsThe recommendations to follow are the following:

  • ➽Always locate a safe sports betting house and offer better benefits.
  • ➽Perform the calculations and meditate all the actions to be carried outPut simply, lay out a game plan.
  • ➽Be objective in betting and do not get carried away by the moment or the emotions.
  • ➽Start with small bets, as you dominate the field of bets, progressively increase the amounts of the bets.
  • Allocate a percentage of your bank to bet and don’t bet more than you should bet.
  • Apply all the necessary formulas to winthis is a strategic game, the one who uses the most tools wins.
  • ➽Evaluate the bet
  • ➽Study the sports discipline, you must know it in depth and before betting, check the trajectory that the team has had in the last games or competitions. It allows you to set a probability of winning.
  • ➽Play with odds.

How to Make Sports Bets on Betplay?

Betplay is one of the main existing platforms for sports betting, Best of all, its operation is simple.

You just need to follow the following steps to place sports bets: ✔

  1. Enter the official website of Betplaywhich is: ⇨⇦ from any mobile device, tablet or computer.
  2. Locate the blue box in the upper right that says “Check in”
  3. Going to a form will appear with 32 items of personal information that you must fill out to complete the registration.
  4. By having your story what you must do is top up your account to be able to bet. For this you can associate a credit card or recharge in cash at any of the 24 thousand chance points, SuRed or SuperGiros. The minimum amount is $2,000.
  5. To the specify the balance on the card or in your account, you can now start bettingTo do this, go to the main page of the betplay website and select the betting menu.
  6. All available sporting events will open, select the one or those on which you want to bet.
  7. Determine how much value you want to play. You will see at the bottom an estimate of the profit you will get if you win the bet.
  8. Once ready, confirm the bet to start participating.
  9. Wait for the event to end
  10. Get your reward according to the result generated.

Definitely, the world of betting is very wide but if you learn how it works you can generate significant profits just by trying a little luckof course, these formulas and methods are not 100% safe, since winning or not will depend on factors that you cannot control. For this and other information, we invite you to continue visiting our website for more content that we will be publishing… we are waiting for you!

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