How to Take the Driving Test in New York? Test 2022

If you are a New York citizen and want to know How to take the driving test in New York, This article definitely interests you! Here we describe the steps you must follow to take this driving test on the road and also the written driving test, which are essential to get your driver’s license.

In addition, we will teach you what are the complete requirements you need to get a driver’s license in New York, how many questions you must answer correctly during the written driving test and what electronic tools do you have to practice with before taking this written test Let’s get started!

How to Make an Appointment for the Driving Test in New York?


To obtain an appointment for the driving test in New York, it is necessary and mandatory that you physically possess the New York state driver’s license. However, if you do not have this document, you can also present one of these:

Step #1.- Certificate of completion of the preliminary course to obtain a driver’s license (form MV-278)✔

Which is a certificate that issues the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV, for its acronym in English) After successful completion of a preliminary license course that can be taken at DMV-approved institutions (trade driving schools, high schools, and colleges), it is important that you know that, in order to use it as a proof of identity document, I handle this certificate must be issued during the last year before the test.

Step #2.- Student Completion Certificate (Form MV-285)✔

The student completion certificate (form MV-285) must be issued within the last two years to be considered valid as a document in the driving test.

Step #3.- New York State Junior Learner’s Permit✔

The New York State Junior Learner Permit must have a validity of at least 6 months before the driving test appointment.

Step #4.- Request an appointment to present the driving test✔

There are two ways to request a driving test appointment in New York:

#1.- By phone:

By calling the telephone line (518) 402-2100.

#2.- Online:

Entering the website ⇨⇦.

For both modalities, you must have a series of data that will be requested to schedule an appointment, including:

  • Driver’s license identification code or New York State learner’s permit identification code, that consist of 9 digits and that appear on the front of these documents, or
  • Student Certificate of Completion Identification Number (Form MV-285), or
  • Student Certificate of Completion (form MV-285).
  • Postal Code of the area where you want to apply the road driving test, which consists of 5 digits.
  • Payment receipt number, for cancellation of the fee for the driving test on the road, which has a cost of $40 and can be paid through the internet, by phone or directly at a motor vehicle office.

Finally, when providing the information requested, they will give you the information about the date, place, time and the instructions that you must take into account to take the driving test in New York.

What is needed to get a driver’s license in New York?


Step #1: Learner’s Permit

Obtain a learner’s permit, through a knowledge course.

Step #2: Written Exam

Approve a written driving test.

Step #3: Driver’s Education Course

Take a driver education course or a adult education pre-licensing course.

Step #4: Driving Test

Approve a road test.

Step #5: Submit physical documents

provide various physical documents In order to prove the identity of the applicant, said documents must add up to six (06) points.

The point system of the documents is composed as follows:

Document Points
US passport or passport card 4
Foreign driver’s license valid or expired for up to 24 months 4
Valid consular identification 4
Employment Authorization Card 3
Foreign school report card with photo two
High School ID Card two
Proof of residence (public utility bill: water, electricity or gas) one
Transcript of wages and income one
Tax return one
U.S. Municipal Photo ID one

Therefore, once the documents that add up to six (06) points have been gathered, you must report to the DMV office closest to your place of residence, where authorized personnel will guide you.

Meanwhile, for renew driver’s license in new york, you must successfully pass an eye exam, which must be done with an authorized provider of vision exam registration.

Citizens of New York who are 16 years old can apply for a junior driver’s license in new york (non-commercial and not valid for federal purposes). Once you turn 17, you will be eligible to change your driver’s license: from Junior to Senior, only if you complete a Driver’s Education course.

The types of driver’s license according to the type of vehicle in the state of New York are:

  • Operator Class D, for passenger cars and trucks.
  • DJ For Hire, for limousines and taxis.
  • A Commercial, for single unit vehicles and combinations of vehicles such as trailers
  • BCommercial, vehicles, buses, and trucks weighing 26,001 pounds or more.
  • CCommercial, vehicles, buses, and trucks weighing 26,000 pounds or less.
  • M Motorcycle, for 2-wheel motorized vehicles.
  • MJ Motorcycle Junior, for motorized 2-wheelers and drivers under the age of 18.

How many questions are there on the Driving Test in New York?

The driving test in New York consists of 20 multiple choice questions, of which:

  • 16 questions are about road rules and laws Y
  • 4 questions are about Road signs.

How many points do I need to pass the driving test?

You must answer correctly at least 12 questions about road rules and laws and 2 questions about traffic signs, which is equivalent to a 70% grade. In this way, if you answer correctly the number of 14 questions or more, you will successfully pass the driving test.

Likewise, you can resort to practicing for your driving test, with the exam simulator available on the internet, that is, with the application for devices that can be downloaded for free.

How to Take the Driving Test Online?

online driving test is a tool that will allow you to practice online for the true written driving test, which is mandatory in order to finally obtain a Driver’s License or a driving or instruction permit, endorsed by the DMV.

Through this online tool, you will have the opportunity to answer the questions that are reflected in the New York Driver’s Manual York. It is a simulator that allows you to select the correct answers for each question related to traffic laws and safe driving.

To take the driving test online you must click on the following Link ⇨⇦ , at the end of the exam, you will be scored based on the number of correct answers you have guessed right.

DMV Driving Test in New York APP


Fortunately, in this digital age we have several applications for devices that have the objective of providing us with support, such as this APP that has the name New York DMV driving test ⇨⇦ , which has had an excellent acceptance among its users and you can easily download it.

This app is specifically designed to help you prepare for the written driving test, both for commercial, passenger and motorcycle tests, which will allow you to practice with hundreds of questions related to city traffic laws, driving, among others.

We hope this article on How to make an appointment for the driving test in New York has been very useful to you, wishing you much success in your process! Stay on our website… We have hundreds of articles of interest to you!

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