How to make a Bethlehem Portal?

When the festive dates arrive, it is normal to have to dust off everything that is stored during the rest of the year to feel the so-called Christmas spirit and what better representation than a nativity scene? If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, I’ll show you everything you need to know about how to make a nativity scene.

since this type of decoration usually moves from one side to another regularly having the risk that at any moment it could break, that is why a good idea to share with the family is to make a nativity scene.

These will can be made with different materials depending on what you have on hand or what you want, since many times the little ones in the house are the ones who most enjoy making this type of decoration.

It is a way in which they can help at home as well as have something of your own creation As an ornament, with a few hours available, it is very easy to carry out this task, keeping in mind that depending on the material, its elaboration may vary a bit.

How to make a Bethlehem Portal?

If what you want to do is a crochet nativity portal It may not be as simple as you might think since you must have a little knowledge of sewing to make it look pretty.

In this case, if you do not have much experience, one of the recommendations is to make only the main characters Mary, Joseph and the child in this way to avoid complications in the future, in such a case everything can be done following the same principle.

Step 1.- To make the head weave a magic ring

To make the head must make a magic ringit is recommended that the thread be flesh-colored for greater realism

Step 2.- In total weave 13 laps

I know they must do 13 lapsonce you are sure that it is not going to disarm, you can place the eyes

Step 3.- Weave the body with another magic ring and the dress in blue

As for the body, a magic ring should also be made and when making the dress, recommended is a blue thread since this color is usually associated with the Virgin Mary

Step 4.- Join the head to the body in row Nº25

On lap number 25 is the moment when head and body must be joined to have greater security that it will not be disarmed at any time

Step 5.- Repeat the process for the rest of the portal characters

The same principle is applies to any of the characters from the portal of Bethlehem.

How to Make a Porexpan Nativity Portal?

There are many materials that can use for a portal One of them is expanded polyethylene, since with this it is less likely that the portal will be easily damaged once assembled over time.

This material can be obtained with different commercial brands since it is a great insulator and of course it has many other functions but it can be used when you want to make a porexpan bethlehem portal.

Due to its consistency, it can be easily worked on since it can be molded according to what is required since it is also known as white cork.

Step 1.- Cut three pieces from a block of Porexpan

You can buy a block that allows can be cut or adjusted depending on what is going to be done. I know cut two strips and a wide blade

Step 2.- Fix the two strips to the Porexpan sheet

In the strips are placed on the edges of the sheetthey can be secured with silicone to ensure that it does not come loose at any time

Step 3.- Cut the excess

Once I know make a kind of box you can cut the excess if it exists

Step 4.- Decorate and paint the Bethlehem portal to your liking

In this way we have the base of the portal which can be painted or decorated depending on what you want

Step 5.- Place the images inside

Once it is ready you can place all images inside and that’s it

How to Make a Cork Nativity Portal?

Is It is normal for houses to have corks since when the bottles are uncorked they are usually stored either in the same bottle if they still contain liquid inside or they are simply collected somewhere in case they are needed in the future.

When this happens many people may think of just getting rid of them but they can be used to make a nativity scene with cork, since cork is a material which can be adapted depending on what you want to do.

Step 1.- Make two columns using several corks

can be have different corks but all the same thickness. I know two columns ago of considerable size

Step 2.- Attach them to a cardboard or cardboard base

And after that you can join at two ends of a cardboard or a cardboard

Step 3.- Place corks in a triangular way for the roof

In this way it it has a kind of boxto make the roof, corks can be placed in a triangular way, giving the impression of a house

Step 4.- Give color to the Bethlehem portal, place the characters and that’s it!

I know can paint as required and the characters can each be made with a cork and you’re ready to go.

All these forms will allow you to make a nativity scene portal for the holidays. For this and other information I invite you to continue reading the available contents.

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