How to Make a Pilota Valenciana Glove?

The Valencian pilota is the traditional game of this community, to practice it it is necessary to have adequate protection in this case the gloves, if you want to practice this sport and do not know how to make your own Valencian pilota gloves, you came to the right place in this article I will teach you how to do it step by step.

Materials to Make a Valencian Pilota Glove;

  • A pair of gardening gloves
  • Tesamoll
  • Sticking plaster
  • Pair of scissors
  • cardboard or cards

Step 1: Put the glove on your hand✔

Put on your gardening glove on the dominant hand and fix it on the wrist with a strip of tape around it.

Step 2: Place 3 thick strips in the palm of your hand✔

then you go to place three thick strips in the palm of your hand (cardboard), the first horizontally covering the upper part of the palm and the other two vertically covering the previous one from the base of the palm to the end of it.

Step 3: Cover your fingers✔

Then you will cover all the fingers except the thumb, with strips of tape the thickness of these, you will do it from the second phalanx on the back of the hand, then the strips will go to the other side covering the entire front of the fingers.

Step 4: Repeat the procedure✔

You will repeat this same procedure both in the palm and in the fingers but now using tesamoll.

Step 5: Cut a piece of cardboard✔

With cardboard you will cut a piece the width of your palm and with the height that covers the head of the metacarpals, then you will place it on top of it, covering it with adhesive tape.

Step 6: Cover your fingers with adhesive tape✔

Finally, with thin strips of tape you will cover the tesamoll of the fingers vertically and horizontally, in this way your glove to play pilota valenciana will be ready

How to Make a Valencian Pilota Glove for Children?

For children, this sport is very fun and entertaining, but it is important that their hands be well covered when practicing it so that they are protected from impact with the ball, as well as being a project you can do alone or with the help of an adult, if you want to learn how to make a pilota valenciana glove for children, follow these steps.

Materials to make a Valencian pilota glove for children;

  • Thick fabric gloves for children
  • Sticking plaster
  • Pair of scissors
  • Paperboard
  • thimbles

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard

Cut a large piece of cardboard that can cover the palm of the hand and four pieces that can cover the entire length of the fingers on both sides that is the width of the fingers.

Step 2: Put a glove on the child’s hand

Place the glove on the child’s dominant hand and make sure that it fits perfectly so as not to run the risk of it coming out.

Step 3: Place the cardboard on your palm

Place the largest piece of cardboard on your palm and cut three wide strips of tape to cover it, the first will do it horizontally and the other two vertically.

Step 4: Stick the strips of tape to the cardboard

You will cut 4 long strips of tape and you will stick them to the cardboard strips that will cover from the second phalanx of the back of the fingers and the entire interior part, it is time to close the hand and verify that the cardboard yields.

Step 5: place thimbles

It’s time to put on the thimbles, you can buy some or make them, for this you will need 4 metallic pieces that cover the first phalanx, then you will cover it with thin cardboard and you will place tape around it to fix it to the glove.

Step 6: Check the correct operation of the glove

Check that the hand closes well and that nothing is too tight, if everything is perfect, the Valencian pilota glove for children will be ready

How to Make a Pilota Valenciana Glove with Cards?

To cushion the blow, different resources are used, such as tesamoll, cards, cardboard or letters, which are located along and across the palm and fingers of the hand to protect them, then in this section I am going to show you how to make one of these Valencian pilota gloves with letters .

Materials to make a pilota Valenciana glove with cards;

  • gardening gloves
  • Sticking plaster
  • Pair of scissors
  • Metal parts for thimbles or thimbles
  • spanish cards

Step 1: Get multiple cards

The cards are going to serve to reinforce the protection of the hand, for that reason you are going to cut two pieces that cover the palm one in the form of “L” and another that covers the center of it.

Step 2: put on the glove

Put on your gardening glove and adjust it very well.

Step 3: Cut 3 strips of tape

Cut three wide strips of tape and put the 1st «L» piece on the hand and cover it with one of the strips, then place the other piece and repeat the procedure.

Step 4: Reinforce with plaster

reinforce by placing another strip of tape over the ones you already have.

Step 5: Make your own thimbles

To make the thimbles you can use metal pieces in the shape of a “U” that cover the first phalanx and cut 4 card strips that they can cover it to make the rest of the structure.

Step 6: Place the thimbles

To make it easier before placing it on the fingers glue the end of a strip of tape horizontally on these, place it on the fingers adjusting around with the rest of the strip.

Step 7: Strengthens the fingertips

Repeat the procedure on the four fingers and reinforces by placing strips of tape vertically covering from the second phalanx to the entire front of the finger, until they are completely covered

Step 8: Let’s play pilot Valencia!

In this way your Valencian pilota glove with cards will be ready

How to Make a Raspall Glove?

the backup It is one of the modalities of the Valencian pilota, unlike the traditional one, it is not played high, but low, so players will constantly have to drag their fingers along the ground, in this modality the use of thimbles is mandatory while the traditional one can be supplanted by other materials.

To make a raspall glove follow the same procedure as in the section “How to make a Valencian pilota glove” except that at step #6 you will not place plaster horizontally, portrait only, and you will add a thin strip of tesamoll that covers the first phalanx and the tips of the fingers towards the sides of these, making a cross with the plaster.

Now you can place the thimbles, check that they fit well and that you can close your hand, finally, if you wish reinforce the thimbles by placing a strip of tape around these.

With this last step we have reached the end of the article, pPut all these ideas into practice so that you can get a perfect glove that adapts to your hand and you can play pilota valenciana freely, by last, I want to invite you to continue enjoying the content that we prepare for you in future publications and learn how to do anything.

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